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Puzzle Game Tic Tac Toe

Puzzle Game Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is basically a paper and pencil game. Maybe you've played this game frequently in your classroom. To be honest, I've also played this game a lot when I was in school. You can also play this game against computer. Just you and your PC! Try to beat artificial intelligence . . .

System Requirements

It's another flash game. Works nice with all running versions of Windows OS.

About the Uploaded Version
  • Game's Name: Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Type: Flash
  • Upload Server: Google Drive (Zipped)
  • License: 100% Free
  • Download Size: 444 KB
  • Extracted Size: 812 KB

Download & Play . . . 
  1. Download Tic-Tac-Toe from this link. It's 100% free and safe.
  2. It's in zipped condition. Unzip it first.
  3. Now double click on Tic-Tac-Toe to run the game.
  4. Hit on the Maximize button to plan on full screen mode.
  5. Choose either Computer Vs. Player or 2 Players.
  6. Now the game will start, enjoy it . . .

Tic Tac Toe Screenshot

Instructions . . . 
  • Computer will use a circle (o) and you will use a cross (x) mark.
  • Your target should be putting 3 crosses in a row or column. You can also put them diagonally. 
  • If your opponent put 3 circles in a row/column before you, you will lose the game.
  • If you put the mark first, put it in any corner. And in the second chance, put the mark at opposite corner. It will increase your success rate.
  • When your opponent goes first, try to put your first mark at the middle cell. It will save you from being trapped.
  • Check whether your opponent has put 2 marks in the same row and the next cell is blank. The you should put your next mark there immediately.
  • You can play as many times as you want. You can also see the statistics at the bottom.

This game is much easier to play. Not so tough like Ping Pong . . .

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Download Flash Game Egg Hunt for Free!!

Download Egg Hunt

Hey Gamers! Are you busy with highly graphics consuming big games? Let's play a tiny flash game - Egg Hunt. Though somewhat childish, but Egg Hunt is really a challenging game. All you need to do is just collect eggs and avoid crap. You have to collect eggs through a basket to earn point. But if you take crap by mistake, points will be deducted! 

Have a look at the game screen. This is really attractive. Specially kids like this game a lot. 

Egg Hunt Screenshot

Many flash games are harmful for your mouse.  But in this game, you don't need to click a button. You just need to move your button to collect eggs! So don't need to think about your mouse lifetime. ;)

Download the game from the above link. It's just 550 KB. Now unzip it. Remember, this is the German version. I didn't find the English version of this game. But I can translate the words for you! 

German -  English

Punkte     -  Points
Zeit           -  Time


Double click on EggHunt.exe to run the game. Now hit on the Start button to play. After starting the game, you will get a basket. Move the basket with mouse pointer to collect eggs. There are 5 chickens which lay down eggs. There are 3 types of eggs.

  • Normal egg is worth of 1 point
  • Silver egg is worth of 5 points
  • Golden egg is word of 10 points

Beware of craps. If you collect crap/ shit instead of eggs, you will get -10 points. That means 10 points will be deducted from your total points. 

You will get 60 seconds to collect eggs. How many eggs you collected, missed and how many craps you taken will be shown at the bottom. After finishing the game you may enter your name and comment. 

Then hit on Fenster Schliessen. It means Close Window. 

  • While playing, if you need to go to Desktop, press Start + D (Game will be running)
  • If you need to close the game, Press Alt+F4. 

© 2001 by Frank Lamozik

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Flash Hockey Free Download !!

Free Download Flash Hockey

Today I'm gonna share another cool game with you. This one is also very tiny in size. It is Flash Hockey. It's a game between you and your PC. I don't know how many years ago it was made. But I believe it's at least 12 years old game! Hope you will enjoy it. 

Flash Hockey

It's a flash game. Download size is only 513 KB. It can be played in any version of Microsoft Windows. No special requirement. Doesn't matter whether you've graphics driver installed or not. Your monitor is enough to run the game! 

  • Download the zipped folder from the link above. (It's only 513 KB)
  • Unzip or extract the folder.
  • Double click on Flash-Hockey.exe to run the game.


After running the game, you need to enter your name. Hit on the Spielen button in the white box. Type your name. Hit on the Spielen button below the box to start the game. (At the bottom, there are three options. The default level is Normal. You can change the difficulty level from these options)

Flash Hockey Picture

After starting the game, you will get two buttons. The Red one is Computer. And the Blue one is you. And you will get a coin. Hit on the coin and try to put it in the computer's net. There is a red line at the middle of the field. Neither you nor computer can cross the red line. 

There is at best 10 goals. Who gets the 10 points earlier, will be the winner. Maybe, it's a german game. So the language is not in English. But you can guess what says in the options.

  • Don't be hurry while hitting. Otherwise you will lose points soon.
  • Be quick and smart while defending. 
  • Observe the Computer's movement carefully and hit little harder. You will get the point easily. 
  • Be cool - let the Computer be mad. You will win the match!

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Flash Cricket Game Free Download!!

As mentioned earlier, I will continue publishing tiny games! Hopefully you've enjoyed the game- Highway Pursuit. Today I'm gonna share a Flash Cricket Game with you. And this is really an amazing game. It is made by Flash. 

Flash Cricket Details
  • System Requirement: Any version of Windows from 98 to 8.
  • Download Size: 453 KB only.
  • Don't need to install. 

Run the Game:
  • Download the zipped folder from the above link. 
  • Unzip/ Extract the folder. 
  • Store it in a safe drive other than your Windows installation drive.
  • Open the folder and double click on Cricket.exe to run the game. 


Most of the flash games are fast, smart and easy to play. This one is also not exceptional. Just after running the game you will be able to paly it easily. You can also view the instruction button to know the rules. But I'd like to write something . . .
  • Run the game by double click. 
  • Hit on the Play the game button.
  • Press left button or Enter to start the game.
  • You can control both by mouse and keyboard
You will get 12 overs to bat. And you've 10 wickets in hand. There will be no chasing. Even you don't have any option to bowl! If you become an expert, you can score more than 200 in only 12 overs. :)

Control is very simple
  • Hit Left - Press Left Arrow / Click on the left screen
  • Hit Right - Press Right Arrow / Click on the right screen
  • Hit Straight - Hit Up Arrow / Click on the center screen

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Download Flash Game: Flamingo Drive for Free !!!

Yet in Africa Flamingo Drive Screen Shots

Gamers love to play large games like GTA, NFS, IGI. But still few of you may like to play Flash Games like me. Though I love to play Racing, Action or Cricket but still I've a great attraction to small Flash Games. Today I'm gonna share such a game with you. It is named as Yet in Africa- Flamingo Drive. You can download this for free! 

This game is very small in size. You've download a zipped file which is less than 2 MB. It is a flash game. You've to operate it by mouse. 

  1. Download the zipped file from the link below and unzip it. 
  2. Now click twice on Flamingo Drive to run the game.
  3. Just at the right bottom corner you will see the Play button. Hit this 4 times.
  4. Now you're ready to play.
  5. You've 5 chance available to hit. 
  6. In each chance you've to click twice. The first click will set your direction. And the second one will set your power. 
  7. You can also see the preview just at the bottom of the game. 
  8. Play n Enjoy! 

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