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Type Multiple Lines in a Cell in Excel

How to Type Multiple Lines in a Single Cell in Excel

Excel users often face a common problem. Normally you can't type two or three words in a cell in Microsoft Excel. You have to merge cells to type something. But if you have no option to merge cell horizontally then you may fall in trouble. Believe it or not, last week I had the same problem while working in a worksheet! 

Today I am sharing the solution with you. Look at the image below - 

Multiple Lines in a Row

By default, you can't type like the image above in MS Excel. Have you noticed - I haven't merge the rows or colums. And there are 3 lines in Column A and 4 lines in Column B. Try to type multiple lines in a row or cell. Simply you can't. You have to use the Wrap Text option to type multiple lines in a cell. 

For Excel 2003

Sorry to say, I don't have Microsoft Office 2003. So I can't show you the path. Probably you have to follow this way- 

Format Menu > Font > Format Cells > Alignment > Text Control > Wrap Tex (Check the box) > OK. 

I'm not sure about this command. But the main point is - find the format cells window and then check the wrap text from alignment tab. 

You can also press Shift + Ctrl + F to open Fomat Cells dialogue box. 

For Excel 2007 and 2010

In Excel 2007 or 10, the process is almost same. But as you have to use the ribbon interface, you have to follow this way - 

Wrap Text Under Alignment in Home Tab

Go to the Home Tab > Click on the Marked area of Alignment > Now you will get Format Cells window (Shift + Ctrl + F) > Choose Alignment tab > Check the Wrap text option > Hit OK. 

Shortcut Method!

Maybe it's very time consuming for you. I'm gonna share a secret shortcut! 

Type your text in cell, when the area ends, press Alt+Enter. You will get a new line in cell! See the image below: 

Multipe Lines in a Row

First I've typed Marks PC, then I pressed Alt+Enter and typed Solution. But remember, first you have adjust the column size. Adjust the column size and then type your text. Once you press Alt+Enter, new lines will be creating automaticlly when the cell area ends. 

There is another shortcut for you! Just look at the image below:

Wrap Text Icon in Home Tab

Have you noticed the market button? It's in the Alignment section, just below the Review Tab. This button is a shortcut to wrap text. Type your text and hit on this button to create multiple lines in a row/ cell. 

You can adjust the column size after typing the text. Your lines will be adjusted automatically. 

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Age Calculator by Microsoft Excel !!

Microsoft Excel Age Calculator

Often you may need to calculate your age. Or someone may ask you to calculate his/ her date. And sometimes you may need to calculate the difference between two dates. There are many third party tools (small software) to calculate the difference between the two days. 

If you're using Windows 7/ 8 then you don't need any other tool to calculate the difference between two dates. Because Windows 7 and 8 has a nice calculator. It allows you to calculate age or date difference. 

To calculate a date using Windows 7/8 calculator- 
  1. Press Start + R > type calc > hit Enter
  2. Now go to the View menu and choose Date Calculation
  3. Now enter the From date and To date and hit on Calculate button. 

But my today's discussion is not this one. Today I'm gonna show you how to calculate the age or the difference between two dates using Microsoft Excel! You just need to download a file and then open it. Download the file from the link below:


This is a zip folder. After downloading the folder, first you need to unzip it. There are 3 files:
  • A Read Me file
  • An xls file for Office 97-2003 users
  • An xlsx file for Office 2007 and 10 users
Open the file that is compatible with your version of Microsoft Excel. After opening the file you will see some text as showing in the image above. Now do the following:
  1. Input current date in the day, month and year column.
  2. Input your birth date or the date from where you want to calculate in the day, month and year column.
  3. Now you get the difference or your age in the Age row. 

Remember: Formulas used in this file for calculation are hidden. Never try to change it unless you're capable. If you make any mistake then it will not show you the correct result. If you wanna change the formulas, first you have to keep a back up copy of the file. 

Hopefully this file will be very useful for you. If you wanna know about something or expect something from us, just leave a comment with your feedback/ opinion. 

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