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Able2Extract - The PDF Manager . . .

Able2Extract PDF Creator

Able2Extract is a multi-function PDF tool which allows you to create, convert and secure your PDF documents. And you can also use this application to view your PDF files. In compare to Adobe Reader, Able2Extract is a genius tool. While Adobe Reader 11 is 72 MB in size, this tool is only 44.4 MB. And you can convert PDF files into multiple formats which is not possible in Adobe Reader. 

If you're a regular visitor of Marks PC Solution, then you should know, we share free and open source tools mostly. But Able2Extract is a paid tool. Of course you're allowed to use 7-day free trial version. For the first time I'm gonna recommend the visitors to use a paid tool because it's worth of . . .

System Requirements

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 works with all the running versions of Windows operating systems (from XP to 2010). It works on both 32 and 64 bit operating system. It requires 100 MB space on your hard disk and 512 MB RAM. And no other special requirement. 

Download & Installation
  1. Visit the site  INVESTINTECH PDF Solutions.
  2. Download the Trial Version of Able2Extract PDF Converter 9
  3. If you need to convert scanned file then you can choose Able2Extract Pro with OCR technology (53 MB Download Size).
  4. When you finish downloading, complete the installation normally.
Note: This tool also work on Mac and Linux. Read more . . . 

Able2Extract Screenshot

Features & Advantages

  • PDF Creator: Able2Extract is capable of creating PDF from almost any program. You can create PDF file from Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint or any other printable documents. Conversion Process is just like doPDF. You have to go to the print option of your document. Then choose Able2Extract from printer list. Finally choose the destination for the file. 
  • PDF to Other Formats: This tool is also great for converting PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice and even in HTML formats. To do so, you've to choose Batch Conversion either from File menu or from toolbar. Batch Conversion allows you to convert multiple files at a time. Add your files > Select Output Folder > Choose Conversion format > Enter the captcha > Hit on the convert button. 
  • Secure your Document: Able2Extract allows you to set password on your documents during the conversion process. Suppose you're converting a Word file into PDF. Go to the Print option > Choose Able2Extract from printer list > Choose your destination > Go to the Option > Move to Security tab > Tick mark Secure PDF > Passwords > Set your User and Owner password > OK. Now when you open your file, use any of the passwords.

Should I tell you everything in this post? Is it fair? You've nothing to explore? No it can't be. Download the software and explore . . . 

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