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Record Fall in Apple's Profit within Last Decade!

Smartphone giant apple faces a record fall in their quarterly profit within last decade! In the first quarter of this year, Apple earned profit $9.5 billion. And in the previous year, it was $11.6 billion! Gross margin for the quarter was 37.5% compared to 47.4% in the last year.  Market analysts said, Apple could face huge fall in their profit. But the profit earned from iPhone and iPad has saved Apple this time. To be honest, the  results were better than many had expected, as strong sales of  iPhone and iPad   boosted revenues to $43.6 billion.  Expert says, due to the increase in competition and declining demands for the products, Apple is facing such challenge. Apple reported its second quarter result in April 23, 2013. The sales volume of iPhone and iPad were 37.4 million and 19.5 million respectively. In the previous year the number of iPhone sold was 35.1 million and iPad was 11.8 billion. The number of Mac sold is less than 4 million which was exact 4

32-bit Vs. 64-bit Windows: Remove your Confusion

Windows has two types of operating systems running currently. Many of you are already know about them. One is 32-bit and another is 64-bit. In this post I would like to discuss about them. After reading this post you will know about the following issues:  What type of operating system you're currently running (32 or 64 bit)  What is the difference between  32-bit and 64-bit windows What is the advantages/ disadvantages of 64-bit OS Problems regarding application software, hardware drivers caused by the OS type Is your Windows 32 bit or 64 bit?  If you know your system type then it's okay. But if you don't then follow any of the system below:  Right click on My Computer/ Computer Icon > Choose Properties > Then Look at the System Type > It could be either 32 bit (x86) or 64 (x64) bit .  Or, Press Start + Pause to open Properties Window. Then check it. Or, Press Start + R > Type dxdiag > Look at the Operating System

Google Home Page is Getting Changed!

The search giant Google may change their home page! Google named this project as Google Now . The new screen will look like iGoogle . Users will have the choice to select the gadgets that they want to be appeared on the screen. And Google has already announced that the iGoogle will not be available after November 01, 2013.  Actually Google is trying to compete with Facebook. Facebook is so popular that Google can't beat it even after having a large number of product and service categories. People are continuing to increase their time on social networks. To catch the people's attention, Google launched the Google plus two years ago. At the beginning, it seems that Google Plus will be able to knock down Facebook. But reality was quite different. Still Google is trying to improve their service quality. Maybe the new project, Google Now , is a part of this effort.   If the new home page, Google Now , is launched then it will be look somewhat like yahoo

CFO Peter Klein is Going to Leave Microsoft

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Peter Klein, is gonna leave Microsoft within next month . Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, had said  a new CFO will be named within few weeks from their Finance Leadership Team. Peter said he is willing to spend his time with the family after working for over the last 30 years.  Peter Klein is an 11 year Microsoft Expert. And he is working as CFO for more than 3.5 years. He said this is a perfect time for him to resign from the Microsoft. Because the financial position of the organization is very strong at present.  Klein contributed a lot in the acquisition of Skype and Yammer. He has also exhibited good oversight on Cost Controls as CFO.  Microsoft's profit has been boosted by revenue earned from Windows, Office, Video Games etc.  Earnings rose to $6 billion, or 72 cents per share, from $5.1 billion, or 60 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter.  Revenue improved by 18 percent from $17.41 billion  to $20.

Chuck Anderson- The Best Theme for Google Chrome!

Which one is the best browser- this debate is absolutely unnecessary now. Undoubtedly Google Chrome (or Chromium Browsers) is the best and most used internet browser right now. More than 50% net users are currently using Google Chrome.  Few days ago I wrote about the problems of Google Chrome. And as an alternative to Google Chrome, I proposed the name of SRWare Iron .  Today I'm gonna share a nice theme designed for Google Chrome.  The theme I'm talking about is Chuck Anderson .  In my eyes, this is the best one. It works with all Chromium Browsers- Google Chrome , SRWare Iron , CoolNovo etc.  My personal opinion is that- Chrome and Chuck Anderson is made for each other! The style of Chrome is absolutely matched with Chuck Anderson. I've been using this theme just from the beginning. I search for other themes on Chrome Web Store, but none of them are as beautiful as Chuck Anderson. Compared to Firefox, Chrome has a very little space at

Blog Vs Website: The Basic Difference

Have you ever thought about the difference between a website and blog ? Or do you know what they actually are? Few hours ago I was thinking about the difference between a blog and website. To be honest I had no clear idea about this issue. So I searched it on Google, visited 3/4 sites and got a clear idea. Now I am gonna share my knowledge with you.  You may think that a blog something which is created either by WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or something like that where the coding knowledge is not essential. And about a website your opinion may be just opposite. Actually you're 50% correct. Let's find out the fact below:  What is a blog actually? In fact a blog is a type of website. But it is different from a complete website in following aspects:  The contents of a blog are updated regularly. Posts are generally current and informative.  Normally a blog is an informal way to communicate with the audience. It is interactive in nature. Visit

Useful Windows Logo Key (Start Button) Shortcuts !!

If you want to be an expert in Windows Operating System you should be familiar with the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. Certainly shortcuts are very useful to operate a PC perfectly. If you know the shortcuts it will be very handy to use the Windows.  I personally always value the shortcuts. Because I have a lot of works to do and those shortcuts are very useful for me. Keyboard shortcuts enhance my PC experience.  A common example: Press Windows Logo Key + Pause to open Properties Window. This is very handy in compared to Right Click on My Computer Icon > Choose Properties from the menu.  Today's topic is the Shortcuts related to Windows Logo Key or Start Button Shortcuts . Don't make mistake. This list contains the most useful shortcuts related to Start Key. There are other shortcuts too. But I think those are not essential. I summarize the essential part for you. Source: Microsoft  Windows Logo Key/ Start Key Shortcuts Try to Memorize them