Gmail Vs. Ymail/ Yahoo/ Rocket Mail

In today's world an Email Address is essential for any person. Whenever we need to write a CV or mailing address we write an Email ID with that address. A person living today's world without any Email ID is a very rare case.

Now all activities are internet based. Often we need to open online account. To open these accounts everybody needs to have an Email ID. 

There are many email service providers. Many of them are free. The free service provider has premium account too. But a free account is enough for an individual. The top two email service provider is Google and Yahoo.

Google has only Gmail. And yahoo has Yahoo, Ymail and Rocketmail. 

If we consider the service standard, then Gmail is the best. Gmail has the following features:
  • Fast loading time
  • Basic HTML feature for slow connection
  • Ad free
  • Over 7.6 GB and ever counting
  • Always coming new features
  • Easy to use and customize with no unnecessary options

On the other hand you will find the opposite picture in case of Yahoo. It is full of ads and unnecessary options. Its loading time is also very slow. Sometimes you may find it difficult to find your necessary options. 

To create a Gmail account, just go to Google and click Gmail. Then click on create an account. 

NB: Create a Gmail account means register for all other services of Google! You don't need to register again for using other google services if you have a Gmail ID! 

Filehippo: The Best Site for Software Download

Computer users often download software from Internet. There are at least thousands of sites for downloading software. But most of the sites are not good at all. Often we have to suffer when we go to download software there. 
But in case of Filehippo the situation is different. This site includes freeware, open source, shareware and trial software. Even you can see the details of a software in this site. Some advantages of this site are as follows:

1. Details of every software- File size, Supported OS, Author, License Type etc
2. Software are categorized- Audio, Video, Office, Messaging and Chat, Anti Malware etc. 
3. List of latest Software.
4. List of Popular Software. 
5. Version History
6. Older version of the software are also available.

So, use to download your necessary software. 

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

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Computer and computer virus are extremely involved. Maybe inactive but almost all computers have some viruses. If it is a Windows Platform PC then the possibility is triple. Because more than 80% PC runs on Windows OS. So hackers' first target is windows based PCs.

To guard viruses, there are many antivirus programs. Such as Kaspersky, Norton, Bit Defender, Avast, Avira and so many. But none of them is perfect. Some of them make your PC secured but slow down the performance. Some of them are over smart. They detect a normal file as virus. Sometimes there are numerous commands. Users get confused with this commands and options. 

Besides every year you need to purchase a new license. And if you are a trial user, then you have some other jobs to do. Each and every month you need to download the program again. Then sometimes Antivirus denies to delete a virus if you are a trial user etc etc. 

But if you use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), then you are free from all of these problems. This is the fastest, lightest, safest and more reliable Antivirus I've ever seen.  

  • Easy to use
  • Full Free*
  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Real-time protection
  • System scanning
  • System cleaning
  • Windows Firewall integration
  • Dynamic signature service
  • Rootkit protection
  • Protection against real threats, not good software
  • Network inspection system

MSE Home

* Your PC must run genuine Windows to install Microsoft Security Essentials. Internet access fees may apply while downloading. 

To download Microsoft Security Essentials, Click here

To download offline definition update, Click here

If windows XP shows error message while installing MSE then download and install the following files.