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Google Maps - Your Live Travel Guide!!

Google Maps showing World Map

What exactly should I say about Google Maps? Well, I'm just impressed about it! All of you are familiar with the name - Google Maps. But how many of you make proper use of it? Or, have you ever gave it a try? Let's explore Google maps today . . .

Background Story 

To be honest, Google Maps is a great application as well as a great service from Google. And you don't need to pay a single dollar to avail this service. When I had been transferred from Dhaka to Sylhet, I was little bit tensed about the new area, places, roads and directions. 

Though I'm in the new location for the first time in my life, Google Maps makes it easy for me to move on. 

About Google Maps

With Google Maps, the world is in your hand. Wherever you go, Google Maps can show your the right directions. Even if you are in a rural area, for which official map is not available, you can see even the narrow paths through Google Maps. 

Google Maps Large Logo

To use the Maps, you should have a strong network connection. Otherwise you can't use it properly. 

Check what you can do with Google Maps . . .

  • Locate your current position within seconds
  • Locate your destination in the map
  • Find the available routes to reach your destination
  • Calculate the distances between places
  • Estimated time to reach your destination
  • Find the location your desired Gas Station, Mosque, Educational Institutions, Park or anything . . .

Get the Maps on your Phone . . .

Smartphone or Tablet is ideal device for using Google Maps. Of course you can do everything on a desktop or laptop. But when you're travelling, you should use it on your phone. 

Google Play Download Button
App Store Download Button

How to Use?

Google Maps is really easy to use. If you're using the maps on a Desktop PC, then simply visit Google Maps Website. Or if you're using it on your phone, then you must have the app installed. 

Run the Google Maps from your device. Keep your location turned on. Turn on your data connection. Now you're ready to go!

Google Maps Screenshots

  • As soon as you run the app, it will find your current location marked by a blue pointer. 
  • You can zoom in/ zoom out to adjust the view.
  • To get a direction, hit on the direction button > choose your destination and current position. 

Google Maps Settings

  • You can also choose the nature of your journey - Bus, Train or Walking! Then Google Maps will calculate the distance, available routes and probable time to reach the destination!!
  • When you're in a bus, car or train, open your Google Maps, and you will see your live position there. The pointer will move forward as your vehicle moves! 
  • If you'd like to get a satellite view, then switch map to Google Earth. 

Hope all of you will enjoy this amazing application. If you face any problem with this app, or if you have any query, please share with me . . .

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New Logo for Google!!

Google Introduced New Logo & Favicon

You should notice that Google is showing a new doddle in its homepage since yesterday. Have you played this yet? It's nothing but the new logo of the search giant! Last night I had just visited Google's home and discovered this! 

It's not the first time, Google changed its logos and icons. We've noticed such changes before. But this time, it's really fascinating. Google has just used its doddle feature to introduce the new logo. 

This is the change # 7. Let's look back - 
  1. First logo introduced in 1998
  2. First one modified in August 1998. 
  3. Same logo modified again in September 1998.
  4. In May 1999, Google introduced a more sophisticated look!
  5. After a long break, it was changed again in May 2010.
  6. And the logo we used to see the day before yesterday was introduced in September 2013.
  7. And the latest logo has been introduced on September 01, 2015. 

To see the detailed history, go to Google and search - Google Logo History. 

There are basically 3 changes . . . 
  • New Logo
  • New Favicon
  • New Voice Search Icon

Google Plus Button icon has also been changed!

New Favicon for Google

This is the new Favicon of Google which will appear as tab icon when you visit Google. 

Google Microphone Icon

And this will be the voice search icon which will appear in the search box. It was fully black before. 

Tech people have showed mixed reactions to these changes. Some people are excited by these changes, some are thinking it as unnecessary. But I think changing things is not a bad idea! If you regularly update your products and services, people will realize you're active - you're with them! That's what Google has done!! 

Have a look at the GIF image below!

Google New Logo Animation

I'm happy due to this change. At least I got a chance to share something with you! J

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Reverse Image Search Technology

Google Search by Image Feature

This may be a new term for you but many of you are currently using this technology! Most people know this term as - Search by Image. What we call search by image is originally known as Reverse Image Search. There are several sites which provide this service. But in terms of speed, reliability and user friendliness I prefer Google Image Search. 

About Google Reverse Image Search

Normally we search something through texts. But reverse image search technology can take pictures/ images as input. And it displays related images as the result. 

The images you're using to search will be stored by Google. When you're using the search by image feature, the search result may include - 
  • Similar images
  • Web Pages that include that image
  • Other sizes of that image

When searching by the picture of a well known person, you will get many other information along with the similar images. Search by image works best when you search an image which is famous and available in different sites. 

That means your personal photo or latest party photos have hardly any chance to appear in the search result. 

Reverse Image Search Techniques (Laptop & Desktop)

You can use this feature from any desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera). But Google Chrome (And Firefox also) has some built in options to use search by image feature. 

So, I hope, all of you are using the updated version of Google Chrome. 

There are several techniques to use this technique. Follow any of the techniques below:

1. Upload an Image:

  1. Visit Google Images
  2. Hit on the Camera Icon that appears in the search box.
  3. You will have two options: 1. Paste an image URL from web and press Enter 2. Upload an image > Choose File > Select a File from your Storage.
  4. That's it! 

2. Drag n Drop the Image into the Search Box
  1. Visit Google Images > Keep your browser window restored down.
  2. Locate the photo from hard disk > Click on it and hold down the mouse.
  3. Drag the image into the search box and release it.
  4. Let Google find out the details . . . 

3. Open an Image from Browser Window
  1. Open a new tab on your chrome browser.
  2. Press Ctrl+O > Locate, select and open your desired image from hard disk.
  3. After the image appears, right click on it, choose > Search Google for this Image
  4. It will do the same job as it did when you upload an image!

Search by an Image from Browser Tab

4. Search for an Image that Appears on a Website

Suppose you would like to search by an image that appears on a website. You wanna find other versions or sizes or similar images of that photo. Just follow the steps below:
  1. Suppose you've visited Microsoft or Apple or any other website.
  2. There you've got the image of any device. If you wanna search it in Google, simply click right on it.
  3. Choose search Google for this image.
  4. A new tab will be opened with the search result. 

Search by Image from Website

As an illustration, I've searched the photo of MacGyver. The search result is as below:

Search by an Image Result

Look at the search result. What does it include?

  • The file name, extension and a small icon of the uploaded image.
  • The size of the uploaded image - 300 x 378
  • Best Guess for the Image - macgyver
  • A brief about MacGyver on the right sidebar
  • Some popular websites about MacGyver
  • Visually similar images of MacGyver


This technology still needs to be enriched. The images which are not famous will hardly appear in the result. But at least you can trace out the fake IDs of Facebook which include the photos of celebrity of different countries! :) 

May I have your attention please? This tutorial is based on Google Chrome!

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Gmail Labs: Enhance your Gmail Experience!

Gmail Labs Enhances your Experience

Most of the people prefer Gmail as their email service. But not more than 10% of them are familiar with Gmail Labs. Maybe you're thinking what are labs? Gmail Labs are some experimental features which you can add in your Gmail.

About Gmail Labs

Gmail has some experimental features which are not enabled by default. But you can use any of these features to test. Most of the labs are running for a long time without any major problem. But as these features are experimental, you should remember - 

  • These features may change
  • They may break
  • Even they may disappear at any time

If any enabled Gmail Labs feature is out of service and you face any problem to load your inbox, then you can use the following URL to load the inbox without any lab feature -

Look at the red part of the link. Labs=0 means all the labs are disabled. If you wanna back to your normal settings, simply remove labs=0 from this link. Then reload the page.

Gmail Settings Button

Enable/ Disable Lab Features
  1. Sign in to your Gmail Account.
  2. Hit on the Gear icon (Settings icon) from the right > Choose Settings.
  3. Now you will get all the Settings Menu. Choose Labs.
  4. Here you will get the list of Enabled and Available Labs.
  5. You can Enable/ Disable any lab from this page.
  6. If you make any change, the Save Changes button will be available at the bottom.

Gmail Settings Options

  • Enabled Labs - Lab features which are already enabled.
  • Available Labs - Which are not in use but available for use.

Some Useful Labs | Which I prefer personally

  • Undo Send - Such a unique feature should be used by every Gmail user. If you enable this feature, you can cancel a sending message within 30 seconds after hitting send button. Suppose you sent a message to the wrong person, or the wrong message, or an incomplete message, you can cancel it within 30 seconds.

Undo Send Option

  • Unread Message Icon - Enabling this feature will show the number of unread message in your browser tab along with Gmail icon. Note: Some browsers may not support this feature.

Number of Unread Message in Browser Tab

  • Quote Selected Text - This one is very handy when you're replying to a message. Suppose you wanna quote a text of the message which you're replying to. Simply use your mouse to select the text and hit on the reply button. The selected text will be quoted to your message.
  • Authentication Icon for Verified Senders - It's about your security! You may receive some messages which are about your online accounts. And some criminals may try to contact you instead of the original sender. If this feature is enabled, you will see a verification icon left to the sender if that sender is verified by Gmail. Such as - eBay, PayPal, Google etc.

Verification Icon at the Left of the Senders

Other Labs you can Try
  • Auto Advance - Automatically shows the next message when you delete a conversation.
  • Right Side Chat - Moves your chat window to the right side.

Currently, Gmail Labs offers 20 lab features. But not more than 7/8 of them are useful. But you can give a try and share your opinions with us. Your views will be appreciated . . .

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Irresponsible, Reckless Facebook . . .

Facebook is a social disaster

At the end of 2013, I termed Facebook as Social Cigarette! Believe it or not - it's true! And my statement is being more logical day by day. If the current trend of Facebooking (In all aspects) continues, then the Internet world will be one more step closer to cancer! With around 1.4 billion active users (and ever growing) Facebook (and all other concerned parties) should do something to save the web world . . . 

I don't know how to start this post or how to end. Thousands of issues are related here which can't be expressed by a single blog post. I would like to start with some of the attributes of Facebook - 

  • Irresponsible
  • Reckless
  • Unsafe

Risk Factors Related with Facebook . . .
  • Spam/ Virus/ Malware/ Scam
  • Hacking
  • Privacy Issues
  • Racial/ Political/ Religious Aggression
  • Unwanted/ Heavy Advertising
  • Information Leak
  • Explicit Contents
  • Poor Security System

List of Reckless Activities by Facebook

  • Displays too much advertisement on user profiles, pages and groups.
  • Shows irrelevant advertisements on profiles or pages.
  • Shows explicit/unpleasant ads to the users.
  • Doesn't justify advertisers' ads before displaying it and thus users get trapped.
  • Influences people to promote their page contents through advertising.
  • Recommends unwanted sponsored contents to the users.
  • Prohibits other companies from like and share business but when Facebook does the same thing through money then it is legal. 
  • Doesn't take necessary steps to stop spreading virus, spam and malware related contents.

These are just examples. There could be more than 100 issues that may be included in this list. 

Beware of Phishing!

Phishing is one of the most effective and simply way to steal your password. Suppose you see a post on Facebook that says - 

Get 5000 likes immediately. Sign in to the following site with your Facebook username and password. You must have at least 2000 friends etc. etc. 

Whenever you get something like that, your first task should be to report it. And never sign in to that page with your Facebook username and password. If you sign in by mistake, immediately change your password. Because the phisher will get your email and password if you sign in there!

Beware of Spam Post

Another embarrassing issue is spam post. Suppose you've noticed that one of your friends liked or shared an explicit video, image or any attractive content. If you just hit on this, the next task will be automatically done!

This embarrassing content might be shared with all of your friends, groups or pages. And it may bring you dishonor. Even you may not notice the fact until any friend informs you about it!

What does Facebook do?

Sorry to mention that, Facebook has no time to monitor these issues. Even they don't remove the contents that cause social/ political/ religious aggression. Know why?

Because these contradictory issues bring more visitors there. And their Ad Revenues increase!

Facebook can share its revenues with the people. Like Google AdSense, Facebook can also share its revenues with the profile owners who have millions of followers. But it just consumes revenues.

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Birthday Wish from Google !!

Google Celebrates Users' Birthday

While I'm turning into 27, I was thinking about what to write on my birthday. Cause I can't leave this day without writing a post on Marks PC. When I returned home from Office, I just opened Google home page to search something and noticed a doodle. Then I moved my mouse pointed over it and it was showing - 

Happy Birthday Abdur!

To be honest, I was really surprised. Because this is the first time I've ever experienced birthday wish from Google. And I was more surprised when it comes in the form of doodle. 

Google Homepage with Birthday Wish

Most of you are familiar with Google doodles. They usually appear in Google homepage to celebrate different occasions. Such as World Cup, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day etc. And if you're a Google Plus profile owner, Google will celebrate your birthday too!


  • You must have a Gmail ID with Google Plus enabled.
  • Your date of birth must be there.
  • You must be signed into Google on your birthday.

If you meet the above conditions, then you will be wished by Google on your birthday. :)

Okay guys, no more writing today. I need to take rest now . . . 

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Payoneer Support Center is Really Helpful . . .

Payoneer Customer Care

Every time when I need any help regarding my Payoneer account, I take the help of support center. And it's really helpful. When I request something, the support team try their best to do this. Today I would like to share my experience with you. After reading this post, you will understand how supportive the Payoneer team is. 

Available Support Options

You must have an account in Payoneer to get supports. And you must be signed in there. Live chat and phone call may not be active always. You will get the proper contact time in the support page.

Case 1: $65 has been Stolen from My Card (Recovered)!

For the first time, I met Payoneer Support Center when I lost $60 from my prepaid master card. In that time, I've little experience. I was not conscious about security measures. Actually it was my mistake. 

I just wrote a review on Payoneer Master Card and made the funniest mistake of my life. As specimen, I scanned my card and used it in my post. It was clearly showing my card number and expiry date! And the culprit (Sorry to mention that, maybe he is my blog reader) was so clever. Probably he understood that it is the picture of an active card. Though it was empty that time. 

I've no idea that in case of online transaction, PIN is not required. Only card number and expiry date is enough to pay the bills. When my card was loaded, I've lost $60 (30 + 30). In that time, I didn't understand what is this! Later I've lost $5 more. Then I've realized the fact. Someone has clarified me the issue and advised to contact Payoneer.

Recovering the money!

As advised, I've contacted the Payoneer Support Team through Live Chat. I've clarified the fact to them and requested to block the card immediately. They suggest me to file a case reporting the issue through proper form. They also informed that I can't apply for an amount which is less than $20. So I just applied for $60. And within few weeks, they returned me the money in my card!

I was just surprised! How did they manage it?!

Case 2: Two Replacement Cards (One Blocked)

After blocking the first one, I applied for a replacement card. Don't know why it was taking more than 4 weeks. I thought, something was wrong that's why the card may not reach my post office. Then I applied for another card.

Just two days after applying for the second replacement card, the first one reached my post office. And by this time, it was blocked by Payoneer support team for issuing me the second one! What should I do now?

Again I took help from support team. I've told them details. Then they unblocked the first replacement card and blocked the second one.

And I just had to pay the replacement fee for one card - $12.95.   

Case 3: Money Sent to the Wrong Person (Recovered)!!!

Believe it or not, only few days ago, 360 Advertisement, paid me $214 via Payoneer. Unfortunately I didn't get the money. Know why? Because the sender (+Anzaq ali)  sent the money to the wrong person. In the list, he just selected the wrong account. And $214 went to the wrong person who was not supposed to get a single dollar!

When I informed Anzaq Ali that I haven't got the money yet, then he checked and found that the money has been sent to the wrong person. Immediately he contacted the Payoneer Support Team. Anzaq Ali also requested that person to send the money back but he denied. 

I must say, Anzaq is lucky enough. The person who got the money by mistake, he made another mistake. He didn't withdraw the money thinking that it's now in my account - nobody can take it back. 

But Payoneer has returned the money to Anzaq within 2/3 days! 

What can I say more? I'm really satisfied with their service. If you have anything to share about Payoneer, just leave a message in the comment box . . . 

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Google Talk is Terminated . . .

As declared earlier, finally, Google Talk has been terminated by Google. It's no longer supported on Windows. Google is trying to force the users to use its Hangouts app. But I've found no logical reason behind shutting down this lovely app!

In last November, I published a post - Google Talk is Gonna be Shut Down. Google said it will stop working within few months. Couple of weeks ago, I just signed in to Google Talk and got the following message - 

I was just waiting to see the end of Google Talk on February 16, 2015. But even after February 16, Google Talk was working fine. From another source, I came to know that it will be stopped on February 23. But it was working after February 23. 

At that point, I thought, Google Talk will be working in this way. Finally, on February 26, when I was trying to sign in to Google Talk, it shows - 

Username or password is incorrect. 

Though I was sure about username and password, I entered them again. Still it was showing the same error. Then I signed in to Gmail and got a message from Google - 

Hi Abdur,
We noticed that you recently tried using the Google Talk app for Windows. We wanted to let you know that this was discontinued on 23 February 2015. We recommend giving Hangouts a try so that you can chat with all of your Google contacts. Hangouts supports people’s favourite features from Google Talk, including text chat, presence, contact lists and status messages. In addition, Hangouts lets you have group video chats, make phone calls, express yourself with emojis and keep your conversations going across AndroidiOS and your computer.
If messaging right from your desktop is important to you, try the Hangouts Chrome app or Hangouts in Gmail. If you’re not ready to make the switch to Hangouts quite yet, you can continue using Google Talk on Windows with a range of compatible third-party chat apps. (Please bear in mind that these aren’t Google products, so exercise caution when signing in with your Google account.)
As a loyal Google Talk user, we thank you for your support and we hope that you give us the opportunity to provide an even better communications experience with Google Hangouts.
If this sign-in attempt was not made by you, please check details on your Devices and Activity page 

Check details 
Sincerely, The Google Talk and Hangouts team

I think many other Google Talk users have got the same message from Google. But don't know how many of them are real user of it. In most cases, I used to contact my friends, visitors, classmates and other people through Google Talk. But now I have to keep my Gmail window open to chat with them. 

What to Say about Hangouts . . . 

My experience with Hangouts is not good at all. In my 150 kbps connection speed, I had never been able to connect Hangouts through Chrome. It needs at least 300 kbps speed to connect to the service! 

But I have to say that Hangouts looks better than Google Talk. Google Talk was simply an instant messaging service. It was simply 1 MB in size with very simple messaging options. But with hangout, you can do lots of things. 

You can share photos and emoticons in Hangouts, make audio and video calls etc. You can also draw something there. But it doesn't allow to share files like Google Talk.  

Maybe Google wants the users to communicate through single app - Hangouts. That's why Google has finally turned off Google Talk through a long process . . . 

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Tight Policy for Adult Contents on Blogger!

Adult Content Policy Changed for Blogger

After March 23, 2015, sexually explicit or nude contents are not allowed to publicly share in sites hosted by blogger. But Blogger will allow nude contents only if it is artistic, educational or scientific. Nothing was clearly mentioned about sexually explicit text - policy changed only for images, videos and graphics.

All of you know that Blogger is one of the major blogging platforms next to WordPress. It allows us to share our personal views, opinions, ideas with the world. Above all, it's a social media. And Google is trying to punish those who are earning through sharing sexual contents. 

Previous Policy

Earlier, it was allowed to share sexually explicit videos or images in blogger. And such blogs should be marked as "Adult". So that the visitors can understand that they are about to enter a site with adult contents.

Settings > Other > Adult Content? > Yes > Save Settings. 

Blogger Content Warning Message

But Google has changed its policy. And certainly this is a good move to keep the web safe. I really appreciate this decision. 

Changes to the Existing Blog

  • Any existing blog with sexually explicit contents will be automatically made private after March 23, 2015. 
  • No content will be removed from the site.
  • Only admins, owners or registered users can access the site. 

What Should the Vulnerable Sites Do?

Clean up or get out! It's simple. You've only two options open. You can either - 
  • Remove sexually explicit contents from your site.
  • Or, mark your site as private.

How to Make Blogger Site Private

Settings > Basic > Permissions > Blog Readers > Choose any of the two Private options > Hit the Save Changes button. 

New Offenders - Beware!

Those are still thinking of making money through creating policy violating site, please be aware! Any site (which include sexually explicit contents) that will be created after March 23, 2015, blogger authority reserves the right to delete the blog or take any other action. 

Read more about Blogger Content Policy . . .


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Transcend - The King of Flash Drives

Transcend USB JetFlash

Very often, I face a common question - which flash drive should I purchase? Or which flash drive do you use? Or which flash drive is faster? Considering a number of factors, the answer is Transcend and always. Transcend is a brand which I can trust and recommend to others. It's the king of USB flash drives!

Flash drives you know are the most commonly used devices for offline file sharing. When we share a movie, large software or documents we usually use USB Flash Drives or Micro SD Cards. If you need to transfer the files faster and your drive is slower, definitely it kills your valuable time.

Transcend 64 GB Pen Drive Pack

If you want super speed, then you must go for USB 3.0 Flash Drives. But your device may not have supports for this. In that case, you will get only USB 2.0 features. And some brands will charge you too much. So, I always prefer Transcend considering the following factors:
  • Speed
  • Actual Storage Capacity
  • Compatibility
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Price

To be honest, the speed varies with the models. But I can assure that you will get at least 7/8 MB write speed (per second) in any transcend flash drive. Though the speed depends on what type of file you're transferring. And the read speed will be at least 20 MB per second.

In terms of capacity, Transcend is great. All of you know that, the actual capacity of any memory device is less than the stated capacity. Some brands will give you too less space. But a 16 GB Transcend flash drive will give you at least 15 GB storage capacity.

Though it's not a unique feature, still I would like to mention that, Transcend is compatible with any hardware and any software wherever the USB flash drive is supported.

More than 6 years ago, I purchased a 2 GB Transcend USB Flash Drive. It's still functioning smoothly. Transcend's flash drives are really durable.

Transcend gives lifetime warranty for its flash drives. I'm not sure but it could be product lifetime warranty. You can register your product through Transcend's website and check the status of your warranty.

Couple of weeks ago, I purchased a 32 GB flash drive. In my currency, it costs me $ 15. And I think the price is quite reasonable. 

Supports & Services

Supports and services are not same for all types devices. You can check Transcend Support page to see what supports are available for you. There is a list below for you:

  • JetFlash Online Recovery: With this tool you can recover your device when something goes wrong. While running this operation, you must be connected to the internet. 
  • Product Verification: You can verify your product through Product Verification page. Simply go to the Product Verification page and check whether it's original by entering serial number.
  • Product Registration: You can register your product through Product Registration page. To register your device, you must have an account on Transcend or sign up for a new account through Email ID.
  • Compatibility: To check your device compatibility, go to the Compatibility page.
  • Where to Buy: Transcend flash drives are available anywhere. Have a visit to this page for choosing your purchase location.
  • Warranty Service: Maybe your dealer will deal with Transcend for warranty service. If you don't have such facility, you can directly contact Transcend for Warranty Service.

Transcend 64 GB Pen Drive

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