Features and Advantages of Marks PC Toolbar

Marks PC Solution Toolbar Features

If you're a regular visitor of Marks PC Solution you might know that we've a nice toolbar named Marks PC Solution toolbar. This toolbar has many features and several advantages. Specially if you're a site owner or active in social media then I promise, this toolbar will help you a lot! 

Features of Marks PC Solution Toolbar: 

This toolbar has been equipped with lots of features. There are 15 buttons in this toolbar. Most of the buttons are useful for every net users and some of them are very specific to the Marks PC Solution. Now have a look at the functions/ usage of the buttons:
  1. Favicon of Marks PC: This button/ icon is very specific to Marks PC. Whenever you click on it, no matter where you're, our site will be loaded immediately on your browser. 
  2. Google Search Favicon: The second button is the icon of Google. If you click on it, the search giant Google will be opened in a new tab. Thus you can access Google search by a single click.
  3. Google Plus: Google Plus is located just next to the Google Search. Clicking on it will result a new tab with Google Plus. 
  4. Gmail Button: This is the most attractive button of this toolbar. You can view and compose new mail using this button. And whenever you got new mails you can see them here. Maybe you need to sign in first. 
  5. Hotmail:  If you click on this button a new window will be opened in a new tab. And if you're signed in to your Hotmail account you can view you Hotmail messages. 
  6. Yahoo Mail: Just after Hotmail button, yahoo mail icon is located. Make sure you're signed in to your Yahoo ID. You can view your Yahoo mail from here. 
  7. Facebook: Next one is the most widely used social network. I mean Facebook. Just click on it. You will be taken to your Facebook Home Page. 
  8. Twitter: By this button you can tweet the page that you're currently visiting. You can also read your twitter messages from here. In fact this is a personal twitter button. Make sure you're signed in to your twitter account if you wanna use this button properly.
  9. Important Web Links: The number nine button is a drop down icon. Here you will get some important links. 
  10. Like: This one is specific to Marks PC Solution. If you click on it, you will be taken to our Facebook Page. If you like this page, you will get new tips whenever we publish something new. 
  11. Join: This is our Facebook group. If you click on this button you will be taken to our group. Join this group for getting solutions to different problems that you usually face. A group of experts are there to serve you! 
  12. Follow: If you're a fan of twitter, then Follow us on Twitter. We regularly update our twitter page with new tips and tricks! 
  13. RSS Feeds: This is the RSS feeds of Marks PC Solution. Here you can see the headline of some recent posts published by Marks PC. If you wanna read any tips then hit on it. 
  14. Search Option: If you wanna search Marks PC Solution then type your query here and press Enter. No matter where you're. You will see the search result on Google. But all results will be related to Marks PC Solution.
  15. Toolbar Control Button: The last button is located at the end of the toolbar. This is the option button. Here you can control this toolbar. 


The above discussion was related to the buttons of Marks PC Solution Toolbar. Now consider the advantages of this toolbar:
  1. If you use this toolbar while visiting your blog/ website, your Alexa Rank will improve dramatically! 
  2. When you search something on Google, you will see the Alexa rank of the sites in search result showing in a small blue bar. 
  3. This toolbar consumes low resources. Your bandwidth will not be wasted. And your browser performance will not fall. 

Download and Installation:

The download size is more or less 200 KB. To download the toolbar click here or hit on the button below. A new window will appear. Click on the download. Wait few seconds if it requires time. Then choose download or keep what appears depending on your browser. Then install it. 

Get our toolbar!

Browser Compatibility: 

This toolbar works fine with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. But we recommend to use this with Google Chrome for best experience. Because you can hide and show this toolbar with a single click on Google Chrome. 

Operational Manual: 

Google Chrome: After installing this on Google Chrome, you will see the icon of the toolbar at the top right corner. It looks like M. Click on it to hide or show the toolbar. Hit on the option button to send button usage statistics report to the Alexa.

Firefox: If you're using Firefox then go to the View > Toolbars. Mark the Marks PC Solution Toolbar to show this. Unmark the Marks PC Solution toolbar to hide this. Use the option button to choose the options.


You can send feedback about this toolbar by commenting here. Definitely we will consider the report of the users. :) 

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