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IDM 6.23 with Patch (32 & 64 Bit) !!

I've managed a new patch for IDM 6.23. And I've two separate patches for 32 bit and 64 bit version of IDM. If you're fed up with this message - Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number, then you can use this activator to get rid of this love message!  About the Tool File Name:  IDM 6.23 with Patch (32 Bit/64 Bit) Type: Executable File (Zipped) Size:  About 8.9 MB Registered by: Cracking Patching Before starting the operation, make sure you've IDM installed on your system. Or download the IDM from the link below. And install it properly. Also ensure your windows type - 32 bit or 64? IDM 6.23 with Patch - Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 Download the file from any of the above link. Then install IDM 6.23 on your PC.  Activate your IDM . . .  Find the patch from the zipped folder - 32 bit or 64 bit . Now double click on the file named - 32 Bit Patch.exe or 64 Bit Patch.exe to run the patch

Working with Illustrator Clipping Mask

With Clipping Mask you can use an image to fill up an object or text. To be more specific, your text or object will take the color of the image from which you wanna create the mask. Clipping mask is a great tool to surprise your friends. Let's try it now . . . Applies to -   All running versions of Adobe Illustrator.  Note: I've used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to prepare this tutorial.  Look at the image below -  First stage, there is only a fountain.  Second stage, fountain with the text. Final stage, text with the mask of fountain.  Now I hope you've realized the charisma of Clipping Mask! It's a very simple tool. Very easy to apply. Yet it's quite impressive for those who are not familiar with this tool! Creating Clipping Mask . . . Open up Adobe Illustrator from your PC. Now create a new document and place an image there. Or you can directly open your desired image. Type over that image. Or create an object o

Reverse Image Search Technology

This may be a new term for you but many of you are currently using this technology! Most people know this term as - Search by Image . What we call search by image is originally known as Reverse Image Search . There are several sites which provide this service. But in terms of speed, reliability and user friendliness I prefer Google Image Search.  About Google Reverse Image Search Normally we search something through texts. But reverse image search technology can take pictures/ images as input. And it displays related images as the result.  The images you're using to search will be stored by Google. When you're using the search by image feature, the search result may include -  Similar images Web Pages that include that image Other sizes of that image When searching by the picture of a well known person, you will get many other information along with the similar images. Search by image works best when you search an image which is famous and a

Wisp: A Great Theme for PowerPoint Presentation

In this post, I'm just introducing a theme with you - Wisp! This is a superb theme that comes with PowerPoint 2013. I'm gonna share this with you so that you can use it with other versions of PowerPoint.  About Wisp Theme In my eyes, Wisp is the most beautiful theme I've ever seen in PowerPoint. It's very light and great for designing any kind of slides - business, education or home. With green gradient background and red accent, it can win the heart of your audience! Just few days ago, I had a presentation in my class. I was searching for a nice theme. And I discovered this.  During the presentation, everybody was just looking at the slides. At one end, they were amazed by the theme, on the other end, they were also amazed by the beautiful combination of transitions and design. Wisp Features Fully Customizable Available Variants (Available in 4 different colors) Available Sizes - Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9) 14

Put Slide Number on PowerPoint

When you are delivering a formal lecture or presentation through PowerPoint slides, numbering the slides are very important. It helps you operate the slides in proper order and ensures you're not skipping or repeating something. And during the presentation, if you need to go back to a particular slide, slide numbers then are of great importance!  And after the presentation, audience may ask you question regarding a particular slide. If you have serial numbers on the slides, you can easily find out the right slide to defense your answer.  Applies to PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 2013 Instruction Run PowerPoint from your PC.  Open a previously generated presentation or create a new one. Go to the Insert tab > Move to the Header & Footer option under Section area. Mark the Slide Number checkbox. If you don't need number on the first slide then also mark the option - Don't show on title slide Choose Apply to All . Tha

Adding Border to Word Document . . .

To decorate your word document, you can put border around the page. You can put the border either in the first page, section or whole document. Not everywhere page border is applicable. Only use it where necessary. Page Border in Earlier Versions of MS Word Same feature is also available on Office XP or 2003. As people are not using them anymore, I'll just focus on running versions. If you're using Office XP or 2003, just follow the steps below -  Format Menu > Borders & Shading > Page Border After getting the Borders & Shading dialogue box, things are almost similar!  This Tutorial Applies to -   Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word 2013 Note: Images, screenshots and instructions used in this document are based on Office 2013.   About Borders & Shading > Page Borders With page borders, you can create stylish borders around your pages. MS Word allows you to create normal borders