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Hello Guys! Hopefully you're visiting Marks PC Solution regularly. You know, most of the posts of this site is unique. And almost all of the posts are useful and interesting. That's why it's been targeted by plagiarists! Many posts of this site are being copied with images. That's why I've decided to use Marks PC logo and badge where possible. And I've already redesigned the logo and it's being used with new posts. 

Previous Logo:

The previous logo had nothing special on it. It was simply the letter M in Monotype Corsiva font. Just have a look:

The new logo has been designed just by making a little change over the previous one. Monotype Corsiva is still in use. I've just cut the corners of the old logo. From now and then, our logo will be this one: 

As the contents of this site are being stolen copied by some sites, I've decided to use the logo or badge of Marks PC Solution. Below is the badge of this site:

When new post will be published, this badge will be inserted with the post images if possible. 

In April 2013, I wrote a post about how can you punish the plagiarists. And in the next month, I wrote about how to protect the contents of your site. You can find these below:

Though both of the tips are quite useful, but it's really a time consuming task to find and punish the copiers. So I think, using the logo or badge with post image is a better solution. But you shouldn't damage the quality of your post image by inserting your logo inappropriately. And it's not necessary that you will use your logo with all the images. 

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!

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