Monday, April 14, 2014

Monetize your Site by 360 Adds (Payment Guaranteed)!!!

Just few hours ago, I've got my 3rd payment from 360 Adds by +Anzaq ali. This time I've been paid $ 384 via Western Union. There is a $ 25 transfer fee. There are many other sites which offer advertisement opportunity. But never be trapped. Only few companies are worth of trust. And I trust 360 adds

Today I'm gonna discuss about 360 Advertisement. If you have a site with at least few thousand pageviews and visitors every day, you will get a reasonable payment. I've more than 3500 unique visitors and near around 8000 pageviews every day. Everyday I get $14 on average. 

A Rough Estimation of Earning (Per Day)

  • 500 Unique Visitors   - 1000 Pageviews - 1 Dollar
  • 1000 Unique Visitors - 2000 Pageviews - 2 Dollar
  • 2000 Unique Visitors - 4000 Pageviews - 4 Dollar
  • 3000 Unique Visitors - 6000 Pageviews - 6 Dollar
  • 4000 Unique Visitors - 9000 Pageviews - 10 Dollar

NB: This is a rough estimation only. You may talk to your Account Manager about this. 

Remember: The number of unique visitor is most important here rather than pageviews or site's rank. And the site with more downloadable contents can earn more. 

Sites with Downloadable Contents Earn More . . .

Suppose I've 3500 unique visitors. And I earn up to $ 400 every month. You know I wrote about tips and tricks mainly. But If I provide downloadable contents like Software, Games, Books then I will be able to earn up to $1000 in a month! 

Let's start by Sign Up - 

Hit on the above link to register. Fill up the information properly - 

  • Enter your Account Details: Company Name & Address.
  • Enter User Details: Email, Password, Name.
  • Additional Questions: Your Site's URL, Daily Visitors, Reference Person etc.

Agree to the terms and conditions of 360 Adds and Sign Up. You may require to verify your email address. After completing the sign up, 360 Adds will inspect your site. If everything is okay, an Account Manager (AM) will contact you via email. 

Types of Ads

Though banner ads are available at 360 Adds, but most of the time they offer Download Button only. You can also see the Download Buttons in my site. Just below the post title and at the end of post. 

That's why the number of visitors is the most important thing to increase your earning. Your site's ranking doesn't matter here. 

Talk to your account manager regarding the implementation of Ad Code.

Payment Methods:

Payments are made before the 15th of next month. Suppose the payment of January will be made before the 15th of February. However payment time depends on payment method too.  Available payment options are:
  • PayPal (Min $25) 
  • Payoneer (Min $25)
  • Skrill (Min $25)
  • Western Union  (Min $100)
  • Wire Transfer (Min $500)
If you are able to receive payment via PayPal or PaYoneer, your payment will be made within 5th of each month. 

Never be Trapped!

There are thousand of Ad Networks all over the web. And naturally this is very tough to find out the real ones. As I'm personally recommending 360 Adds, you can trust this site. At least I can never provide wrong information to my valuable visitors. 

Even some sites may offer you more. You can also test them. But never work with any company that asks you to invest. 360 Ads will never demand a single dollar from you! 

Contact me for any help or directly talk with your Account Manager. 

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  1. @Dear Admin , i have signUP for the site before 1 week ago on ur given link .

    They are Not responding. How to got approve for account. My site have good Visitors statics by google analytics avg 1200 unique per day :(

    Plz help

    1. Contact Anzaq Ali -
      Please tell me my name. And ask him about is there any compatibility issue with your site as it is named as Hacking.

    2. Hello Krishna,
      Add me over Skype anzaq.ali and lets have a chat.