Monday, September 28, 2015

Blending Text with Brick Wall by Photoshop!!

Blend Text with Brick Wall

You can surprise your friends by writing their names on a brick texture. To make them surprised, you work must be accurate and realistic. Today I'm gonna show how to blend text with a brick wall through Adobe Photoshop . . .

Note: This tutorial is prepared on Photoshop CS6. Some options may not be similar if you're using older versions of Photoshop. 

The Brick Wall

The very first thing you need is a brick wall. You can easily find one through Google search - Brick Texture or Brick Wall. 

Or you can simply use the same brick wall which I'm gonna use in this tutorial - 

Brick Texture Image

Image Information - 
  • File Type: JPEG
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 800
  • DPI: 96
  • Image Size: 276 KB

Using a better image is very important since it may affect your output quality. A poor quality image may not generate a realistic view. So you can either use this image in your project, or find a better one. 

Choosing a Font

Choose a font which is thick enough. Our purpose is to capture as many bricks as possible in our text background. 

I would like to suggest you 2 fonts - 1. Cooper Black   2. Hobo Std

Or you can choose any other font which you prefer. But my suggestion will be - choose a thick or bold font. 

First Phase
  1. Run Photoshop from your PC.
  2. Press Ctrl + O > Choose brick wall and open it.
  3. Press T to enable Type Tool. Choose a font - Cooper Black.
  4. Choose a brown color. Color code is # 990000.
  5. Now type your text. 

At this point, your document will look like this - 

Text Over Brick Texture

Second Phase

Make sure your text layer is selected in the layer panel. Now hit on the fx button from the bottom of the layer panel > Choose Blending Options > Now you will get the Layer Style window.

Now select the very first option - Blending Options: Custom

Blending Options in Layer Style Window

Look at the above image, you've to use the Underlying Layer. Set the left slider to 60 and right slider to 210. 

(You can set different values if you think it looks better) 

After completing the second phase, your document will have this look - 

Blending Text with Brick Wall

Third Phase - Optimize the look . . . 

Our main task has been completed in the previous step. But you can look it better through - 

  • Bevel & Emboss
  • Inner Shadow
  • Drop Shadow etc.

Let's back to the work - 

  • Hit on the Bevel & Emboss | Style - Inner Bevel, Technique - Smooth, Depth - 100, Direction - Up, Size - 5. Keep the Shading part untouched.
  • Hit on the Drop Shadow | Blend Mode - Multiply, Opacity - 75 to 100, Angle - 1450, Check Use Global Right, Distance - 8, Spread - 5, Size - 9. 
All done! Hit on the OK button. 

Blending Text with Other Effects

This is your final view. From the Layer Style window, you can set different values for different options and get different result.

Final Phase - Wait a minute!

Final touch is still waiting. Have a look at the image below - 

Blending Text with Distorted Rectangle

Wanna get a view like this? Simply draw a rectangle around your text. 
  1. Set the Fill value to 0%.
  2. Make a right click and choose Blending Options.
  3. Choose Stroke | Size 4, Outside, 100% Opacity > Hit OK.
  4. Go to Filter > Distort > Ripple > OK. That's it!

You should download this project file for better understanding. Thank you for visiting us . . .

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Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Repeat Table Heading in MS Word?

Repeat Table Heading on Subsequent Pages

When you're working with a large table that is supposed to be divided into several pages, you may need to use the same heading on every page. And whenever you make any adjustment, you may face problem with the header rows. In MS Word, you can easily get rid of this problem through Repeat Header Rows option. 

Applies to:
  • Word 2007
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2013

Note: I've prepared this tutorial using Word 2013. You may find bit difference if you're using Word 2010 or 2007. 

Often you may need to add/ remove some rows from a page, consequently the header rows of next page will move upward or downward. And every time you make any change, you may need to edit those header rows again. That's quite intolerable! 

In Microsoft Excel, you can use the Freeze Panes option to do this.

Repeat Header Rows in Word - Follow the image below . . .
  1. Run MS Word from your PC > Create a new document.
  2. Create a table from the Insert tab.
  3. As soon as you create a table, you will get two new tabs under Table Tools - Design & Layout. We've to use the Layout tab.
  4. Select your header rows (Either 1, 2, 3 or more rows, but it must include the first row of the table).
  5. Go to the Layout tab and choose Repeat Header Rows option from located in the Data group as shown in the image below. That's it. 

Repeat Header Rows Location Under Layout Tab

Now increase the number of rows by pressing Tab button. Or keep working normally to increase the number rows. As soon as your table goes to the new page, your selected rows will be repeated there automatically! 

Come on! It's a magic - share with your friends. 

  • Header rows will be repeated in every pages automatically.
  • Automatic Header Rows will be visible in Print Layout View, Reading View and when you print the document. But it will not be shown when you're working in Web Layout view.
  • When you create a page break manually, repeating header rows will be stopped there. 
  • You can choose multiple rows as header rows, but the first row of the table must be selected. 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

30 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows 10 has come with some new settings and applications. So, there are little changes in the use of Keyboard Shortcut. Microsoft has released a document including shortcut keys which are 100% compatible with Windows 10. 

And I've just just sorted out the necessary ones for you. Have a look - 

Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10
Shortcut Key Action
Start Open/ Close Start Screen
Start + 1/ 2/ 3 . . . 9 Launch programs pinned to the taskbar
Start + A Open the Action Center
Start + B Highlight the Notification Area
Start + C Launch Cortana into Listening Mode
Start + D Switch between Show Desktop and Previous State
Start + E Launch File Explorer
Start + I Open Settings Window
Start + K Open Connect Pane to Connect
Start + L Lock the Device and go to Lock Screen
Start + M Minimize all open windows and show the desktop
Start + P Open the Project Pane to search for and connect to projector
Start + R Open the Run
Start + S Open Cortana – Here you can type your query
Start + T Cycle through the Taskbar Apps
Start + U Launch the Ease of Access Center
Start + X Show the Power Menu/ Advanced Menu
Start + Enter Launch the Narrator
Start + Spacebar Switch between Languages (Also Alt + Shift)
Start + Tab Open Task View
Start + , Show the Desktop until released
Start + + or - Zoom in, Zoom out (Magnifying Option)
Start + Esc Close the Magnifier
Start + Left Arrow Take the active window to the left half of the monitor
Start + Right Arrow Take the active window to the right half of the monitor
Start + Up Arrow Maximize the Active Window
Start + Down Arrow Minimize the Active Window
Start + Home Minimize all inactive Windows (Do it again to restore)
Start + Print Screen Screenshot will be saved on Picture folder
Start + ? Launch the Feedback App

Most of the above shortcuts will work with Windows 8.1 and 8. And some of them will also work with Windows 7. The shortcuts which are related with the new settings of Windows 10 will not work with older versions of Windows. 

You can also download these shortcuts as PDF, JPEG and XPS. Download the file from the link below: 

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Monday, September 07, 2015

Download GTA V Cheats for PC (PDF)

GTA V Cheat Codes for PC

Here I've collected some cheat codes for those who are playing GTA V on their PCs. Though it's the largest game of Grand Theft, it doesn't have as much cheats as San Andreas

GTA V is the latest game of GTA Series. This game has been quite popular among the gamers. But it hasn't reached to all due to its large installation file and heavy system requirements. 

Enjoy the following cheats while playing the game - 

GTA V Cheat Codes for PC
Code Effect
Liquor Drunk Mode
Highex Explosive Ammo Round/ Bang Bang
Hothands Explosive Melee Attacks (Your hits are stronger)
Catch Me Fast Run
Incendiary  Flaming Bullets
Pain Killer Invincibility (Lasts for 5 minutes)
Lawyer Up Lower Wanted Level
Turtle Maximum Health & Armor
Fugitive Raise Wanted Level
Power Up Recharge Ability
Skyfall You can fly
Dead Eye Slow Motion Aim
Skydive Parachute
Make It Rain Change Weather
Floater Moon Gravity
Snow Day Slippery Cars/ Drifting/ Sliding
Slowmo Slow Motion
Buzz Off Spawn Buzzard (Helicopter with Weapon)
Comet Spawn Comet
Vinewood Spawn Limo
Rocket PCJ-600 Bike
Rapidgt Sports Car
Off Road Dual-Sport Bike
Barn Storm Stunt Plane
Trashed Garbage Truck
Extinct Dodo Airplane

  1. Cheats need to be activated by pressing the tilde button (~) of your keyboard.
  2. Spaces are not allowed in the codes. They are just to help you memorize them quickly.  

You can also download the cheat codes as PDF. 

In this file, I've included both PDF and XPS document. And it's 1.1 in size. Certainly this will boost your GTA V experience! Enjoy the cheats . . .

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Convert PDF to JPG Online

PDF 2 JPG Online Converter

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked me to convert a PDF document into JPG format image. I had no offline converter for this purpose. Then I searched Google and found PDF 2 JPG converter. And this site performs better than other sites. That's why I'm sharing this with you. :) 

  • 100% Free Service
  • Fast & Reliable Performance
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Registration is not Necessary
  • No Watermark on the Converted File
  • No Page Limit for PDF Document (Maximum File Size is 25 MB)
  • Image Quality Option (75 dpi, 150 dpi, 300 dpi)
  • Your Files are Safe - Automatically removed after few hours

While I'm talking about this converter, some of you may think, I can use snipping tool to capture image from that PDF file. But think about a large document where are more than 20 pages need to be converted. And you can't see a whole page in your monitor. That's why you need this converter. 

PDF2JPG Site Banner

If your document has 30 pages, it will create 30 different images from it! You can download each image separately. And you can also download them at once as ZIP file!!

PDF to JPG Converter Interface

Procedure - really simple!
  1. First, visit - PDF to JPG Online Converter.
  2. You will find the interface as shown in the above image.
  3. Hit on the Choose a PDF file button to find and select your PDF file from storage.
  4. Choose desired JPG quality level (Good - 150 dpi is recommended). 
  5. Hit on the Convert PDF to JPG button.
  6. Now your PDF document will be uploaded and converted.
  7. Finally, you can either view or download your desired image. You can also download the picture as ZIP file!

Once the conversion process has been complete, you will be redirected to the result page. And the following message will be shown - 

Your document has been processed! You can download JPG pictures or ZIP file.

And the download option will look like - 

PDF to JPG Converter Download Option

Hope all of you've enjoyed this post. And I think you can use this online tool conveniently as and when required . . . 

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Host Files on Userscloud - Earn Extra Dollar!!

Userscloud - Free File Hosting Service

Userscloud allows you to host your files, images or videos on their cloud storage. You can use their unlimited hosting service at free of cost! And if you upload your downloadable contents, you can even earn extra money!!

Userscloud users enjoy following benefits . . .
  • 100% free service
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited upload & download
  • Remote URL upload
  • Unlimited file size
  • Files never deleted (Copyrighted files might be removed!)
  • All kinds of files are allowed (Except explicit contents)
  • Earn extra cash (Referral commission is also available)!!

Payment Information . . .

Rates for Each 1,000 Downloads - 
  • A Category Countries (USA, UK, Canada) - $15
  • B Category Countries (13 Countries) - $3
  • C Category Countries (38 Countries) - $1
  • D Category Countries (All other locations) - $0.50

Payment Method - Only PayPal is supported currently.

Payment Threshold - Minimum payment threshold is $5. 

Payment Time - 30 days after requesting the payment.

Hit on the cloud below to sign up

Userscloud Icon

After creating an account - 
  1. Sign in to your userscloud account.
  2. Here you can upload your files. 
  3. To upload from another site, you can use Remote URL upload option.
  4. To view your files, go to My Files tab.
  5. To view your account information, visit My Account tab.
  6. Get your earning status from Report tab

Free & Unlimited Hosting Service

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New Logo for Google!!

Google Introduced New Logo & Favicon

You should notice that Google is showing a new doddle in its homepage since yesterday. Have you played this yet? It's nothing but the new logo of the search giant! Last night I had just visited Google's home and discovered this! 

It's not the first time, Google changed its logos and icons. We've noticed such changes before. But this time, it's really fascinating. Google has just used its doddle feature to introduce the new logo. 

This is the change # 7. Let's look back - 
  1. First logo introduced in 1998
  2. First one modified in August 1998. 
  3. Same logo modified again in September 1998.
  4. In May 1999, Google introduced a more sophisticated look!
  5. After a long break, it was changed again in May 2010.
  6. And the logo we used to see the day before yesterday was introduced in September 2013.
  7. And the latest logo has been introduced on September 01, 2015. 

To see the detailed history, go to Google and search - Google Logo History. 

There are basically 3 changes . . . 
  • New Logo
  • New Favicon
  • New Voice Search Icon

Google Plus Button icon has also been changed!

New Favicon for Google

This is the new Favicon of Google which will appear as tab icon when you visit Google. 

Google Microphone Icon

And this will be the voice search icon which will appear in the search box. It was fully black before. 

Tech people have showed mixed reactions to these changes. Some people are excited by these changes, some are thinking it as unnecessary. But I think changing things is not a bad idea! If you regularly update your products and services, people will realize you're active - you're with them! That's what Google has done!! 

Have a look at the GIF image below!

Google New Logo Animation

I'm happy due to this change. At least I got a chance to share something with you! J

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