Friday, April 12, 2013

Monetize your Blog or Website with YllixMedia!

Monetize your blog or website using Yllix Media

Undoubtedly AdSense is the best way to monetize a blog or website. But any time you may lose your AdSense Account. And many blogger even can't get AdSense Ads on their sites. There are many rules and regulations for AdSense sites. Read more here: 

Guidelines before and after Getting AdSense!

If your AdSense account is disapproved or if you can't get approved by AdSense there are many different sites from which you can get Ads and thus monetize your site. Today I'm gonna share such an Ad Site with you. Look at the banner below: 

The name of this site is Yllix Media. If you're the owner of a blog or website you can register in this site and show ads in your site. 

Let's start. First, click on the above banner and register by your email. You will receive a confirmation mail. Confirm it. Then follow the steps below: 

1. Add your Site: After registering, your first task is to add your site. You will see a tab named Sites. Click on it and enter your Site's Title, Home page URL and choose your category. Then hit on Add site button. I suggest you to select a category from Non-Adult category.

2. Ad Tags: Here you will find different types of Ads. Choose Banner Ad. Select Non Adult from Rating, choose a proper format, select no from Display layer Ads. Now click on Get Ad 
Tag. You will get an Ad Code. Place it in your site. You can use at most 3 Ads in a page. 

Never use any other types of Ads other than Banner Ads. 

3. Payment Method:  There are 4 types of payment system. Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve and Bank Wire. Choose a method that suit you. 

That's all. Now go to the Ad Manager to show Ad Campaign and monitor which ads are clicked by visitors. 

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  1. Rahaman vai If I use this now, In future will it hamper me in getting Adsens.
    Live Technology

    1. Not at all. Even you can run both the Ads at the same time!

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog i really love the information here,
    Freedom to browse

  3. how to change the yllix codes in large size