Alexa Website Review Feature has been Stopped !!

Marks PC Solution has published many posts on Alexa so far. Basically those posts are about alexa tips. But this time you're not getting any tip on alexa. This could be an important news that may affect the alexa ranking of your site. 

In December 2012, I wrote a post named - Place Alexa Review Widget & Boost Your Alexa Ranking!. And it was really an awesome trick to boost that time. Have you noticed that I use the past form? Why? 

Because the review feature is no longer available. It's been stopped using by Alexa. Few days ago, I created an account on Alexa to write a review for a site. But when I had visited the review link it showed - 

Those of you are not familiar with this feature should read this post. Alexa review system was a great trick to improve the Alexa rank. Marks PC Solution had more than 100 reviews on Alexa and these helped a lot to take the rank below 100000. 

Though Alexa Rank is reliable after Google Page Rank, it has some criticisms. Such as - 

  • Alexa Traffic Widgets
  • Alexa Reviews Feature and Review Widget 
  • Posts on Alexa

When your website or blog includes the listed bribes, it will be able to capture a better position on Alexa Rank. In a word, if your site has affiliation with Alexa, they will give you a better rank! Maybe, Alexa is trying to minimize the criticisms. As a part of the initiative, they've stopped the review feature. Review feature was quite useful. But maybe Alexa failed to use it properly. I've also noticed some misuse of Alexa Review. Such as - 

  • Fake and Inappropriate Review
  • Writing Review using Multiple Accounts
  • Inability of Alexa to Evaluate the Reviews 
  • Exchange of Money to Write Positive Reviews

These are the key reasons for what Alexa has stopped their review system. Besides Alexa Review system had some limitations too. One can write a review using his email. And if that email ID has Facebook account, then another review can be written using that FB ID. Sometimes a person couldn't find a proper category for the reviewed site. Then he needs to choose others category. 

Sometimes site owners create multiple account on Alexa. And they write multiple reviews for their own sites which is not legal. But Alexa can hardly detect the cheating. And those sites get higher ranking.

There is another problem. Established websites and blogs are hardly interested to Alexa Ranking. They never focus on what happened to Alexa rank of their sites. Often we see the giant sites have only a few number of reviews on Alexa. Where the poor sites have many reviews which are suspicious. Considering these controversial issues, the Reviews Feature has been stopped by Alexa.

When the Reviews feature was active, Alexa toolbar used to show the number of reviews for a website. But now this button has been removed from Alexa Toolbar too.

Will this Affect Current Alexa Rank?

Simply I don't know! I tried to find the details, why Alexa stops this. But can't manage sufficient information. I searched Alexa for clues. But there was nothing about it. If you get any link you can share in the comment box.

Maybe the sites, which were only improved by fake positive reviews on Alexa, maybe affected. Hopefully Marks PC Solution has no such problem. Our current ranking is as below:

You're requested to share any information related to the Alexa Reviews Feature. Thanks . . .

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