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Boost Your PC Speed by Using SSD

In short you can explain an SSD (Solid State Drive) as modern HDD (Hard Disk Drive). What's the difference then? Maybe the functions are almost same but there are some big differences between the two. Go through the post to clear the concept . . .

What's an SSD A solid state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses non volatile flash memory along with necessary controller and chipset to store the data. It's somewhat like RAM, but unlike RAM it can store data for a long period of time. 
An SSD drive is considered to be more durable and stable in that sense - There is no moving parts i.e. platters, spindle, R/W head etc. which are available in traditional HDD.  

Advantages of SSD over HDD If you use SSD as your primary boot device instead of HDD then you may get the following advantages -  Faster performanceLower power consumptionBetter vibration resistanceLower heat No noiseIn short we can say, SSD is more durable and stable than traditional HDD. 

After installing SSD, you will…

Are you in Love? Be Sure before Valentine's!!

Valentine's Day Flash Card

If you're a regular visitor of this site, you might be surprised by this post. Love and affection has no chance in my site. Everything is either about Blogging, Computer, Internet  or something like that. But just before the Valentine's Day, I've got a new plan. Few years ago, I got a flash file named Are you in Love? At the same time this is very funny as well as useful to make sure whether you're in love or not. 

Download the file from the link below - 

This is a zipped file. And it's only 450 KB. After downloading the file, unzip it. Then double click on it to play. At the right bottom corner you will get the play button. 

You will get some texts at the screen. And a nice background music will be playing there. When you finish reading, hit on the next button. Look at the image below:

Are you in Love Flash Card

This is exactly what you will get after running the flash card. You will get the texts in 11 steps. There are 7 or 8 love signals which may help you to understand whether you're in love with someone. Let me type the texts for you - 

  • Step 1: Are you in love with someone?
  • Step 2: When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore that person.
  • Step 3: But when that special someone is not around, you might look around to find them.
  • Step 4: At that moment, you are in love!
  • Step 5: Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh, your eyes and attention might only go to that special someone. Then you are in love.
  • Step 6: Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back to let you know of their safe arrival, your phone is quiet. You are desperately waiting for the call. At that moment, you are in love.
  • Step 7: If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from that special someone than other many long e-mails, you are in love.
  • Step 8: When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the messages in your answering machine because of one message from that special someone, you're in love.
  • Step 9: When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would not hesitate to think of that special someone. Then, you are in love.
  • Step 10: You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend", but you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction. At that moment, you are in love.
  • Step 11: While you are reading this page, if someone appears in your mind, then you are in love with that person. 

I haven't modify any part of the text. It may not be accurate sometimes. Still I think this is easy to understand and explain. Don't forget to leave a comment . . . :) 

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  1. hahaha.. your web post is very funny. I thought the "flash file or flash card" is all about "flash or picture slides" that can be use for blogging or domain site. But anyway, the post is still interesting. Although, while I'm reading your post there's no special person that pop-up into my mind. It means I'm not inlove, hehheeh... That's good thing to know.


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