Monday, March 31, 2014

Got my 1st Payment from Google AdSense!!

First Payment from AdSense through Wire Transfer

To be honest, I'm really surprised. Just 20 days ago, I shared a success story - 2nd Payment from 360 Ads! In that post I mentioned, due to the transaction issue, my AdSense Payment is not coming to bank account. But only a few days ago, I got my Payout from Google AdSense

Only a few months ago, Google introduced Bank Wire Transfer for Bangladeshis. And I selected this payment system immediately. Then Google sent $272 to my Bank Account. But the payment was rejected by Citi Bank NA Singapore due to compliance issue. And I got disappointed. 

Then I've contacted AdSense team. They assured that, the problem will be solved soon. Days were passing but I found no luck. Again they sent payment of $438 on 21 February, 2014. And I was continuously checking my bank account. Few days later, AdSense Compliance Team informed me that they need some additional information to verify my account. I've provided the necessary information. 

After checking my Bank Account for more than 10 times, I got bored. Finally the payment came to my account on 20 March, 2014. And it was automatically deposited into the account. So I didn't know the balance has been added silently! And that's the most interesting part. When I was continuously trying to get the payment, it didn't come. But when I give up the idea, it's come automatically. :) 

If everything is okay, I will not suffer to collect my next payment. Since AdSense has resolved the compliance issue and verified my account. 

Have a look at the Payment Receipt below: 

Google AdSense Wire Transfer Receipt

Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer

Payment was made through Bank Wire Transfer. And the service charge is really low. Google doesn't take any fee over the transfer. 

Google sent me $ 438.90 = Tk. 34,142

And I received $ 434.40 = Tk. 33674

Transfer Fee $ 4.5 = Tk. 350 (I'm really confused! I thought it could be at least $30) 

Next Plan

My CPU is about to die - shuts down any time without notice! Sometimes it runs 3 days without problems. Sometimes it doesn't run for 3 minutes properly! And the most recent problem is Hard Disk Error. Windows 8 has detected a hard disk error. It warns to back up my files. I may lose all of data any time. 

So I've decided to purchase a new system. My budget is $ 350. After purchasing the PC, hopefully I will discuss about PC configuration, hardware etc. 

And as I'm earning continuously, my parents hardly get borded with my PC works. :) Now I've got more opportunites to enrich my site. And the visitors of Marks PC Solution will get more . . . 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Related Posts Widget for Blogger

Add a Related Post Widget for Blogger

Hey bloggers! Hope you're running your blogs fine. Today I'm gonna share a simple  related posts widget with you. You know how important it is. A related posts widget can retain your visitors. It helps to increase visitors' engagement with the site. Have you noticed, when you visit a site to know something and get a related post just at the end of that post you also read the related post! 

Let's consider my own case. Few days ago I visited My Blogger Tricks to know something. At the end of the post there were 05 related posts. I've also read one of those related posts. From that post, I discovered another posts which I like! After reading the 03 posts from that site, I've used the search option to find another post. 

And this only happens due to the related posts widget. Instead of one pageview, My Blogger Tricks got at least five pageviews from me. And I spent almost an hour on that site! Can you imagine? One hour instead of five minutes. And this is exactly what Google wants. 

Visitors' Engagement with the Site

And if you're able to satisfy Google, you will get - 
  • Improved Page Rank
  • Improved Search Position
  • More Pageviews
  • Finally, more Ad Revenue

Maybe I'm talking too much about SEO. But this is not my today's topic. Let't back to the related posts widget. All you need to do is just - Add a simple JavaScript to your template. And you will get 05 related posts under each post as the image shows below: 

You May Also Like Widget for Blogger

Adding the Widget to Blogger:
  1. Sign in to your blogger account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Layout > Add a Gadget from the bottom > HTML/ JavaScript Gadget.
  3. Copy the following code and paste it in the Content box.
  4. Save the Widget and View your site.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

Note: This widget may slow down your site's loading time

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Convert PPTX to PPT Online!

Convert PPTX to PPT Online

Hey Guys! Stil using the old version of Microsoft Office? Office XP or 2003? Then you could be trapped several times! Because Office 2007 or later versions save your file with extension x. Such as docx, pptx, xlsx. Last year I published a post about how to convert DOCX to DOC Online. And this time, I am gonna show how to convert PowerPoint files - PPTX to PPT Online! 

Actually I've found a nice tool for you. With this tool you can convert your files within this page! Look at the online converter below. You just need to upload your PPTX file to convert. 

Convert PPTX to PPT Online!

Hopefully you can easily understand the procedure. Or follow the instruction below:

  1. Hit on the Choose File button.
  2. Now locate your PPTX file from hard disk and select it.
  3. Hit on the Convert PPTX to PPT button. 
  4. You will be redirected to a new page. (It may take few seconds)
  5. Open or Save your file from there. (Look at the image below)

Open/ Save Converted PPTX file

Remember: This site doesn't store your converted file. And it will be removed permanently after 1 hour. 

What else you need? 

Do you need to convert more files? Multiple file formats? Instant Document conversion has everything you need to convert! 

  • JPG/ PNG
There are more than 150 conversion formats! Can you imagine? 

Note: I've tried for 20 minutes. But couldn't find the main page of the site. The URL changes with every conversion type. When I open PPTX converter, it shows And when I choose DOCX converter it shows And when I go to PPTX to DOCX, it starts with That's why I can't directly share the site URL. There is no home/ main page!!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Verify WordPress Site in Google, Bing & Yandex

WordPress Site Verification Services

WordPress, you know, the most sophisticated platform of blogging. It has both free and premium versions. But free version doesn't let you customize the theme or edit CSS. That means, if you don't go premium, you can't edit the code of your WordPress site. But WordPress allows you verify the site in Google, Bing & Yandex through Website Verification Services. 

Last year, I published a post on Blogger Vs. WordPress. If you're interested to know more about blogger and WordPress, you can have a look. 

What WordPress Says about Site Verification & SEO?
WordPress provides enough information about your site's traffic. But if you would like to know more, then you can verify your site in Google or Bing Webmaster. Though it's not necessary to verify your site to be indexed by Google, Bing or other search engines. 
WordPress itself takes care of your site and it does all necessary SEO for you. When you publish new post, WordPress automatically sends data to search engines. WordPress themes are search friendly too. All you need to do - is just blogging

In blogger, you can verify your blog in any search engine or social site. You just need to collect the verification code and then place it in the <body> tag. But in free WordPress site, you can't do this. WordPress only allows to verify the site in - 

  • Twitter Website

And the verification process is almost similar for Google, Bing, Pinterest & Yandex. But to be indexed with Twitter Website, you must be a premium member. 

Before you go, you must sign up in Google, Bing, Pinterest and Yandex if you haven't already. And make sure you're signed in to all of these accounts. Now go to your site's dashboard: 

Hit on Tools > Available Tools

WordPress Tools

Or directly follow this URL - 

Don't forget to replace the word munnamark with yours! :) 

WordPress site Verification Page

Here you will get all the verification options. You just need to collect the meta tag from Google, Bing or Yandex. And place it in their respective fields. Finally hit on the Save Changes button. 

Verify in Google Webmaster Tools (Gmail ID Needed)

  1. Sign in to your Google Webmaster Account
  2. Hit on ADD A SITE button. 
  3. Enter your site's URL in the box. (ie.
  4. Choose the HTML verification process and copy the meta tag from there. (Copy the content part only - LewuItNI3CzeWgZzlToMIYX89OXAm3fIP5GHpdsc-SI
  5. Paste the code in Google Webmaster Tools option of WordPress verification page and save it. 
  6. Now back to the verification page and hit on the Verify button. 
  7. If everything is okay, you will get a confirmation message. That's it. 

Verify in Bing Webmaster Center (Windows Live ID Needed)
  1. Sign in to your Bing Webmaster Account
  2. Hit on Add a Site.
  3. Enter your site's URL and hit on Submit button.
  4. Copy the content of your meta tag. (ie. 12C1203B5086AECE94EB3A3D9830B2E)
  5. Again go to your WordPress site verification page and paste the code in Bing Webmaster Center box. Save it.
  6. Back to the Bing Webmaster Verification page and verify your site. 

Verify in Yandex Site Verification (Yandex Mail Needed)

Most of you are not familiar with the name Yandex. Actually this is a search engine like Google or Bing. And it's a russian search engine. It has a mail service too! It's known as Yandex Mail. 
  1. Sign up for a new Yandex Account.
  2. Or login to Yeandex Webmaster if you already have an account with Yandex.
  3. Hit on Add Site button located just below the Webmaster heading.
  4. Enter your URL in the box and click Add button.
  5. You will get several verification methods- HTML File, Meta Tag, Txt File etc.
  6. Choose Meta Tag and simply copy the Content Part. (ie. 6879ad567e1a920f)
  7. Now go to your WordPress Dashboard Tools page > paste the code in Yandex field > Save Changes. 
  8. Back to your Yandex Verification page and hit on the Check button to verify. 
  9. Within few seconds your site will be verified. You can see the site verification option to check the verification status.

Verify in Pinterest Site Verification

Pinterest is basically a photo sharing site. And it's considered as social site. To verify your site in Pinterest, follow the steps below:
  1. Sign in to your Pinterest account. 
  2. Now go to your pinterest profile. (ie.
  3. Load the page properly - don't stop it. You will get a Pencil icon at the bottom right corner of your profile. Hit this icon.
  4. Here you will find a Website field. Enter your site's URL here. 
  5. Now hit on the Verify Website button > Choose Verify with a Meta Tag.
  6. You will get a meta tag. Copy the content part only.
  7. Go to your WordPress site verification page and enter the code in the Pinterest field. Click on Save changes button.
  8. Get back to the Pinterest verification page and click on Complete Verification. 
  9. If verification is successful then you will see Site Verified mark after your URL.

I think, verifying in Twitter is not necessary. Still if you think of adding your site in Twitter, you should be a premium member. But you can easily add your site in your twitter profile. It's free! 

To be honest, it's a long boring post. It takes half of my day. I've started writing before midday. And then I went to sleep for two hours. And I've published the post just before evening! :) 

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Convert Image into Icon Online!

iConvert: Free Online Icon Converter

Creating icons is somewhat difficult task. The giant photo editing tool I mean Adobe Photoshop has no option to convert an image into icon. Even the graphics master Adobe Illustrator doesn't have any icon format save option. But there are some converters which can convert image into icon. And most of these tools are premium. In Marks PC Solution, I hardly discuss about premium tools. :) 

What is Icon?

Icon is a special type of image format. And normally it's not used to share photos or images. Usually icons are used in folder or hard disk drive to distinguish it from others. And normally icon is small in size. It maybe 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64. 

Do you remember, In 2012, I wrote a post about Showing Picture on USB Flash Drive. And that custom picture must be an icon. That means the picture format must be .ico in order to show in USB drive. 

iConvert Icons: Convert Icons Online for Free!

This is a free online tool. This site allows you to create icon online. Though this site offers premium offline version of icon converter, but I'm happy with the free online version! Hit on the image below to start- 

iConvert Icon Logo

To convert an image into icon, hit on the above image or directly follow this URL. And then you can easily create icons.
  1. Hit on the Browse button to locate your image from Hard Disk.
  2. Now choose image from your PC and hit on the Convert button.
  3. And believe me, with a single click you will get icons for Windows, Mac and Linux! 

All the three icon format .ico, .icns and .png will be available to download. Hit on the download button which you like. 

Before converting an image, hit on the Options button to choose what format do you need. And what will be the size. Tick mark the options. 

Supported Formats: 

iConvert supports the following file types:


Drag n Drop Feature:

If you are bored with browsing and choosing the image from your hard disk then you don't need to be upset. iConvert has drag and drop option too! 

Go to the above link. Drag an image or icon into the following area of that page. Within few seconds, your image will be uploaded and converted.

Drag an Image to Convert into Icon

After finishing the conversions you will get your image in the following icon formats. 

Downloadble Formats of Icons

Hit on the format that you wanna download. Or you can download all format icons if you need. Remember-
  • ICO is for Windows
  • ICNS for Mac
  • PNG for Linux

Hope this will be helpful for you. To get more tips, please visit our Tips n Tricks Page. 

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Shut Down, Restart, Sleep & Hibernate Shortcuts!!

If you are bored with shut down option of your Windows, this post is for you. Not only shut down, this post will guide you create shortcuts for restart, sleep, hibernate and lock too. After creating the shortcuts you can keep them either on desktop, task bar or start menu. And this post is gonna be the most useful topic for Windows 8 users who face problem while shutting down or hibernating their PCs. 

Well this trick can be applied to Windows XP, 7 and 8. And I am writing this post in Windows 8. If any step is not matched with earlier version of Windows, then I apologize. 

Let's begin with Shut Down options of Windows 8: 
  • Windows Charm: As made for tablet computers, Windows Charm is a touch friendly feature of Windows 8. If you tap your finger at the upper right corner you will get this in touch devices. In desktop, move your mouse pointed to the upper right corner to open the Charm. Or you can also press Windows Key + C to open the charm. Then hit on the Settings button and click on Power. Now you get the Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down and Restart options. Look at the image below. 

  • Alt + F4: This is a popular shortcut to exit from many programs. But if you wanna shut down or restart your Windows by pressing Alt + F4, then you have to go to the desktop. In that time all other programs should be minimized. First you have to press Windows + D to minimize all other programs. Now press Alt + F4. You will get Shut Down Windows Menu. Choose an option and hit OK

And this time I can't remember any other shut down options available for Windows 8. And now I'd like to start writing how to create Shut Down, Restart and Sleep shortcuts. 

Creating Shortcuts: 

The procedure is similar for Shut Down, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate. You just need to change the code. Let's start - 
  • Go to Desktop by pressing Windows + D.
  • Click right mouse button and choose New > Shortcut.
  • You will get the Create Shortcut window as the image below.

  • To create Shutdown shortcut, type this code - Shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  • Press Next and you will get another window to rename the shortcut. ie. Shutdown. 

Now you will get Shut Down shortcut on Desktop. Double Click on it to turn off your PC. If you're using Windows 7 or 8 you can keep this shortcut in Task Bar or Start Menu. 

Right Click on the Shortcut > Choose Pin to Start/ Taskbar. I recommend you to keep it in the task bar for quick access. 

Note: Windows XP users will not be able to create task bar shortcut. 

By the same way, you can create shortcuts for Restart, Sleep, Hibernate and Lock. Just replace the code: 
  • Restart: Shutdown.exe -r -t 00
  • Sleep: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0  
  • Hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState
  • Lock: Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation

Customize the Icons: 

After creating the shortcuts you will just get a blank icon with a shortcut mark. And this looks very odd. Let's use a custom icon. 

Right click on your Shutdown shortcut from the Desktop > Properties > Shortcut > Change Icon > Browse > Choose any of the icons from your System/ Or browse for a icon from your Hard Disk. 

Note: If you have your own icons then you can use it too. But it should be an icon format image. I mean the extension will be like image.ico. 

Here I've made some icons for you. You can use these as Shut Down, Hibernate and Restart Icons. After changing the icon and setting them to the taskbar, I've got the following looks. 

Shutdown, Restart & Hibernate Shortcut in Taskbar

You can also reposition the shortcuts by dragging them. Click on a shortcut and move it to right or left by dragging. And your PC will shut down or hibernate just by a single click. You can also use Keyboard Shortcuts! 

Suppose shutdown is your first icon on taskbar. Press Windows + 1 to turn off your PC.

If restart is the second, then press Windows + 2 to restart your PC. 

Shutdown Logo 

Hibernate Logo

Restart Logo

Save these images on your hard disk if you like. Right click on the image and Save as PNG. 

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Remove Unwanted Spots by Content Aware

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Feature

All of you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Everybody knows Photoshop is a great tool to work with images. It's really helpful to edit image. The latest version of Photoshop is CS6. Today I am gonna write about an amazing option of Adobe Photoshop - Content Aware. It's a magical tool. With this tool, you can vanish unwanted spots or area from your photos just like a magician! 

System Requirement

Unfortunately content aware is a new feature of Photoshop. It's just added to the CS5 version. Even CS4 doesn't have this cool feature. But if you're using CS6 then you will get this option under the Edit menu. 

About Content Aware

As mentioned earlier, Content Aware is a new feature of photoshop. Photoshop version CS5 (or higher) users can enjoy it. With this tool you can remove unwanted spots or area from an image. 

Of course you can do this with the help of Clone Stamp Tool. But in this method you have to choose sample from one area and copy it to another. And sometimes it could be difficult and time consuming for you to fix the image properly. 

You may also think of Patch Tool. What do you do here? Select a particular portion of your image (that's need to be changed) and drag it to another portion. It also can't guarantee a better result. 

Only Content Aware can remove spots or area of an image and fill it intelligently. 

Let's Have a Look

Make sure you're using either Photoshop CS5 or later version. Now open a photo using Photoshop. I'm gonna use the following image as sample. 

Sample Post Image

This image looks pretty good except the Sample Text at the corner. Suppose you've to remove that text from the image. Now you can use either Clone Stamp Tool or Patch Tool. But you should notice there is a gradient in behind the text. If you try to remove the text using Clone Stamp or Patch Tool, there is a chance to damage the gradient behind image. 

But you can automatically remove the text using Content Aware without affecting the gradient. 

Let's Try Content Aware

Save the above photo in your desktop. Then open it using Photoshop. 
  1. Select the text using Rectangular Marquee Tool. You can also use Lesso Tool if you want. 
  2. Go to the Edit Menu and Choose Fill. Or simply press Shift+F5 to go there. 
  3. Choose Contents > Use > Content-Aware. (Look at the image below)
  4. Hit OK and see the magic! 
Content Aware in the Fill option under Edit Menu

Note: You don't need to change any other option. But make sure that, Blending Mode is Normal. 

I've got the following result after doing this.

Magenta Color Image

For better understanding, I've used a much easier example. But this tool can be used even in tough situation too. This is a life saving tool when you need to work within a very short time. 

Limitations of Content Aware

Content-aware is really an smart tool. But in some critical situations, it may not work properly. So you have to be careful while selecting any spot or area. Make sure there is no sharp change beside your selected area. If there is a sudden change beside your selection, then this tool may not produce expected result. 

When Working with Multiple Spots

In the above example there was a single area/ spot. But if you need to remove multiple spots then you can select them at a time. Choose either Marquee or Lesso tool and select one spot. Then press and hold down the shift key and select other spots.

If you like to select the spots without pressing down the hold key then look the image below:

How to Select Multiple Area in Photoshop CS5

Look at the image above. Here you can see the Add to Selection button. After selecting one spot you can press this button. Now whatever you select, it will be automatically added to your selection. And you don't need to press and hold down the shift key. And always remember this option. It will be helpful in many other works too. 

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Understanding the Parts of a Keyboard

Different Parts of a Keyboard

Most of the computer users are confused about the parts of the keyboard. Sometimes users can't distinguish among the different parts. However you can operate your PC without understanding the parts of a keyboard. 

Graphical user interface lets you operate computer using mouse. Most of the commands are now performed by mouse. And the advent of touch screen could be the reason of the departure of keyboard! But real PC users can't leave it. I'm capable of typing up to 70 words per minute in normal keyboard. But in touchscreen, I simply hate typing. :( 

Anyway, today I'm gonna discuss about the parts of a keyboard. I was searching information to write this post for few weeks. And I've been able to collect sufficient information. And now I am sharing with you. 

Don't be confused! I'm not talking about mini keyboard. Here my concern is normal keyboard. 

Look at the image below:

Different Parts of a Keyboard

The parts of a keyboard are clearly outlined here. Each part has seprate color. So you will have no problem to identify the 05 basic parts of your keyboard. Indicator lights are also shown as a part. 

  • Typing/ Alphanumeric Keys: It consists of letters (Q to Z), numbers (1 to 0), symbols (<, >, #, @, *, &, $ etc.) and punctuations (?, :, ;, !, etc.).  These keys are normally used for typing. But sometimes typing keys are used to give command if these are used with control keys. 
  • Control Keys: These keys are used to perform different actions. And can be used alone or in combination with the other keys. Commonly used control keys are Ctrl, Windows Logo Key, Alt, Esc etc. 
  • Function Keys: Function keys are located at the top. Yeah I'm talking about F1, F2, . . . . F12. These kes are used to perform specific tasks. The function of these keys vary from program to program. While booting for an Intel Main Board, pressing F1 will take you to the BIOS settings. And in most of the Windows Programs, F1 will take you to the help dialogue window. F2 will let you rename a folder. 
  • Navigation Keys: Sometimes these keys are called cursor movement keys too. These keys enable you to navigate through documents or webpages. These include arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete and Insert. 
  • Numeric Keypad: This part is great while entering numbers somehwere. These keys enable you to type digits quickly. These include 0 to 9 with +, -, Enter, Numlock etc. Mini Keyboards don't have this pad. 
  • Indicator Lights: There are three indicators. One is for Num Lock, another is for Caps Lock and the other is for Scroll Lock.  

Print Screen Button Tips!

Earlier Print Screen button was used to print the current screen directly. But now, if you hit on the Print Screen button, the image of your entire screen will be copied to clipboard. 
  • Press Print Screen > Paste it in MS Word, Pain or Photoshop > You will get the image of whole screen there. 
  • Press Alt+Print Screen > Paste it into another program > You will just get the image of your active window. 
  • Press Windows Logo Key + Print Screen > Your screen will blink for a second > You will get the image of your entire screen in your picture folder. 

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Move Site between WordPress & Blogger

Move your site between WordPress and Blogger

New bloggers are often confused about choosing the right platform for blogging. Most of them choose either WordPress or Blogger to start blogging. But after few months or years, depending on your requirements you may think to switch your platform. Both WordPress and Blogger let you move the site easily. And they support each other! 

You Should Know -

  • All of your posts will be moved with comments and images.
  • No data will be deleted from your current site unless you delete it. 
  • You can back up your site as XML file.
  • Images will be stored by server URL.
  • However you will lose your SEO score or rank.

The transfer procedure is almost similar both in Blogger and WordPress. 

Blogger to WordPress

This is the most common situation. Most of the new bloggers start writing on Blogger. When they need more resources, they shift their sites to WordPress. In fact, when a blogger becomes professional, he usually moves the site to WordPress. 

If you would like to move your site from Blogger to WordPress, then you've to back up your site first. Then upload the file to your WordPress site. Follow the steps below: 

Back up your Blogger Site

  1. Sign in to your blogger account and go to the dashboard or control panel.
  2. Choose the settings option from the left pane and select other.
  3. Now hit on the Export Blog button from Blog Tools. 
  4. Download Blog > Save it as XML Document in your hard disk.
Now you can keep this XML file in your hard disk. Later you can use it anywhere. Learn more . . . 

Upload the file to WordPress

Now you've to upload the XML file to your WordPress site. First you have to access your WordPress Site's Admin Panel. Make sure you're signed in to your WordPress account. Now go to your site. And follow the steps below:

  1. This URL- - will give you the direct access to your site's dashboard. Just replace the word munnamark with yours. 
  2. From the left pane, go to Tools > Import > Blogger. Or you can directly go there - - Just replce the word munnamark. 
  3. Now hit on the Choose File button and select the XML file that you've stored earlier. 
  4. Now hit on the Upload File and Import. Import procedure will be started. This may take some time. 
Import and Export Tools in WordPress Admin Panel

WordPress to Blogger

Now I'm gonna show the opposite work. Actually it doesn't happen normally. Only few bloggers leave WordPress. Sometimes new bloggers choose WordPress to start blogging. Later they find the platform difficult in compare to blogger. 

It's very simple. Just do the reverse work! 

Back up your WordPress Site

  1. Go to the WordPress Control Panel -
  2. Then go to Tools > Export > Export Option > Export > Choose What to Export > All Content > Download Export File > Save as XML Document > Done! 

Back Up WordPress Site as XML

Store the file in your hard disk to upload anywhere in the futuer. 

Upload the File to Blogger

Now it's time to upload your WordPress XML file to Blogger. Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account. And follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard/ Control Panel.
  2. Go to Settings > Other > Blog Tools > Import Blog > Choose File > Select WordPress XML Document > Type Captcha properly > Import Blog > Done!

Restore XML Document into Blogger Blog

Even if you don't move your site, always back it up at a regular interval. Any time you may lose your email account which is associated with your site. And thus your site could be hacked! So back up your site at least once in a quarter. So that you can restore it in a new site. 

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