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Lock your Flash Drive by BitLocker . . .

Sometimes you may need to protect your USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive or Drives of your PC. And for this purpose you may use or think of using third party security tools. But do you know that Windows OS offers a better way to secure your drives? Yes! BitLocker Drive Encryption could be a great tool for you . . .  Applies to - Windows 7 or above You can use this security feature both for your internal hard disk drives and also for external flash drives or hard disk drives. Here I will mainly focus on USB Flash Drive. Before we start I believe you have a -  A Personal Computer with OS Windows 7 or above A USB Flash Drive  Minimum skills to work with Windows OS And remember, I'm working on Windows 10. So few terms may not match with yours if you're on Windows 7 or 8. Don't get nervous in that case. Simply try to find the similar terms.   How to use BitLocker? Insert your Flash Drive on USB Port. Now go to This PC/ My Computer to see yo