Friday, February 03, 2012

Windows 8 Download

By this time, hopefully you all have already heard about Windows 8. Actually it is just a preview of original OS.  Though it is a preview, I was very curious about it. 

In order to test it I requested one of my friends to download it for me. After getting it, I installed Windows 8 on my system and found a new world of computing! 

There is a revolutionary change in Windows 8. At first glance you may be lost your path in the wonderful options of windows 8. But keep using it for some days. You will just love it.

You can find something more about windows 8 here

For 64-bit version, go here
For 32-bit version, go here

You might have a question. Will I be able to run windows 8 on my system? 
The answer is very simple. If your PC supports windows 7, then windows 8 will also run on it. 

Click here if you want Windows 8 Release Preview.

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