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AdSense - Celebrating 10 Years of Success!

Celebration of One Decade of AdSense!

It's been a decade since Google AdSense started its operation. It has been a trusted name both for the publishers and the advertisers. Because AdSense provides a free, flexible and reliable earning source to the publishers. With the help of AdSense, you can monetize your web contents. You can earn through your websites, blogs or forums. 

AdSense is helping the advertisers too. It has helped more than two million partners grow their business during the last 10 years! Google publishes ads through numerous blogs, websites, forums, mobile sites across the world. And thus it is possible for the advertisers to reach every corner of the world. 

As a part of the celebration, AdSense shares 10 tips for 10 years with the audience. Here I'm just sharing those tips with you in brief. Or you can simply follow the link above to get the PDF file.

  • Create Great Content: Google likes unique and fresh contents. Sites with useful, unique and fresh contents are easily get indexed by the search engines. And that's why, one of the key to success in AdSense is creating great contents. You should also refresh your old posts/ articles to keep them alive. And never try to copy from others. This is really a bad idea. Read more- Post writing guidelines for bloggers . . .  

  • Serve both Text & Image Ads: You should use both types of ads. Never choose only image ads or only text ads. Choose both of them. If you're not serving image ads to load your site faster, you're losing some revenues. 

  • Think Multi-Channel: Not only focus on the desktop version of your site. Make sure that your mobile site also provides a good experience. Because a large number of people are viewing web through mobile phones. And within few years, most of the people will be surfing the net using their mobile phones. 

  • Experiment, Research & Test: You should think about the optimum sizes and styles of the ads. You should research which ads gives you more revenue. You can find details from your AdSense Account. Ad sizes 300x250, 336x280, 728x90 and 160x600 are the most popular formats among the advertisers. 

  • Track your Success: You should track your success- whether you're on the track or not. You must be aware of the reports of your AdSense control panel. You should know how to use those information. Spend a little time to know how to use the reports generated by your AdSense control panel. 

  • Control the Appearance of the Ads: By default, ads of all categories are allowed on your site. Anytime, you can allow or block a particular ad category. If irrelevant ads appear on your site, you should block them. For example, Marks PC Solution is related to technology. Here the ads maybe to related hardware, software, antivirus etc. If anything like gambling, politics, drugs appear in my site, I must block them as soon as possible.

  • Follow the Personalized Tips: Never miss the tips which are customized for you. You may remember while creating AdSense account there was an option- Send Customized Tips. If you marked that option you will get personalized tips from AdSense team. These tips could be very useful for the success.

  • Connect with Audience: Connecting with audience is very important to get new and to retain existing visitors. Create a Google + Page for your site. Add Google + gadget on your site. Also create a profile/ page of your site on Facebook, Twitter and on other social networking sites.

  • Connect with Other Publishers: You must consult with other publishers to know the secret to success. You can join the community "Learn with Google for Publishers" on Google+.

  • Keep your Site Complied with AdSense Policy: Your site must be complied with the AdSense policies. You must follow their rules while developing or creating a site. Otherwise you may not get your account approved. Or it maybe banned at any time. And if you get banned once, it will be really challenging for you to get it back. 

If you're working with AdSense, don't miss the following tips: 

Guidelines before and after Getting AdSense!

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Windows 8.1 Preview is Ready to Download !!

Windows 8.1 Preview is Ready to Download!

Windows 8 Developer Preview was released at the end of 2011. Couple of months later, Microsoft released the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. Couple of weeks ago, another trial version was released- Release Preview. And we got the final version of Windows 8 just few months ago. Windows 8 has brought a revolutionary change for the users. It includes many exclusive features which were not available earlier! 

Microsoft expected that Windows 8 will be able to attract the existing as well as new customers. But even with so many exceptional features, Windows 8 was not so popular in the market. Many new users of Windows 8 was puzzled while using it. New Start Screen, disappearance of Computer icon from the desktop, absence of .Net Framework 3.5 were some of the prime reasons behind this failure. Still Microsoft is trying to make the new Windows popular. And Windows 8.1 is a part of such initiative! 

I'm using Windows 8 since 2011, just after the release of Developer Preview version. And I've used all versions of Windows 8 so far including Consumer Preview, Release Preview and definitely the final version too. Now waiting for the preview version of Windows 8.1. Hopefully I'm getting this within a short time. But I can't wait to write something on Windows 8.1! :) 

After the releasing the final version of Windows 8, some were talking about Windows 9. Some told the next version will be Windows Blue. But when Windows 8 failed to capture the market, Microsoft started thinking about how to make it popular. Because in 2006, they experienced a major problem with Windows Vista. That was the worst OS ever released by Microsoft. Definitely Windows 8 is much better than 7 or XP. But as the users have failed to cope up with the new OS, it has been a serious issue to think about. 

Windows 8.1 Store with New Features!

Windows 8.1 Preview

A free update to Windows 8 is coming at the end of this year called Windows 8.1. And before making it available for the users, Windows 8.1 Preview has been released including new apps and services! 

No special requirement is necessary for the preview version. If your PC is capable of running Windows 7 or 8, the 8.1 will also run. 

Remember, Some tablets and PC with newer 32-bit atom processor may not support Windows 8.1 Preview! View Details . . . 

What's New?

Microsoft haven't mentioned anything directly about what's new in the new release. But they released a product guide for the users- Windows 8.1 Preview Product Guide

Internet Explorer 11 is available in the Preview Version! 

Who should Try the Windows 8.1 Preview? 

Preview is available for everyone. But as this is simply a trial version, there might be some difficulties of using it. So before trying it, make sure you: 

  • Like to work with new software
  • Enjoy experimenting new technology
  • Feel comfortable to troubleshoot your PC
  • Don't mind to update your system as well as apps frequently
  • Can back up your system or restore your previous OS in case of any mishap
  • Are ready to face difficulties like me! :) 

Installation Procedures

There are two ways to install Windows 8.1 Preview:

Product/ Serial Key

Product Key is not necessary if you upgrade your current Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview. But if you install a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 through ISO file, then you may need to use the following product key: 


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Apple CEO Apologizes for the Poor Customer Service in China!

Apple Logo Chine Girl with iPhone Arrow Mail Logo

Though China is the Apple's second largest market it was continuously neglected by the company. Apple's warranty service was very poor in china. And also there were some misunderstandings about warranty policies caused by communication gap. Consequently the consumers of Apple in China were very disappointed as they were not getting enough after sales services compared to other counties. And finally Apple CEO, Tim Cook, apologizes to the Chinese consumers of their products.

Actually, Apple was losing its reputation in China. And its nearest competitor, Samsung, could take the chance. So this apology is being considered as a part of strategy. 

The Chinese Government-run media was protesting Apple for more than two weeks. The complaints were about Poor Customer Service and Warranty Policy of Apple in China. Consumers were also dissatisfied with Apple. They want Apple to improve the service quality in China. The Chinese Government is also trying to implement a new law to regulate the foreign handset manufacturers. 

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also reacted accordingly. He signed a letter by apologizing to the consumer with a promise to change the customer service policy and warranty service. 

Some important parts of the letter are mentioned here: 

"We are aware that a lack of communications . . . led to the perception that Apple is arrogant and doesn't care or attach enough importance to consumer feedback." 
Mr. Cook also said, according to the letter- "We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gave consumers."

China has been a vital consumer market for Apple. Last year, the sales volume in china reached $23.8 billion representing its 15% total revenue. More importantly, China is now the world's biggest market for smart phone manufacturer. In this situation, if Apple doesn't take necessary actions to the consumer feedback definitely Samsung will capture the market share. So, Apple can't avoid the demand of Chinese consumers. 

Apple should also consider the emotional aspects. Few years ago a Chinese boy who didn't have the enough money to purchase an iPhone and he sold his Kidney to purchase it! Sometimes newspaper reported that people is selling their blood to buy iPhone. These all prove that Chinese really like Apple. 

There are rational aspects too. Apple have their factory in china. As a local people Chinese can expect some facilities. But they feel they are being discriminated by Apple! 

So, as soon as possible, Apple should fix these sensitive issues in order to keep their position as a market leader. Once they are out of the track, it will be really hard for them to get back to the position.

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