Windows 7

The latest OS by software giant Microsoft is Windows 7. Users of Windows Vista may think Windows 7 similar to Vista. But Windows 7 has been released with some more attractive features that was not included in Vista.

Windows Vista has some problems too. Thousands complaints have been made against it. But Microsoft believes Windows 7 will be able to recover the reputation of the company.

I am using Windows 7 now. It is really attracting and user friendly. Though its requirement is high but it will work on the PCs that are able to run Vista.

Requirements for windows 7: (Recommended)
Processor: Pentium Dual Core or higher 2.00 GHz (1 GHz is also acceptable)
RAM: 2 GB or higher. (1 GB is also acceptable)
Graphics: 256 MB
Hard Disk: Minimum 40 GB with a partition of 15 GB in any drive.
Drive: DVD ROM (Combo drive is also acceptable)

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