Saturday, June 18, 2016

Working with Photoshop History Brush Tool . . .

History Brush Windows Image

Adobe Photoshop has been famous for some exclusive tools. History Brush Tool is one of them. With this tool you can switch between the different states of an image during the current working session. And this tool is mush if you wanna change the color of dress of a person. Let's explore this tool . . .

Photoshop History Option - Window > History

After opening a new Photoshop Document, it creates a history of it. And every time you make a change to this document, it creates a new history. And Photoshop is capable of saving last 20 histories of your document.

Suppose you've opened an image in Photoshop. If you change its color, it will be history 1. If you type something, it will be history 2. If you erase any part or add something, it will be history 3. 

Another thing is, Photoshop is not good for undo (Ctrl + Z). By pressing Ctrl + Z, you can go one step back at best. History Brush Tool is the actual way to go back to your previous states. 

Go to Window Menu > and Choose History to check your document histories.

History Window in Photoshop CS 6

History Brush Tool - Y

History Brush Tool is marked on the following image. Keyboard shortcut for this tool is Y. There are two tools. Our focus is the first one. 

Photoshop History Brush Tool Location

With this tool, you can go back to previous states of an image. When you need to use this tool, simply click on it and your mouse pointer will be turned into a circle. You have to paint using this circle. 

The portion of your image gets the touch, it will be back to its original states. You can increase the circle size by pressing   ]   key. And   [   key will decrease its size. 

Always Remember

History Brush Tool will not work if you increase or decrease the size of your image during the current working session. So, before working with History Brush Tool, make sure that your image size is okay. 

If you need to change the image size, do it first. Then save the image. And open it again using Photoshop.

How Do you Use it?

I've already illustrated the use of History Brush Tool in my previous post - Changing Dress Color. And here you will learn how to choose a specific history. 

History Windows of Photoshop CS 6

Look at the above image again. There are 07 histories of an image except the original state. And Photoshop has also named the each history properly. And the last history is selected automatically. 

If you click on any previous history, your image will go back to that state. 

And also notice that every history got a check box at the left. And the check box of original state is selected by history brush tool icon. That means, if you start painting by history brush tool, the painted area will go back to the original state. 

Keep two things in your mind. 

  • Which history is selected
  • Which history is marked

The selected history is your current look. And your image will take the look of marked history if you paint using using history brush tool.

I know it's bit tough to understand without video tutorial. But I think you will find it easy after trying few times. Good luck . . .

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Change Dress Color Using Photoshop!!

Change the Color of Dress using Photoshop

Some little tricks of Adobe Photoshop may enable you to perform extraordinary works. Even you can prove yourself as magician to common people. Today I've come with such tricks which will help you to change the color of dress without hurting the background and subject of the image  . . .

Before you start, please have a look at this post also - 

Use Hue/ Saturation to Modify Color in Photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop (I'm using version CS6)
  • A good quality photo of a person
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop

Step 1  |  Choose an Image

Rizwana Rahman Mou

Step 2  |  Change the Color

Open your image using Photoshop. And do the following tasks - 
  • Go to the Image Menu > Adjustment > Hue/ Saturation  [Ctrl + U]
  • Move the Hue slider to left or right.
  • Also move the Saturation and Lightness slider (Optional)
When you get the desired dress color, hit OK. 

Hue/ Saturation Window in Photoshop CS6

I've used 100 in Hue option and left the other fields as they are. It brings me the following result:

Change the Color of Image in Photoshop

Now compare it with the first image. This lady got a completely new dress. But Oh My God! What happened to her face and skin? And what about the background? 

Okay we've nothing to worry about until we have Photoshop. Now I've to take some parts of this image back to its original look. 

Step 3  |  History Brush Tool

At this step, we've to do some works manually. Except the dress, other parts of the image (Face, Hair, Skin & Image background) should be taken to their previous stage.

History Brush Tool Option in Photoshop

Look at the above Tool of Photoshop. This is our Trump Card. With this History Brush Tool, you can simply paint the area that needs to be backed to its previous stage. 

The keyboard shortcut of this tool is Y.

As soon as you choose History Brush Tool, you will get a circle. Start painting over your image. Press this key  [  to decrease the brush size and press this  ]  to increase.

History Brush Tool to Change Image History

Here I've just touched the upper left corner of the image. After painting the whole area except the dress, the final result is as below - 

Rizwana Rahman

I've edited this image within a very short time. But if you practice properly and spend little more time, hopefully you will get much better result.

Hope it will help you all. In my next post, I will write more on History Brush Tool. Till then, stay with Marks PC . . .


No photo of this tutorial can be used anywhere in the web, print or any other media.

Model: Rizwana, Computer Engineer.

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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Download Paid Apps for Android Phone for Free !!

Blackmart Transparent Logo

In case of Microsoft Office & Windows, you can use crack to get the benefit of licensed version software. For Android OS, this is somewhat difficult maybe. But there are some apps which may help you get the paid version of APK files for free! Today I'm gonna share one of them with you - Blackmart.

About the Tool

  • Name: Blackmart
  • Category: Android Market
  • File Type: APK
  • File Size: 3.90 MB
  • Developer: Crowdin

Blackmart About Screen

Features & Benefits
  • This is an alternative app store to Google Play
  • You don't need to have a Google Account! 
  • Browse android apps using blackmart
  • Download & install free and paid apps
  • You don't need to pay even for pro versions of the apps!!

Blackmart Apps & Games List

Download > Install > Browse Apps & Download Apps . . .
  1. Download the APK file from this link.
  2. Now install it. Allow installation of unknown files if necessary.
  3. After installing you should get it on the App list.
  4. Tap on the App icon to run it.
  5. Now get your necessary apps from list or use the search option.
  6. Tap on the app that you wanna install. That's it.

There are two tabs:
  • Applications: Here you will find top apps and games
  • Device: Here you will see the list of installed apps on your device

Hope you're ready to leave Google Play . . .

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Never Give Up . . .

Never ever give up

Started writing in 2012 and this is the 500th post of Marks PC Solution. In this landmark, I wish to share my feelings/ experiences with you. I also would like to inspire you. I don't know how to start and where to end. But I will try to motivate you for sure. Let's go . . .

Before you read this post, you may also have a look at this - 

Okay we can move forward. I would like to start with an image - 

Never Give Up Illustration by Frog & Egret

What do you see? A frog is getting down through the neck of an egret. But the frog doesn't give up. It wants to survive even at the end. It catches the neck of egret by hands. 

This picture looks very funny. And really it is. But you must understand the actual meaning of this picture.

It teaches us how to survive. Whatever happens to you, never give up. I'm not only talking to webmasters. With all of my readers I would like to share the same message. Don't give up your hope under any circumstance. 

Be honest in your side and do your work properly. Believe yourself and someday you will succeed. I consider myself as a successful webmaster. Though I'm engaged with an organization, I would like to express myself as a webmaster!

List of Barriers in my Blogging Career

  • Lack of sufficient time 
  • Slow and limited net connection
  • Job
  • Transfer from home city to another (02 Times)
  • Plagiarists (Marks PC is a source of copying contents!)
  • Personal & Family Problems
  • Lack of physical & mental energy
  • Lack of writing scope
  • Refusal of Ad Proposal by AdSense (About 05 times)
  • Less revenue than expectation
  • Lack of motivation (Poor Ranking, Few Visitors etc.)
  • Blah blah blah . . . 

Still I face these problems. But I never give up. Sometimes I feel bore. I get disappointed. And this is very natural. But later I start with more enthusiasm. 

And this is how you can recover - 
  • Stop working for some days
  • Reset your mind
  • Go for travelling
  • Watch nature, flowers and trees

And then get back in life. Get back to your work. Don't expect the best result always. Bad things happen. You just do your work honestly. Don't think about result too much. Just keep in mind that, someday you will get the reward. 

But remember one thing. Never stick to something which is absolutely impossible. In that case it will be a loss project. What is not yours just leave it. But which you need to achieve, don't compromise it. 

Never give up example under the mountain

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