The number of Google + user has exceeded 170 million!

Recently Google has announced this news. Google + is taking different initiatives to compete with Facebook. To increase popularity, many interesting features are being added in Google+.

Google + has already added cover photo, most viewed topic, dynamic navigation menu etc. Of course many people argued that these features are also available in Facebook and Twitter. Some of them also claimed that Google are copying these features.

Senior Vice President of Google said that to make Google + more popular these are the initial steps. Not only in the view of users, due to its lovely outlook and different features Google + is now more creative and user friendly. To accelerate the user experience more features for Google+ is on the way!

Google + users can watch full resolution videos and pictures. To chat with people an online version of Google Talk is placed at the right bottom corner of the screen. And chat list is also available on the left side. Google+ is an integrated service. Users can use Email, Web Search, and Image Search in a single screen with all other products of Google. It’s really amazing!

Google is always taking new steps to increase Google+ users. As most of the net users are already using Facebook for social communication so they can’t leave it immediately. But the experts have agreed that, these steps will help Google to compete with other sites. They said, to compete with Facebook, Google should provide more attractive service to the users. Then the users might be interested to Google+. 

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