Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Windows 7 Calculator

Do you use your windows 7 calculator for general calculation purpose? If you do, tried to find something out more from it? 

At first glance it seems there is nothing new in the calculator. Looks like windows vista's calculator and performs like that of windows XP. Probably you don't know you've made a mistake.

Open the calculator of Windows 7 from program list. Or go to run, type calc and press enter. Now go to the view menu. Look at the bottom. See the options ie. basic, unit conversion, date calculation and worksheets. Now I think you should guess what can you do with this options. 

Beside performing scientific and statistical calculation you can perform the following tasks too:
  • You can find out your age on a particular date. You can find the difference between the two dates. 
  • You can convert units. ie. weight, length etc.
  • You can perform some worksheet functions too without MS Excel!

Tips: Windows 7 and 8's calculator are same. Their functions are also similar.

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