Activate Windows 8 Preview by Windows Update!

Microsoft declared that Windows 8 Developer Preview will be expired on March 11, 2012. And when it will expire, the computers with Windows 8 Developer Preview installed will restart every 2 hours!

So there are two options available for users. They can either download Windows 8 Consumer Preview or they can use their previous windows instead of Windows 8.

But there is another options available for Windows 8 users! Ya I am talking about activating it. There are lots of options available for activation. Some of them are valid some are invalid. Some are working and some are non working. 

But, do you know that you can easily validate your developer preview version in a legal way. Microsoft released an update for windows 8 a few days ago. This update is very small. 

Activation Method: 
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to the Windows Update
  3. Click on available updates link
  4. Now search for an update named Update for Windows 8 Developer Preview (KB2671501)
  5. And install it.
If you have any difficulty to find it then install all updates. Your windows will be activated automatically after restarting your PC. 

If you wanna make sure that your windows is activated then make a right click on Computer and click on View details in Windows Activation. And you will see the following window:


  1. Replies
    1. Plz upgrade your OS. As I am no longer work with developer preview so I can't test the activator anymore on that version.

      Thanks for staying with Marks PC Solution

  2. not working...If you are not sure then remove the post..

    1. Actually this method is for that time. I mean the time after releasing Windows 8 preview.

      What is your version now? I have several activators for several versions. Look at the list of popular posts. Then you will find the activators.