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The Easiest Way to Disable Facebook Timeline!

Most of the FB users don't like timeline. Thought it is easy to view a profile on the basis of time but it is not user friendly. You may find several ways to remove FB timeline. But I think the easiest way is the following one.

Let's do it. 
  1. First, make sure you're using Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. 
  2. Then go to  http://timelineremove.com/.
  3. Now at scroll down and make sure that timelineremove.com has identified your browser.
  4. Then look at the right panel and find How to Install Extension
  5. Under this you'll find a button named     CLICK HERE    . Click on it.
  6. Then save the extension. If any permission required then allow it. 
  7. If you're supposed to restart your browser then restart it. 
  8. Now go to your Facebook Page and see the magic! 

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