Join Google Plus Community with Over 500 Million People!

The number of Google + users is being increased rapidly. And I've already posted twice on Google Plus. You can have a look if didn't read this before- 
Today's post is just a follow up of the previous posts. Many of you may be interested to know - How many users does Google + has currently? The answer is bewildering! 

500 Million +

Can you imagine? 500 Million users within less than 2 years! Google + was launched on June 28, 2011. And on December 06, 2012 Google announced that their total users are more than 500 million. Source: Google Official Blog.

It is also said that only 135 million people are active in the Google Plus Stream. And 235 are active through Google. And others are not very active. Even people don't share too much status updates like Twitter or Facebook

Though Google Plus is growing very fast but number of active users are not growing in that rate. I think these are the reasons behind this inactive users:
  • Most of the people are already in Facebook with their friends or society. They love to share their views or opinions in one place.
  • Many users try to stay on Google Plus. But when they found that their friends are using only Facebook, the switch there to get connected.
  • Another reason is the interface. Plus has an interface that is very rich but not user friendly. And people have already liked the Facebook interface. So they don't feel easy with Google Plus.
  • Delay in loading the site is another important cause. The loading time of Facebook is very fast. But Google Plus is a heavy site. When browsing from a slow connection it irritates the users! That's why Google Plus is not very popular in the third world countries where net connection is not faster. 

But Google Plus has few advantages too:
  • Google is integrated with all services of Google- YouTube, Gmail, Blogger etc.
  • Unlike Facebook it is not restricted in schools, colleges, universities or Offices! 
  • While opening a new Gmail account, users are asked to upgrade in Google Plus.
  • New features are adding based on user demands.

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