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Smartphone Charging Tips . . .

Hello Android guys! Today I'm gonna share smartphone charging tips with you. With expert opinion I've blended my own experience and views. After applying these tips you can share me your opinion. I will be waiting for feedback.  The following tips are applicable for -  Phones that are operated by Android OS Phones that are powered by Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries Smartphone Charging Tips . . . Before you Charge: Before you plug in your device to the charger, close all the unnecessary applications. Also turn off the Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Location Services, Bluetooth etc if these are not necessary to be turned on.  Placement: Keep your phone over a hard surface while charging. Don't keep it over soft things i.e. your bed. You can also keep back site up so that it can release the heat. Or you can put something below your phone to detach it from the surface. Surely it will keep your device cool and help charge faster.  Connection:  Somet

Customize the List of Recently Used Files . . .

Microsoft Office displays the list of recently used documents in its programs i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and some other programs. For your convenience, you can change the number of recent items to be displayed. Let's see how -  Applies to -  Office 2016 Office 2013 Office 2010 Office 2007 Customize the Recent Document List | Office 2010, 2013, 2016 Start any of your Office programs i.e. Word or Excel. Hit on the File button from upper left corner and choose Options. Now you will see Word Options window. Go to the Advanced tab from the left pane. Scroll down and find the Display section. Look at the Now hit on the OK button to save your settings.  For Office 2007 The settings are almost same here except you've to hit on the Office button instead of File. Then -  Word Options Advanced Display Show this number of recent documents. Type your digit i.e. 50 That's it.  Stay connected for

Get Back your Old Calculator in Windows 10 !!

Well this is not a new issue. Very often Windows kills its beautiful tools or applications when upgrade to a new version. As you've already experienced what happened with Windows Photo Viewer , the same thing is done to the Calculator which was available on Windows 7 and 8.  But tech lovers know very well that there is always a way. I've found an .exe file of Old Calculator from Winaero. If you download and install this file, you can get your old calculator back in latest version of Windows!  Why do you need your old calculator back? The new touch interface enabled calculator is not bad at all. To be honest it looks really cool. But an important feature is missing in this program i.e. Worksheets. With this option you can calculate -  Mortgage Vehicle Lease Fuel Economy Besides if you're in love with classic interface then you can install this program on your PC. Without the Worksheets option, the new calc

Dr. Driving 2 | Superb Driving Simulation

Car Racing has occupied a major portion of gaming world since long. And the concept of driving is somewhat new to this segment. There are numerous driving games available throughout the play store. But I prefer Dr. Driving 2 for driving simulation. It really great. Let's drive . . . About the Game Name: Dr. Driving 2 Category: Racing Game Rating: 4.6 Age Rating: 3+ Developed & Offered by: SUD Game Details Dr. Driving 2 is basically a combo of Driving and Racing. At one end you've to use your accelerator, brake and steering wheel and on the other end you've to reach your destination in time. Download Dr. Driving 2 Features Career: Includes more than 20 Chapters. Each chapter has 20 stages. Car Laboratory: There are 14 cars in this game. You can drive those cars which are already unlocked. And you will have 50 stages for each car! Top Racer: Here you can see the list of top 25 racers. And you can also try to ge