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Create Automatic Screen Shots of Your Tasks with Steps Recorder!

Dear readers! Couple of months ago I wrote about how to create screen shot by snipping tool. Snipping tool is an easy way to capture image or screen of any window. 

If you're interested to know more about snipping tool then click here

Snipping tool is a manual tool to capture image. But today I will discuss about Steps Recorder which is an automatic tool to capture image or screen. You can use it for different purposes. Say for example, you can use it to make tutorial of something. When are writing about how to do something then you can use this tool to record the process with your written instructions. 

Steps Recorder is built in with Windows 8. But it was also available in Windows 7 named Problem Steps Recorder. Only the name of this app has been changed everything remain same. 

To start and use the recorder follow the instructions below:
  1. Windows 8 users, Press Start and simply type Steps then choose the Steps Recorder. And windows 7 users Press Start + R > type psr > Press Enter.
  2. Now it is active. To start the record press Start record. (Shortcut key- Alt + A)
  3. Now do your normal job that will be recorded. 
  4. Remember, when you click on something it will be recorded. And you will see a red button with every record.
  5. Anytime you can pause or resume the recorder.
  6. Once your task finished stop the recorder. (Alt+O)
  7. When save box appeared press the Save button. (Alt+V)
  8. Give a name to the file. The file will be saved with .zip extension.
  9. When you open the saved file, it will opened with your browser. 
And while using this app, you may find many useful tricks. Don't forget to share your ideas with us. Comment below! 

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How to Show My Computer Icon on Desktop in Windows 8?

As a new user of Windows 8 (Consumer Preview, Developer Preview) you might be afraid when you notice that My Computer Icon is missing from desktop. And instead of desktop there are some metro apps.

In this post you're getting rid of this problem. To show My Computer/ Computer Icon on desktop follow the steps below:
  1. First go to Desktop (Hint: Windows Logo + D). 
  2. Now right click on the desktop and select Personalize located at the bottom of the menu.
  3. In the next screen find Change Desktop Icons from the left panel and hit on it. 
  4. Now select the Desktop icons you wanna see on your desktop.
  5. You can select Computer, Recycle Bin or Control Panel as your choice.
  6. Now select OK and see the result.
You can also change the icon style from here. 

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