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The Best Site for Increasing Likes, Shares, Followers and Tweets!

How to increase likes, shares, tweets and followers

There are many sites by which you can increase your site's traffic as well as social presence. But the best site, that I believe, is AddMeFast. Today I will talk about how can you boost your social presence using this site. 

This site will help you to increase - 
  • Facebook Likes, Shares and Subscribers
  • Twitter Followers, Tweets, Retweets and Favorites
  • YouTube Views, Subscribers and Likes
  • Pinterest Followers, Repins and Likes
  • Reverbnation Fans
  • SoundCloud and SoundCloud Followers 
  • StumbleUpon
  • Website Hits

Like other sites, you've to register for an account. This site doesn't support multiple accounts from a single IP. If you fail to register from your IP then try to hide your IP and register again. 

  1. Click on the banner above and create an account with an email address. 
  2. Then confirm your account from your email. 
  3. Add your site from the left site of the page. Set your cost per click. 
  4. Earn coins by following, liking and sharing others' pages. 
  5. Manage your sites from the My Sites buttons.  
  6. Don't forget to earn Daily Bonus! It will be just below to the My Sites button. 

One last thing you should remember- This site is great for increasing Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Followers and Tweets. 

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