Use Alexa Toolbar Get Higher Ranking on Alexa !!

Alexa is a popular ranking site. The main feature of Alexa ranking is that, it ranks the sites from 1 to last. Just few months ago, Google was top in the alexa ranking. But few days ago it loses its first position to Facebook

Though alexa ranking doesn't matter much for a site. But day by day alexa ranking is getting importance. Sometimes it is very difficult to compare some sites if they have same Page Rank in Google. But in alexa ranking there is no chance to get same position. 

When you use Alexa Toolbar in your browser (only Firefox, Google Chrome and IE) it sends data to their server. It measures how much time do you spend on a site. And how much time you gave on that site. It also shows you the ranking of a website in search result. 

It measures the rank of a site based on: 
  • How much time a person spend on a site
  • How much pageviews does he made
  • How many people visit the site within a particular time
  • From where the visitors come to the site 
All of the above data are collected by Alexa Toolbar. So if you visit your site with Alexa Toolbar installed on your browser, then I can guarantee that your alexa ranking will increase significantly. 

Suppose your alexa ranking is 20500000. If you use alexa toolbar and browse your site your ranking will be less than 300000 !! And if some of your friend visit your site with alexa toolbar, your ranking will be less than 10000 ! 

So why do you avoid this chance? Install it now in your browser. 

To install the alexa toolbar visit this site- Then click on Install Alexa Extension. Then follow the steps that appears in your browser. 

And if you're using Google chrome then you can directly click here. Currently, you can use this toolbar only with Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Make sure you're using updated version of each browser. 

My personal choice is Google Chrome if you wanna use Alexa Toolbar. Because it will allow you to use the toolbar both as standard view and and toolbar view. 

Don't forget to inform your friends about advantages of alexa toolbar. Because the more people visit your site with alexa toolbar, the higher will be your ranking! 

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