Turn off Your Monitor by Double Click!

Often we need to download a large file from internet and remain our system on without using it. In that case a person don't need to use the monitor at all. 

Sometimes we need to turn on or off the monitor again and again. And certainly this detrimental both for the power button of the monitor and for monitor itself. As a result some people don't turn off the monitor. 

But all of us know that CRT monitor consumes a huge amount of power. 

If you need to turn on and off your monitor again and again then don't do it with power button. There is a better option available for you. You can turn off your monitor just by a small .exe file (22 KB)

Download this zipped file from here

After downloading the file you need to extract it. Now keep the file in place you think handy. You can place it in the desktop. Or if you use Windows or 8 then right click on this file and select pin to task bar. 

If the file placed in desktop then you can turn off monitor by Double Click. But if it is placed in task bar then you can do it only by a single click!! 


  1. Who own a CRT anymore?

    1. You're right. But you may not know that I am writing this blog using a CRT monitor!!

      I also dislike it. But before purchasing a LED I must use it. Again you can turn off your LCD/LED or something else if you need to do it again and again.

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you will stay with us.