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Get Weather Forecast by Windows 8 Weather App!

If you're a regular visitor of this site then you might know that several posts have been made about Windows 8. Several times I mentioned about Weather Forecast app of Windows 8. 

Previously I wrote about Windows Reader. Today I will try to give you a detailed information about Weather app. 

This app is named as Weather or Bing Weather. And specially made for Windows 8. And it is not readily available for Download. It is bundled with Windows 8. 

If you're connected to online you can view the world weather through this weather app. It collects information from the server and shows you updates. You can get 10 days weather forecast with historical data. You can also search your desired location and get information of it. 

How to use it? 
This app is very handy to use and easy to navigate. To use this app press the Start Button and click on weather app tile. Immediately it will run full screen. 
  • To find a particular city- Click right button of your mouse and then hit on places button from the top. Then hit on + button and type the name of the city and choose it from the list. 
  • To see the world weather- Click right button of mouse and choose World Weather. Then click on your desired location in the map and get the necessary information.
  • You can also view the historical data, hourly forecast and 10 days forecast of a particular location by this app.

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