How to Add Google +1 Button on Blogspot Blog

Blogger provides an easy way to insert a Google +1 Button on your blog page. You can add this by following some easy and simple steps. 

Let's do it. 
  1. First you need to make sure that you're using the new style of blogger interface. If you're still using the old interface then change it from Blogger
  2. Now go to the blogger home and hit on layout option. 
  3. Now click on Add a Gadget button. Select a button from where you wanna place the +1 button. I prefer somewhere at the bottom. 
  4. After hitting on Add a Gadget button you'll find a list of gadgets. 
  5. Now hit on  +1 Button.
  6. Here you can customize the button as you like. 
  7. Now save it and refresh your blog page to see the result.

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