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How to Claim a Site in Facebook?

Get Facebook Insights

Do you know, you can claim your domain/site in Facebook to get insights? If you register your site on Facebook, you can view analytics for referral traffic, stories, user engagement and other related information. And definitely this will help you to take better actions for your site. 

I always say, if Facebook were a country, it could be the most populated state of the world. It's a site with the most registered active users. No other site, even Google and Twitter can't attract users as much as Facebook. Most of the users waste their valuable time on Facebook.  

But as a blogger/ web developer/ app developer, you can't either waste your time or avoid Facebook. You can take advantage of the popularity of Facebook. You can promote your website/ blog/ app on Facebook. You can do this in your way. I'm not gonna interfere there! 

Today I'm writing about - claiming/ registering a site on Facebook. You can do this easily. All you need is just adding a simple meta tag before your closing head (</head>) tag. 

Never try this trick if you - 
  • Don't have a website/ blog
  • Don't have a Facebook ID

Okay, I'm talking too much for a little trick! Let's back to the track - 
  1. Visit this page - Facebook Insignts
  2. Domain Insights > Add your Domain
  3. A new window will appear with your name and a meta property
  4. Type your site's URL there (ie.
  5. Copy the meta property (ie. <meta property="fb:admins" content="100002117543096" />) and paste it in your site's HTML closing head tag. 
  6. Now hit on the get insights button. 
  7. If you're done properly, you will see your domain here. 

Claim your domain on Facebook Insights

Hope you've completed the task easily. But I couldn't do this as easily. Don't know why the meta property didn't appear when I was trying to implement the code in my site. Maybe something was wrong in that time when I was trying. 

If anybody face the same problem, I mean if the meta property with your numeric FB ID didn't appear as shown in the above image, follow the steps below - 

<meta property="fb:admins" content="100002197543196" />

Replace the above numeric ID with yours. And the code should be placed before the closing head tag - </head>

You can also use several IDs here. Suppose you want multiple users to get your site's insights. Then you can use more than one ID as below - 

<meta property="fb:admins" content="102117543096, 10034534562" />

Remember, this will just help you to get insights from facebook. If you wanna customize your sharing URL, Image or description you need to use Open Graph. I will discuss it later. Thanks. 

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How to Get Facebook Numeric ID?

How to Find Numeric Facebook ID

Whether you're using Facebook or Google Plus, you have an unique numeric identity number. If you're a Google Plus user, you must notice a number in your profile URL unless you haven't got a username from Google. But Facebook automatically gives you a username after opening account. And thus your numeric ID is hidden from Facebook Profile URL. But you may often need to use the numeric ID of your Facebook account. 

If you are an apps developer, or using social plugins for your site, you may need to use your numeric ID. Today I'm gonna share an easy way to find out the numeric ID of your Facebook account. 

In this way, you can find any person's profile ID number and Facebook page ID number. Follow the instruction below:

  • Go to this URL -
  • And type your username as -
  • For example -

Now you will get the following details - 

"id": "100004080544971", "first_name": "Jolley", "gender": "male", "last_name": "Roberts", "link": "", "locale": "en_GB", "name": "Jolley Roberts", "username": "jolley.roberts"

As I mentioned earlier, you can also look up your page ID number. Suppose, the Facebook Fan Page of Marks PC Solution is -

You have to type to get this page ID. And this page will show you the following details:

"id": "550920454928744", "about": "Your Ultimate Choice for Computer, Internet, Blogging, SEO & PC Troubleshooting Tips!", "can_post": false, "category": "Computers/internet website", "checkins": 0, "has_added_app": false, "is_community_page": false, "is_published": true, "likes": 109, "link": "", "name": "Marks PC Solution", "parking": { "lot": 0, "street": 0, "valet": 0 }, "talking_about_count": 1, "username": "markstips", "website": "", "were_here_count": 0

There are many other sites where you just need to submit your username and they will show you the details. But sometimes, if their server is down, you may not be able to use them. And there is also a little chance to get trapped by phishing sites! So, I think, using the graph is better. 

I'm familiar with a site which you can trust - Find your Facebook ID. In this site, you have to input your username. Then hit on the button - Lookup Numeric ID. Finally, it will display your name along with the numeric ID. 

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