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Download IDM 6.33 (Build 2) with Activator!!

Hey guys! I'm back to you with the latest version of IDM i.e. 6.33 build 2 with a perfectly working patch. And you know Marks PC never shares any fake tool. Before sharing with you I personally test and verify every tool so that users can use it without hassle. 

Before you go - 

Please upgrade your browsers to the latest version to avoid any possible compatibility issues with this version of IDM. 

What's New in this Version - 

Almost nothing except compatibility. And I think it's a great job by IDM authority. This version of IDM is fully compatible with Windows 10. And it works perfectly with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even on Microsoft Edge! 

After installing this latest version of IDM you may require to restart your browsers if they were running before installation. And from settings you just need to enable the IDM extension. And then you will be able to easily download the videos from web . . .

Download the IDM from the above link and follow the instruction below - 
  1. Remove previous version of IDM with all of its component (if any).
  2. Unzip the folder and run idman633build2.exe 
  3. Complete the installation normally.
  4. Then go to the patches folder and run either 32 bit or 64 version as per your Windows. 

What about Security Warnings??  
  •  Don't worry about the warnings shown by your Antivirus program. Simply ignore them.  
  • You may need to disable your Antivirus while downloading & installing the IDM. Or you can simply allow this file in your antivirus so that it doesn't delete the file

See you in the next topic . . .

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Meet Firefox Quantum - It's Lovely!!

Meet Firefox Quantum - Lighter, faster and smarter

When working on web I always prefer Google Chrome. But it's time to think about something else. Yes, the new Firefox. Mozilla named it Firefox Quantum - it's updated, improved and dashing! Let's give it a try . . .

About Firefox Quantum 57.0.2

Mozilla's CEO Chris Beard says that this new version of Firefox is blazing fast. This rebuilt brand new web browser will deliver a completely different experience to the users. It's modern, quick and efficient. 

About Firefox Quantum 57

Mozilla hopes that the Internet users will also agree with them. Now time will say what the reality will be . . .

What's new in this rebuilt?

  • Best Firefox ever - 2x Faster browsing experience
  • A powerful new engine for rapid performance
  • Better and faster page loading with less computer memory
  • Smart design for intelligent web browsing
  • 30% lighter than Chrome - less pressure on your RAM
  • Improved tab switching - more responsive 

Tips for the new users . . . 

If you're new to Firefox then I would like to share some basic tips that may enhance your experience with this browser. Before you begin make sure that you've got the latest version of Firefox i.e. Firefox Quantum 57.0.2.

Reader View

It's like Microsoft Edge's Reading Mode. If you're bored with the ads and graphics of a website, then you can enter into Reader view. This will remove ads and unnecessary graphics from web page and optimize it for better reading. 

You will find the reader view button 📄 at URL bar. Remember that some websites may not support reader view. In that case you will not see the reader view button. 


This new version of Firefox includes a nice screen capturing tool. Most of the available screenshot application can only capture the monitor view. But this one is capable of capturing a whole website. That means you can only capture and current view as well as the full webpage. 

Screenshot Icon in Firefox Quantum Browser

Follow the above image. You will get the screenshot option by clicking the action button which is located in the URL bar. 

Save your Favourite Article/ Video

This feature is called Pocket. If you need something to watch later, then you can save it in pocket. Later you can find it in your pocket list.

Pocket button is also available in URL bar. Don't forget to sign in to Firefox before using Pocket. 


Firefox Quantum provides library facility for the users.  This is really a great feature to get all of your stuffs in one place. 

Books Icon

Your pocket saves, bookmarks, history, screenshots all will be available in library. You will get the library icon at the upper right corner of the browser. 

Tracking Protection

Need privacy? Choose New Private Window from menu button or press Ctrl+Shift+P for private browsing. This will take you to the private mode which is tracking protected. When you're in this mode your history, cookies, temporary files and search queries will not be saved. 

Tracking Protection in Firefox Quantum Private Browsing

Online trackers will be blocked by Firefox so that your information can't be leaked.

I think Firefox lovers are already appreciating its team for this great work. And hopefully chrome lovers will also think about Quantum . . .

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Host Files on Userscloud - Earn Extra Dollar!!

Userscloud - Free File Hosting Service

Userscloud allows you to host your files, images or videos on their cloud storage. You can use their unlimited hosting service at free of cost! And if you upload your downloadable contents, you can even earn extra money!!

Userscloud users enjoy following benefits . . .
  • 100% free service
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited upload & download
  • Remote URL upload
  • Unlimited file size
  • Files never deleted (Copyrighted files might be removed!)
  • All kinds of files are allowed (Except explicit contents)
  • Earn extra cash (Referral commission is also available)!!

Payment Information . . .

Rates for Each 1,000 Downloads - 
  • A Category Countries (USA, UK, Canada) - $15
  • B Category Countries (13 Countries) - $3
  • C Category Countries (38 Countries) - $1
  • D Category Countries (All other locations) - $0.50

Payment Method - Only PayPal is supported currently.

Payment Threshold - Minimum payment threshold is $5. 

Payment Time - 30 days after requesting the payment.

Hit on the cloud below to sign up

Userscloud Icon

After creating an account - 
  1. Sign in to your userscloud account.
  2. Here you can upload your files. 
  3. To upload from another site, you can use Remote URL upload option.
  4. To view your files, go to My Files tab.
  5. To view your account information, visit My Account tab.
  6. Get your earning status from Report tab

Free & Unlimited Hosting Service

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Use Bing as Calculator, Converter, Clock, Dictionary . . .

Bing Search Techniques

As a Search Engine, Bing is next to Google. And it's now concerned to increase the market share. Search engine Bing are now offering special features to the users. In this post, I'm gonna talk about different uses of Bing. 

Bing can be used for multiple purposes. But I would like to concentrate on 4 amazing features of Bing. You can use Bing as - 

  • Calculator - Perform basic and some scientific calculations.
  • Unit Converter - Perform unit conversions.
  • Clock - Check the time of different cities with date.
  • Dictionary - Look up the word meaning.

Note: One or more of the above features may require Internet Explorer to function. Some of these features may not be available in some countries. 


I would like to recommend you to use Internet Explorer when you're trying to use these features. And make sure you're on Let's go - 

Bing as Calculator
  • Type - Calculator and hit Enter
  • You will get it right there

Bing Calculator on Search Page

Or simply type 45 - 9 and hit Enter. The result will be shown on Bing Calculator. 

Bing as Unit Converter

  • Type - Unit converter or Convert unit and press Enter
  • Choose your desired unit from the drop down box.
  • Select the format that you need to convert from the left, and the format in which you want your result from the right.
  • Enter the value and get the result.

Bing Unit Converter on Search Result

Or you can simply type, 35 Celsius in Fahrenheit and Bing will show automatically show the result in its Unit Converter.

Bing as Clock

You may have watch, smart phone or anything which is enough to see the time. What, if you need to see the time of another country? With Bing, you can see the date and time of any city/ country of the world within a second!
  • Type anything as - Dhaka Time/ Singapore Time/ Sydney Time/ London Time
  • Immediately, you will get the Current Time of that city/ country with date

Bing Clock on Search Result

Bing as Dictionary

  • Type anything as - Define Equilibrium/ GDP/ Diffusion
  • The meaning of the word will be right there with synonyms, explanation and pronunciation!

Bing Search Dictionary

MSN Weather Forecast on Bing Search Result

Bing also shows weather forecast data from MSN. Suppose, you need to know the weather forecast of a city. Simply type as - 

Dhaka Weather or London Weather or any city. The result will be shown as follow - 

Bing Search Shows MSN Weather Data

Undoubtedly, Google is still playing the role of leader in search market. And Bing is also playing as an active threat there. As new features are being added to Bing, we expect much severe competition in the future. 

By the way, you may also read - Different Search Techniques of Google . . .

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Irresponsible, Reckless Facebook . . .

Facebook is a social disaster

At the end of 2013, I termed Facebook as Social Cigarette! Believe it or not - it's true! And my statement is being more logical day by day. If the current trend of Facebooking (In all aspects) continues, then the Internet world will be one more step closer to cancer! With around 1.4 billion active users (and ever growing) Facebook (and all other concerned parties) should do something to save the web world . . . 

I don't know how to start this post or how to end. Thousands of issues are related here which can't be expressed by a single blog post. I would like to start with some of the attributes of Facebook - 

  • Irresponsible
  • Reckless
  • Unsafe

Risk Factors Related with Facebook . . .
  • Spam/ Virus/ Malware/ Scam
  • Hacking
  • Privacy Issues
  • Racial/ Political/ Religious Aggression
  • Unwanted/ Heavy Advertising
  • Information Leak
  • Explicit Contents
  • Poor Security System

List of Reckless Activities by Facebook

  • Displays too much advertisement on user profiles, pages and groups.
  • Shows irrelevant advertisements on profiles or pages.
  • Shows explicit/unpleasant ads to the users.
  • Doesn't justify advertisers' ads before displaying it and thus users get trapped.
  • Influences people to promote their page contents through advertising.
  • Recommends unwanted sponsored contents to the users.
  • Prohibits other companies from like and share business but when Facebook does the same thing through money then it is legal. 
  • Doesn't take necessary steps to stop spreading virus, spam and malware related contents.

These are just examples. There could be more than 100 issues that may be included in this list. 

Beware of Phishing!

Phishing is one of the most effective and simply way to steal your password. Suppose you see a post on Facebook that says - 

Get 5000 likes immediately. Sign in to the following site with your Facebook username and password. You must have at least 2000 friends etc. etc. 

Whenever you get something like that, your first task should be to report it. And never sign in to that page with your Facebook username and password. If you sign in by mistake, immediately change your password. Because the phisher will get your email and password if you sign in there!

Beware of Spam Post

Another embarrassing issue is spam post. Suppose you've noticed that one of your friends liked or shared an explicit video, image or any attractive content. If you just hit on this, the next task will be automatically done!

This embarrassing content might be shared with all of your friends, groups or pages. And it may bring you dishonor. Even you may not notice the fact until any friend informs you about it!

What does Facebook do?

Sorry to mention that, Facebook has no time to monitor these issues. Even they don't remove the contents that cause social/ political/ religious aggression. Know why?

Because these contradictory issues bring more visitors there. And their Ad Revenues increase!

Facebook can share its revenues with the people. Like Google AdSense, Facebook can also share its revenues with the profile owners who have millions of followers. But it just consumes revenues.

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Birthday Wish from Google !!

Google Celebrates Users' Birthday

While I'm turning into 27, I was thinking about what to write on my birthday. Cause I can't leave this day without writing a post on Marks PC. When I returned home from Office, I just opened Google home page to search something and noticed a doodle. Then I moved my mouse pointed over it and it was showing - 

Happy Birthday Abdur!

To be honest, I was really surprised. Because this is the first time I've ever experienced birthday wish from Google. And I was more surprised when it comes in the form of doodle. 

Google Homepage with Birthday Wish

Most of you are familiar with Google doodles. They usually appear in Google homepage to celebrate different occasions. Such as World Cup, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day etc. And if you're a Google Plus profile owner, Google will celebrate your birthday too!


  • You must have a Gmail ID with Google Plus enabled.
  • Your date of birth must be there.
  • You must be signed into Google on your birthday.

If you meet the above conditions, then you will be wished by Google on your birthday. :)

Okay guys, no more writing today. I need to take rest now . . . 

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Google Earth Pro Goes Free!!!

Google Earth Pro License is now free!

Can you imagine? An application which was once worth of almost US$ 400 is now absolutely free! Recently Google has made the Google Earth Pro license open for all. Earlier the users could use the Google Earth without license. But they had to pay to upgrade to the pro version. Now, you can apply for a free license for the pro version!

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth is not a recent invention at all. Most of the people of the web are familiar with this amazing tool which was created more than a decade ago. Google Earth is a free application which allows you to - 
  • Fly around the cities or the entire world
  • Explore the geographical areas
  • Trace out the business locations
  • Zoom out to street level

Only a few days ago, the Earth Pro users had to pay $399 dollar per year as subscription charge. But Google has made the license free for all from January 20, 2015. Not many people used to purchase the key for pro version. And the features of earth pro are not necessary for all. But certainly the pro version will be more helpful for the users. 

With Google Earth Pro, you can - 
  • Locate your target more accurately
  • Measure the distances and areas 
  • Get high quality images to be used in reports or presentations
  • Create movie and map
  • Count traffic 
  • And more . . . 

Get the Earth Pro Now . . .
  1. Visit Google Earth Pro Download Page.
  2. Choose latest version 7.1 and hit on the button Agree and Download.
  3. It's about 25 MB in size. After completing the download, install it normally. 

Google Earth Icon

How to Get the Free License for Pro Version?

To get the free license, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Sign up page.
  2. Fill out the form properly (All fields are required). 
  3. Hit on the Sign me up button.
  4. If everything is okay, you will receive an email with license key immediately.*
* Wait 24 hours in case of delay.

After getting the license, launch Google Earth Pro. Hit on the login button. Enter the following information - 
  • Username: Your Email Address through which you registered
  • License Key: The key that you've received i.e. J2PMQ1DBS12NNCF 

You Should Know . . . 
  • Google Earth is somewhat heavier. Your PC should be of good configuration to run it smoothly. (Dual Core processor recommended)
  • Your net connection must be strong enough to support quick loading. (At least 512 kpbs or 1 mbps recommended)
  • Existing license holders don't need to do anything. Their licenses have already been extended.

Fore more information, please visit Google Earth Pro . . .

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Google Docs - Manage your Documents Online . . .

Google Docs

We're just at the beginning of cloud computing. And I think many of you are familiar with the applications of Google Drive. With Google Drive apps, you can perform almost all tasks of Microsoft Office. Today I would like to talk about Google Docs which can be used as a perfect alternative of Microsoft Word.

Features & Advantages
  • A 100% free tool for collaboration (Share with anyone, work at the same time)
  • No need to purchase software or renew license
  • Access your documents from any device (Phone, Tablet, PC) anywhere
  • Thousands of options to organize and decorate your documents
  • Documents are automatically saved to drive!!
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word (Open and edit MS Word Files)
  • No unnecessary options 


Basically it's a browser based application. For best performance, you must use the latest version of Google Chrome. And the connection speed should be more than 256 kbps to load the page properly. 

How to Use Google Docs?

All you need is just a Google ID. If you've a Gmail account, you can directly access Docs from Google Drive. Simply sign in to your Google ID, then follow the URL below:

Hit on the red    New    button and choose Google Docs to create a new document. 

Google Drive Apps List

After creating the new document, you will get an interface which is almost similar to Microsoft Word 2003. And the pull down menu commands are also similar to Word 2003 except few changes. You can use the same keyboard shortcuts that are used in MS Word documents. 
  • Use File menu to share, open, create, rename, download or print a document. Page setup option is also available here. 
  • Use Edit menu for undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, find & replace.
  • Use View menu to adjust your visual settings.
  • Use Insert menu to add image, equation, symbols, page number, header, footer, drawing etc. 
  • Use Format menu to give your document a final touch i.e. bold, italic, underline, line spacing etc.
  • Tools menu helps you to check spelling, word count, research and define.
  • Table menu provides you the complete solution for creating and editing the table. 

Remember, these 7 menus are very similar to Word XP or 2003. But unnecessary options are not included here. And some new options for collaboration are added which you can't find in Word. 

Look at the Google Docs interface below:

Google Docs Layout

For your convenience and quick access, you can use the toolbar just below the menu. Print, font, font size, text color, style, linking, bold, italic, underline these options are always ready to use. 

If you need to save something on your hard disk, go to the File menu > choose Download as > Microsoft Word or any other format you need > Save.

By default, the new document is untitled. If you need to give it a name, use the Rename option from the file menu. 

Work Offline!

What did you think? You must be always online to work in Google Docs? Not necessarily! You can also work offline (even without signal) if you need to. 

For this, you must be signed in to chrome. And then visit either Docs, Slides or Sheets. Offline editing will be turned on. Know more . . . 

Hopefully, you've enjoyed the post. If you have any query, you know what to do . . . 

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Beginning of the End of Internet Explorer . . .

Internet Explorer is being replaced by Spartan

This is gonna be the goodbye message to Internet Explorer (IE) from Marks PC Solution. Released with Windows 95, Internet Explorer is still holding the position of default browser in Windows Operating Systems. After running for the 20 years, Internet Explorer is now too old to use. 

Windows 10 (Technical Preview) users are still using Internet Explorer 11. But in Windows 10 Consumer Preview, Internet Explorer may no longer be available. Currently Microsoft is developing a new browser with the codename Spartan. If the codename is not changed, then Spartan will be the default browser of Windows 10. 

What Does the Word Spartan Mean?

The citizen of Sparta is called Spartan. Sparta was a prominent city in ancient Greece. But I really don't know where the codename Spartan come from. 

Browser Spartan Logo

Why Microsoft is Terminating the IE?

In fact, the termination of Internet Explorer is the demand of time. As I mentioned in my browser review post, Internet Explorer is losing market share to Chrome and Firefox, so it's really difficult for Microsoft to increase it's popularity. 

During the last 4/ 5 years, Windows users have stopped using IE. And most of the web developers have also stopped maintaining the IE standards. That's why IE users are facing security and incompatibility issues.

When people get something new, they become interested to it. Most of the people of the web (Not Me) now love to hate Internet Explorer. That's why there is only one way open to Microsoft - Termination!

But one source said, Microsoft will keep Internet Explorer along with brand new browser Spartan. 

How will be the Spartan?

Microsoft hasn't shared anything about Spartan yet. In fact, the rumor about the new browser has been spread by the tech sites. As signaled by most of the sources, Spartan will be much more different from Internet Explorer. It will enhance the user's browsing experience. 
  • Much more similar to Chrome & Firefox (Not like IE)
  • Faster and lighter browsing experience
  • More convenient browsing interface than IE

What's Really Gonna Happen?

Everything we are getting about Spartan on the web are sill vague. Because Microsoft hasn't declared anything officially. And the project is just codenamed as Spartan. Just 3 days later, on January 21, Microsoft is gonna host a press meeting about Windows 10 Consumer Preview. 

On that meeting, hopefully we should know something about the new browser . . . :)

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Browser Review - A look back to 2014 . . .

Browser Review

Another year has gone from our calendar. And we're one more year close to the final day. 2014 was really a nice year with some technological breakthroughs. Actually we have innovations in every moment. Today I would like to write a review on Internet Browsers. In this post, I want you have a look back to the 2014.    

Look at the following table: 

Statistics (2014)
Statistics by Marks PC (2013-2014)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Apple Safari

Here you get two statistics side by side. The first one is published by You know they publish statistics month by month. I've summed them up to show you the yearly users of the popular browsers. 

And the second one is the statistics by Marks PC Solution itself. It's generated from Blogger Dashboard. Here I've included the statistics of two years - 2013 & 2014. The browsers used by the visitors of Marks PC Solution from 2013 to 2014 are shown here. 

I've also created pie charts for better understanding. Have a look at them. 

Usage Statistics of Internet Browsers

Browser Usage in Last Two Years

Reviews by Marks PC . . . 

  • Google Chrome: Market leader and the most popular browser as well. Chrome has captured more than 50% share of the browser market and ever growing! 
  • Mozilla Firefox: Beaten by Chrome about 2 years ago and now gonna lose it's position as market challenger. Firefox has now only 26 to 28% market share and losing users to Chrome rapidly.
  • Internet Explorer: Released in 1995 and survived as #1 for more than a decade. Now just keeping the honor of default browser of Windows OS. Capturing only 10 to 12% market share, the explorer will not give you a bad browsing experience at all!
  • Opera: Tried their best to be popular in desktop environment. But it really disappoints the users! Being branded for mobile devices, Opera Mini is really successful in smart phones, tablets and featured phones. 
  • Apple Safari: A default browser for Mac OS. If the browsers were reviewed by weight, Safari would be the champion in this arena! I really hate this stupid browser. It's too heavy to work with. Your system may suffer to run it. It loads pages slowly as per my experience. 
  • Others: Combining all other browsers, you can't get more than 2 to 5% share. In Marks PC Solution, I've detected these browsers - Mobile Safari, UCBrowser, Iron, Maxthon, Chromeframe, CriOS, NetFront, Netscape, Dragon etc. 

Chrome has taken the first position in 2012. And now it's going far away from Firefox. Nice look, continuous development, new features have made it unbeaten. Recently, Chrome has added some exciting features like - Cloud Printing, PDF conversion etc. 

On the other hand, Firefox is still popular to the developers. Thousands of extensions have made it popular to the advanced users. But it's heavy looking interface is mainly responsible for decline. 

As a default browser, the number of users of Internet Explorer is really low. It should have at least 20% users. But it's beaten by the browsing experience, compatibility and extensions (add-ons) of Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft is trying hard to make it popular. Earlier, the developers used to follow IE standards. But now they follow Firefox or Chrome sometimes!

I've just tried to share my thoughts with you. Don't take it otherwise! Of course you got choice to discuss here . . . 

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