Saturday, September 30, 2017

Smartphone Charging Tips . . .

Wireless Charging Pad

Hello Android guys! Today I'm gonna share smartphone charging tips with you. With expert opinion I've blended my own experience and views. After applying these tips you can share me your opinion. I will be waiting for feedback. 

The following tips are applicable for - 

  • Phones that are operated by Android OS
  • Phones that are powered by Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries

Smartphone Charging Tips . . .

  • Before you Charge: Before you plug in your device to the charger, close all the unnecessary applications. Also turn off the Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Location Services, Bluetooth etc if these are not necessary to be turned on. 

  • Placement: Keep your phone over a hard surface while charging. Don't keep it over soft things i.e. your bed. You can also keep back site up so that it can release the heat. Or you can put something below your phone to detach it from the surface. Surely it will keep your device cool and help charge faster. 

  • Connection: Sometimes your charging cable may not be plugged in properly to the adapter. In that case your phone might be charging slowly. But don't do that ever. Make sure that the adapter is properly inserted to the socket and your charging cable is properly inserted to the adapter and to the phone. If you live in a heavy lightning area then avoid charging your phone during the thunderstorm.

    • Charger: Only use the charger that comes with your device. If not possible, then use a charger from recommended category. Avoid using high capacity charger with a low capacity phone. i.e. Your phone manufacturer proved a charger with output capacity of 1.0 A. In that case you shouldn't use a charger with output capacity 2.0 A. Using the wrong charger may affect battery life.

    • Charging Range: Never empty your battery. Try to recharge before it goes below 20%. Some people say that not to charge 100% always. But I don't see any problem. You can fully charge your phone. Once your battery is full your device will automatically stop taking charge. But you can unplug the charger after full charge to avoid any accident. Recharge your phone even when not in use. Keeping it chargeless may hamper battery life. 

    • Using Phone during Charge: It's good not to use your phone while charging. Specially you should avoid using Internet when charging your device. Cause it will produce too much heat that may slow down the charging process. Some people have bitter experience when charging and using Facebook at the same time. So, if you badly need to use your device while charging, make sure its temperature is not as hot as it may burst!

    So guys, I would like to say something at the end. Don't be so serious! Smartphones are not for using years after years. Cause whatever the configuration is, it's bound to be obsolete within 2 years at most. 


    The above tips are shared with you based on experts' opinion and my personal experience. I've tried to provide the best tips regarding your phone and battery life. Again I would like to inform you that, Marks PC Solution is not responsible if these tips cause - 
    • Any damage to your phone
    • Any damage to your charger
    • Any damage to your phone battery
    • Any kind of loss i.e. financial or something else

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    Friday, September 15, 2017

    Customize the List of Recently Used Files . . .

    Customize the List of Recently Used Documents

    Microsoft Office displays the list of recently used documents in its programs i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and some other programs. For your convenience, you can change the number of recent items to be displayed. Let's see how - 

    Applies to - 

    • Office 2016
    • Office 2013
    • Office 2010
    • Office 2007

    Customize the Recent Document List | Office 2010, 2013, 2016

    1. Start any of your Office programs i.e. Word or Excel.
    2. Hit on the File button from upper left corner and choose Options.
    3. Now you will see Word Options window. Go to the Advanced tab from the left pane.
    4. Scroll down and find the Display section.
    5. Look at the

    Customize the List of Recently Used Files

    Now hit on the OK button to save your settings. 

    For Office 2007

    The settings are almost same here except you've to hit on the Office button instead of File. Then - 

    Office Buttons with Word Options

    • Word Options
    • Advanced
    • Display
    • Show this number of recent documents. Type your digit i.e. 50
    That's it. 

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    Get Back your Old Calculator in Windows 10 !!

    Get back to the classic version of Windows Calculator

    Well this is not a new issue. Very often Windows kills its beautiful tools or applications when upgrade to a new version. As you've already experienced what happened with Windows Photo Viewer, the same thing is done to the Calculator which was available on Windows 7 and 8. 

    But tech lovers know very well that there is always a way. I've found an .exe file of Old Calculator from Winaero. If you download and install this file, you can get your old calculator back in latest version of Windows! 

    Why do you need your old calculator back?

    The new touch interface enabled calculator is not bad at all. To be honest it looks really cool. But an important feature is missing in this program i.e. Worksheets.

    With this option you can calculate - 

    • Mortgage
    • Vehicle Lease
    • Fuel Economy

    Windows 7 Calculator Options

    Besides if you're in love with classic interface then you can install this program on your PC.

    Windows 8 Calculator Options

    Without the Worksheets option, the new calculator has almost all features. If you don't need the Worksheets option, then I would like to recommend you not to install the old calculator.


    Your default calculator may not function once you've installed the old calculator. Even if you uninstall this, the default calculator may not run. This is what happened to me after I've tried the old one! 

    Download > Install > Run . . . 
    1. Download the file named Windows 7 Calculator.exe from the above link. It's less than 1 MB.
    2. Double click on it.
    3. Choose your language i.e. English.
    4. Hit on the install button. Within few seconds you've to press the finish button.
    5. Now it's ready to use. 
    6. Now get your app from start menu or simply type calc on the run (Start+R) dialogue box. That's it. 

    What if this old calculator cause malfunction to your new one?

    If your Windows 10 calculator doesn't work after installing the old one then follow the steps below:

    1. Go to This PC.
    2. Open Settings.
    3. Apps > Apps & Features.
    4. Scroll down and find Calculator.
    5. Tap on Calculator and choose Advanced Options.
    6. Hit on the Reset button and hopefully you will get this back!


    The publisher of this application is neither Microsoft nor Windows. This application is available for download from Winaero. And maybe they are the original developer of this look alike application. 

    We're simply recommending it to our users as we've found it useful. But Marks PC Solution is not responsible if this application  - 
    • Kills your Windows 10 default calculator
    • Generates any wrong calculation
    • Cause any financial loss
    • Is engaged with any harmful activities

    Hope this will help you lot. Stay connected for more breaking tips . . .

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    Sunday, September 03, 2017

    Dr. Driving 2 | Superb Driving Simulation

    Dr. Driving 2 Car Simulation

    Car Racing has occupied a major portion of gaming world since long. And the concept of driving is somewhat new to this segment. There are numerous driving games available throughout the play store. But I prefer Dr. Driving 2 for driving simulation. It really great. Let's drive . . .

    About the Game

    • Name: Dr. Driving 2
    • Category: Racing
    • Game Rating: 4.6
    • Age Rating: 3+
    • Developed & Offered by: SUD

    Game Details

    Dr. Driving 2 is basically a combo of Driving and Racing. At one end you've to use your accelerator, brake and steering wheel and on the other end you've to reach your destination in time.

    • Career: Includes more than 20 Chapters. Each chapter has 20 stages.
    • Car Laboratory: There are 14 cars in this game. You can drive those cars which are already unlocked. And you will have 50 stages for each car!
    • Top Racer: Here you can see the list of top 25 racers. And you can also try to get into the list if you own a powerful car and superb driving quality one the track.
    • Tournament: Thousands of players are online. If you've Play Games installed on your device then you can compete with the other drivers online!
    • Taxi: You can drive the passengers to their destinations. Of course with fare! This is a good way to earn coins. 
    • Championship: This is simply a race. There is nothing much to write about it until next update . . .

    Dr. Driving 2 Game Modes

    Customizing the Controls | Go to Settings - 
    • You can choose you steering position - left/ right
    • 3 Choices for Steering - 1. Steering on the right, brake and accelerator on the left. 2. steering on the left, brake and accelerator on the righ. 3. Tilt option. 
    • You can adjust the steering sensitivity. 

    Dr. Driving 2 Settings Page

    Three Different Camera Options | Tap on the Camera Icon
    • Car View
    • Dashboard View
    • Only Road View

    Other Features

    This game comes with hundreds of features. It's really tough to tell about them one by one. But I'm pretty sure you guys will be able to find them all while driving. Like different types of coins, gift box, car parts etc. 

    Dr. Driving 2 Gift Box Types

    Race Types
    • Parking: You've to drive and park the car at marked point.
    • Barricade: There will be barricades on the track. You must avoid collision. 
    • Delivery: You've to deliver a brand new car to the destination
    • Speed Camera: Beware of speed camera. Keep the speed below 80 to avoid a find of 900 coins!
    • Under Construction: You will get some barriers on the track due to the construction purpose. 
    • Rain: Here you will see light shower. Be careful when take sharp turn or your car will slide.
    • Fog: The visibility of the track will be low due to fog. You need to be careful to avoid accidents.
    • Rush Hour: There will be heavy traffic on the way.
    • Broken Brake: Brake will not work. You've to drive carefully without thinking about brake. 
    • Cup: Drive smoothly without sliding or drifting or the race will end. 
    • Lane: You've to drive on the yellow marked lanes.
    • Misaligned Wheels: The wheels will be misaligned. And that's why your car will move somewhat left or right automatically. Use your steering properly to control. 
    • Salom Test: This will measure your steering wheel skill. Use your steering ability to pass this test.
    • Icy Road: There will be ice on the track. Your car will slide when take sharp turn over the ice.
    • Cruise Control: You don't have accelerator here. Car will accelerate automatically. You just need to use your steering wheel and brake pedal when necessary. 
    • Drift: Show off your drift skill. Know how to drift? At a high speed, suddenly turn your car on the left or right where you got enough space. Be careful. In most cases, drift is a prime reason of collision. 
    • Duration Trial: This trial will only deal with time. Cross the finish line within time. 
    • Coins: You've to collect a certain number of coins. 

    Dr. Driving 2 Race Levels with Types

    These are the types of races I've discovered so far. As your level increase, you will get most of the races combined. For example - Coins and Cup, Icy Road and Salom Test etc. 

    You've to cross the finish line before 3 seconds of the provided time to get 3 stars in a race. And every star will have some gifts life parts, fuel, coins or something else. 

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