Got my 2nd Payment from 360 Adds!

Monetize Site by 360 Adds

This is actually a success story. I haven't shared any success story with you yet. And to be honest I didn't have any notable success earlier. I was just writing and writing. And continuously trying to help my readers just for nothing. Because visitors' feedback's, comments, opinions give me the mental satisfaction. 

Marks PC Solution got AdSense ads more than a year ago. But due to some compliance problems, AdSense rejected my site for 5 times! And after waiting for a long time, I applied for AdSense again. And this time my site was strong enough and got approved by AdSense. And I've earned more than $700 from AdSense so far. However not a single dollar is in my hand due to the transaction problem!  

Couple of months ago, I got an advertisement offer from 360 Adds through +Anzaq Ali. At first I thought this is fake offer. I got these types of offers earlier. And I was only interested to monetize my site through AdSense. But Anzaq was able to convince me. And later I accepted his offer. 

Getting the First Payment

After running the ads for the first month, I made only $ 115 which is equal to Tk. 8800. Anzaq paid me through Western Union. To be honest, I was really excited even with such a low amount of payment. Because that was the first earning of Marks PC Solution! Then Anzaq told me to place the ads under the post title and below the post. As I have more than 3000/ 3500 unique visitors per day, they will be able to pay me up to $ 300. 

Getting the Second Payment

After placing the ads in more places, I was getting 8/9 (in average) dollar per day. Though  it should be $10 in order to be paid $300 per month. Still I was happy. Then I've earned $186 in the month of February. But my payment threshold is $250. So I was not paid that time.

On 9th March, my total earning crossed $500. Then my account manager Anzaq paid me $440 through Western Union. And I got only $376! In fact, I was shocked. Maybe the charge of Western Union is little bit higher. 

Now I'm thinking of new way of payment. This could be Payoneer Free Master Card. And I think this will be less costly. 

Here is my payment proof. Look at the image below:

Western Union Transfer Track Image

Earlier Western Union showed detailed information of a transfer. But now it doesn't show the amount. Maybe it's to tighten the security. 

Monetize your Site through 360 Adds

Do you  have a site with more than 500 unique visitors per day? And do you have more than 2000 real pageviews? 

  • If the answer is NO, then you have to wait. Try to make your site stronger. 
  • If the answer is YES, then what are you waiting for? Why don't apply now

After sign up for 360 Adds, an agent will review your site. If accepted, then the agent will tell you the procedure to place the adds. 

Do you see the Download Now button just below my post title and at the end of post? This is the Ad. You have to place the same button. Or it could be little bit different depending on your site. 

Monetize Site by 360 Adds

Remember, you've to apply as affiliate - not advertiser. And if you need any help regarding this, I am here with you! :) 

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