Leading OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Any desktop, laptop or mobile devices like iPad or Tablet PC essentially needs an OS to operate. And there are numerous OS and OS manufacturers throughout the world. But most of them are out of competition. People only know about very few of them.

In this post I am gonna focus on OS Usage Statistics of Micro Computer- Desktop, Laptop and Notebook. 

In the above figure you can easily see the usage statistics / market share of the most used OS of the world. If you need even more, then go for details below:

Windows: Software giant Microsoft secured the top position by their windows OS. This is the most widely used OS in the whole world. Specially in micro computers it has no strong competitors. More than 84% micro computers run on Windows OS.  Few years ago, when it lunched Windows Vista, it faces serious criticism. But few years later when Windows 7 released Microsoft was able to recover their reputation. Now it is working with Windows 8. Trial of Windows 8 is available in the net. And hopefully within few weeks/ months it is going to be released with full features and support. 

Mac: Late Steve Jobs' Apple is famous for iPod, iPad, iPhone. But it also produce desktop and tablet. And their devices run on Mac OS. Not bad, but can't compete with windows due to its closed business system and high price of hardware. Though its market share is still very low, but there is a chance for them to grab Windows OS users. And they are always trying to capture the OS market. But Microsoft is really a tough friend as their chairman is Mr. Bill Gates! Isn't it? 

Linux: Now come to the world of open source software. Yes, I am talking about Linux. This is at the bottom  of top used OS. It has different versions of OS and they are often released few times in a month. Some of them are well known to people. Such as- Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint etc. Developers and IT professional like Linux and they are happy with it. But general people simply hate it due to its interface and complex system. If Linux wanna increase its share then it has no way if it fails to realize the users psychology. 

Others: There are many other OS too. But none of them are able to capture 1% of total market. List of other OS even may exceeds thousand! But nobody knows will one of them be able to access the top OS list or not. Here you can find the name of almost all OS.