Boost your Traffic with Link Collider

In this post I'm gonna share a site with you. This site will help you to boost your blog or website visitors. And at the same time it will also increase your site's Google +1, FB Like, Twitter Follower etc. 

And I can assure that, you'll not feel any harassment while using this site. Simply register and follow my instruction. 
  1. First visit this site. Link Collider
  2. Then register by your contact email and enter a password and confirm it. Now submit it.
  3. Now go to your mail inbox to confirm the registration. NB: Also check your spam box.
  4. Now it's time to add your website or page.Click on Post a Website / Facebook Page.
  5. Now fill up the form properly. You should choose an attractive logo with an ideal description of the site. Then save it.  
  6. Look at the Collect FREE Tokens button next to  Post a Website / Facebook Page. There are 8 categories- Like, Tweet, Share, Follow, Auto etc. 
  7. Collect tokens by these categories. You must have Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Account to perform these tasks. And make sure you're signed in all of these accounts in the same browser while doing these. 
  8. You can monitor your sites by clicking on My Websites button.
Caution: These types of link building and SEO sites are the targets of hackers! So I recommend you to use your alternative Email ID other than your primary ID. And you should use a different password other than your Email account password. 

NB: You've to regularly visit this site and collect tokens to increase your traffic. 

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  1. This was really a nice post as a trick to boost traffic. But now it's no longer a good post! :)

    Because it has no positive effect on SEO. Rather there is a chance to have negative effect. Still as you mentioned, this could be useful only for the new bloggers. But I suggest them no to use this method. I will remove this post later. At least when the total number of post will exceed 300.

    Thanks for the comment. We want you to stay with Marks PC Solution . . .