Chromebook Pixel: An Innovation

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Chromebook pixel is another innovation of Google that comes with the perfect combination of hardware, software and design. And certainly Google expect that Chromebook  can challenge the other products available in the market. Basically Chromebook is a laptop with super displaying capacity, touch friendly interface, Google products, better performance and read more to know! 

Day by day the people are being interested to smart devices. Apple starts the path. Following Apple, Samsung explores the path and down the market share of Nokia. Observing  the success of Apple and Samsung, other organizations like Microsoft, Google are now producing devices like smart phones, tablets or laptops. 

Microsoft Surface, Nokia Lumia, Google Android are the example of such devices. Now Google has introduced Chromebook Pixel to boost their hardware market. Read more to know the amazing and unique features of Pixel! 

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Amazing Display: 

Can you imagine? 4.3 million pixels. Each pixel is invisible to the unaided eye. It's 12.85" screen has the highest density of pixel compared to any laptop. In a word it will be the best for viewing. 

Chromebook Pixel Screenshots

Touch Friendly Interface: 

Its touch screen will give you the flavor of Tablet PC. You can organize windows, switch through apps, and edit photos with the tip of your finger. It has a 0.55 mm layer or touch- enabled Gorilla Glass that provides smooth touch interactions while preserving the picture clarity. 

Best Products of Google: 

As a device of Google, Chromebook comes with your favorite Google Products- Gmail, YouTube, Hangout, Drive. 
  • Google Drive: Pixel comes with 1 TB (Oh my God!) of cloud storage, free for 3 years! By which you can share your files, documents, videos or photos on the web. 
  • Google+ Hangouts: Its integrated HD webcam, microphone, noise cancellation capability will enhance your Google+ Hangouts experience for sure. 
  • YouTube: The bright, colorful and high resolution display of Pixel will make your YouTube experience awesome. 
  • Gmail: Nothing to say new about Gmail. You already know about this. But Pixel's touch facility will ease your E-mail activities. 

Better Performance: 
  • Boots-up in seconds and stays fast
  • Requires almost zero setup or maintenance tasks
  • Built-in virus protection system
  • Stays up to date
  • Built-in LTE for faster connectivity
  • Supports 4G network

Crystal Clear Sound: 

Chromebook Pixel gives you crystal clear sound. Its powerful and high quality speakers are hidden beneath the keyboard to preserve the smoothness. A custom digital signal processing engine helps tune the speakers for clarity, ensuring that they deliver natural audio. 

A Smart Look: 

Pixel's tight tolerance, hidden vents, invisible screws gives it a smart look. Stereo speakers are seamlessly tucked away beneath the backlit keyboard.
  • Backlit Keyboard: Its backlit keyboard let you clearly see the keys. But when you're watching a full-screen video, the keyboard automatically dims to an appropriate level so that you eyes do not catch the light of keyboard. 
  • Glass Touchpad: Though you can control the Pixel using its touch screen but don't forget about its touchpad! It comes with an exceptional high quality touchpad to change your touch experience. 
  • Connect Fast: It has an industry leading WiFi range which can boost your download speed up to 100 Mbps. 
  • High Resolution Touchscreen: Its display has the highest number of pixels per inch in compared to any other laptop screen. And of course it is touch enabled. It has the highest picture clarity, richest color and 178 degree viewing angles. 
  • Piano Hinge: Its Piano Hinge let you open and close the Pixel with a single finger. But  it is also designed to augment the range of WiFi  and act as a heat sink to keep the machine cool.
  • Lightbar: About lightbar Google Says- Just because it looks cool. 

Google Chrome Book Pixel

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