Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Google Cloud Printing - Anytime, Anywhere!

Google Remote Printing

Could you imagine printing from a remote place without network cable? Or could you ever imagine printing from any device like mobile, tablet or laptop which has no printer connected to it? I guess most of you will say a BIG no! But Google Cloud Print technology has made it possible. 

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print enables you to print from a mobile, tablet or PC. You can connect your printer to Google Cloud Print within moments. And when you're out of home (whatever the distance), you can print even from your cell phone if the printer is ready! 

How Does it Work?

Basically it's a cloud technology that works with the help of Google Chrome. You can print right from your chrome browser. To do so, you must need to upgrade chrome to the latest version

To use the cloud print, you must sign in to Google Chrome using your Google account. Then you've to connect your printer to your Google Cloud Print account. After connecting the printer to cloud, you can print from a remote place. And you're also allowed to share your printer with a friend through his Google ID. 

How to Connect the Printer?

I assume that your printer is classic. Now follow the steps below:
  1. Run Google Chrome, open Chrome menu and choose Settings.
  2. Sign in to Chrome if you are not already. 
  3. Scroll down and choose Show Advanced Settings . . .
  4. Now find Google Cloud Print and click on Manage button.
  5. Now you'll get a list of connected printers and available printers.
  6. Go to the Classic Printers section and hit on Add Printers.
  7. Finally you will get a confirmation message - Google Cloud Print has been enabled.

How to Print

Printing method is as usual. But you have to print from Google Chrome. You must be signed in to the Chrome. You've to meet the following conditions too - 
  • The PC (with cloud printer connected) must be turned on
  • Connected to the Internet 
  • Chrome browser installed 
  • Must be signed in to Chrome
Now go to the print option, choose your cloud printer and give print command. Then Google will upload your document and send it to your cloud print account and finally the print job will start if your printer is ready there. 

For any reason, if you can't print, the print job will be stored on your Cloud Print account

How to Share?

You can also share your printer with the friends! Follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the list of cloud printers.
  2. Now choose your desired printer.
  3. Hit on the Share button.
  4. Now you can change the privacy.
  5. You can also invite someone through Name or E-mail. 
  6. Also choose whether he can only print or manage the printer too. 
  7. Finally, hit on the Share button. 

Share Cloud Printers

  • Google Cloud Print is still a beta version
  • You can't print from any program other than Google Chrome

Hopefully Google Cloud Print will help you a lot. I haven't been able to test this technology yet. If you've already tried, please inform me. 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Download Folder Lock 7 Full Version!!

Folder Lock 7.2.6

Folder Lock is one of the top file security tools for the PC users. With this tool, someone can lock files and folders, protect CD/ USB, encrypt files and everything which is necessary to ensure the data security. The Full version of this software is worth of $ 39.95. But you're getting this for free!!

System Requirement

Folder Lock 7 works with any running version of Windows. Starting from Windows XP to Windows 10, no matter whether you're using 32 or 64 bit OS, Folder Lock 7 works fine. 

Features & Advantages
  • Simple & Reliable
  • Fastest Encryption - Lock files within seconds
  • Lock Files, Folders & Drives
  • Protect CD/ DVD/ USB Drives
  • Password isn't stored on Hard Disk or even in Windows Registry

Waring (!): Folder Lock can't be deleted from your system without current password. If you forget your master password, it's your responsibility to break the lock and access your files and folders! :)

Download & Installation
  1. Download Folder Lock 7.2.6 (It's 12.5 MB) - No Ad, No Spam, No Virus. 
  2. Unzip the folder and you'll get 3 files - Folder Lock Setup.exe, Folder Lock.exe, Read Me. 
  3. Double click on Folder Lock Setup.exe to start installation > Complete the installation.

How to Crack?

In your unzipped folder, there is another file named Folder Lock.exe. It's your crack. Copy this file and paste it in your Folder Lock installation directory. 

C Drive > Program Files > NewSoftware's > Folder Lock > Copy the Crack, Paste and Replace the current one.  

Now you can enjoy the benefit of full version Folder Lock!

To check the Registration Status, first you've to open Folder Lock. Now go to the Help & Support at the top right corner and click on it. Choose About. You will get the following image in Registered condition - 

About Folder Lock 7

User Guide

Folder Lock provides you a user guide. With minimum skill you can operate Folder Lock. But I would like to discuss about some basic operations. Look at the Folder Lock screen below:

Folder Lock 7.2.6 Screen

  • When you run this program for the first time, you need to enter a master password. Once you enter the master password, you can control everything of this tool.
  • To lock a file, folder or drive - move to the Lock Files menu at the left. Now hit on Add button and select your file, folder or drive. 
  • The locked file will be hidden. The hidden folder can be accessed but the files within it will not be accessible. In case of locked drive, the access will be denied. 
  • If you wanna unlock the locked item, you can choose either Remove or Unlock option. 
  • You can use the Settings option to manipulate the default settings. 

Hopefully, this tool will be very helpful for you to keep your data secured. And one last advice for you - 

Never forget the master password!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Convert Webpage into PDF by Google Chrome!

Print PDF using Google Chrome

Often you may need to save a webpage for future use. There are different ways you can follow to save a webpage. Such as - directly copying texts, printing, saving as PDF etc. But in most of the cases, you may not get a satisfactory output. If you're Google Chrome user, I can guarantee that you will get a much better printing option . . . 

Google Chrome Print Window

Google Chrome has a nice printing option other than Windows Default Print Dialogue. Here you will get a preview of the pages which you wanna print. But if you use the system dialogue, there will be now print preview option. 

Google Chrome Print as PDF

This feature was not available in previous versions of Chrome. So, before you go, you must upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome. Google chrome also support cloud printing. I will talk later about it. Now let's start - 

  1. Make sure your Chrome is up to date.
  2. Now open a webpage that you wanna save as PDF.
  3. Press Ctrl+P and immediately you will get a Print option on the left and Print Preview on the right.
  4. At the top you will get the number of pages. You can choose printer from Destination option. Hit on the Change button to choose a printer. Select Save as PDF to create a PDF copy of the current webpage. 
  5. Then Choose Pages - Select All or enter page number.
  6. Choose Paper Size & Layout. You can also customize the Margins if necessary. Select custom margin and drag the margin to fix your margin size.
  7. Choose the Options - Select whether the Headers & Footers, Background Colors & Images will be printed or not. 
  8. Finally, hit on the Save*/ Print button to save your document as PDF or print using a printer. 

* If you save as PDF, you must choose a destination. 

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Google Talk is Gonna be Shut Down!!

Google Talk Logo

Few days ago, I just signed in to Google Talk and got the following message - 

Google Talk app for Windows is no longer supported. It is being replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app. Install the Hangouts app from 

It's my post number 400! I'm really sorry to publish a bad news in this post. But I promise, in post number 500, I will try to write something exceptional. I've already got the idea for that post!

I was really surprised and shocked after getting this message. To chat with my friends and blog visitors, most of the time Google Talk is my first choice. I don't like chatting in Gmail because it's heavy and slower. 

Google is trying to promote its Hangout app for Android, Mac and Windows operating system. They are also trying to move the Internet world to Google Chrome. That's why Windows users can't use Hangout without Chrome. Hangout is installed as a Chrome extension which is really bothering. 

But I think Google Talk was a really smart tool to communicate with people. Google could develop the app instead of shutting it down. And some of the Google Talk features are not available in Hangout. In slower connection, you may need to fight to connect to the Hangout. It's really frustrating. 

Last year Google announced that - Google Talk app for Windows is being retired. And from this month, Google Talk users are getting the following message from

Google Talk Chat Box

Now Google is offering the Hangout app. It's a cross-platform application. You can get this tool from:

Google Hangout PNG Logo

Hangout looks smart but I think some changes are necessary. Think about file sharing. Google Talk users can share files but this feature is not available on Hangout. Of course you can share images through Hangout. And it also allows you to draw something in chat window.

Google Hangout Screenshot

You can still use Google Talk. But time is very short - maybe two months at best. And then Google Talk will be turned off forever! :(

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Disable Automatic Update in Windows 10

Turn off Automatic Update

As I mentioned earlier, Windows 10 has come with some boring changes. One of the stupid changes is related to Automatic Update. In Windows 10, you're set to automatically install new updates. And you've no choice to change this settings. Because the change settings option is disable. 

Applies to: Windows 10

When you Disable Automatic Update?

  • If your net bandwidth is limited
  • If you don't need windows updates at all
  • If the updates cause activators not work in your PC

In earlier versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8 or 8.1), you can manually configure the update settings. There were four settings:
  • Install updates automatically
  • Download updates but let me choose whether to install them
  • Check for updates but let me choose . . . 
  • Never check for updates

In Windows 10, you don't have any option to choose any of these settings. It's simply disabled. You can't use the drop down menu. Look at the image below:

Update Settings is Disabled in Windows 10

But still you have a chance to configure Windows Update. And you've to enable this settings from Group Policy Editor. In this post, I'm gonna discuss about enabling/ disabling Automatic Update of Windows 10. 


  1. Press Start+R > Type gpedit.msc > Press Enter.
  2. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > All Settings.
  3. Find Configure Automatic Updates (Press C to go there quickly).
  4. Choose Enable > There are 5 choices in the Options > Choose # 5 - Allow local admin to choose setting.
  5. Apply > OK.

Configure Auto Update from Group Policy

Now your automatic update settings will be like this - 

Enabling Update Settings on Windows 10

Have you noticed that the Never Check for Updates option is not available here? This option is vanished from this settings. Anyway, you can stop checking for updates completely. 

Never Check for Updates

If you even don't need to check for updates, then follow the steps below - 
  1. Run > gpedit.msc > Enter
  2. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > All Settings
  3. Double Click on Configure Automatic Updates
  4. Choose Disabled > Apply > OK.

Now your update settings will be disabled again. But this time, you Windows will never check for any updates!

Enable Never Check for Updates Option

If Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is not Available?

Then follow this system -

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Scroll to the bottom > Windows Update > Startup Type > Choose Manual > Apply > OK.

Hope this will help. Take a reboot if necessary.

Fix these problems too!

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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Get Start Screen Back in Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu with Live Tiles

Windows 8 came with a really smart look. But due to the negative feedback, the latest version of Windows (Windows 10) has come with traditional Start Menu. And to be honest, I can hardly find any change in Windows 10 which I can appreciate. 

Applies to - Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Combination of Start Menu & Tiles

It looks really frustrating. To be honest it's not worth of including here. In this combination, I can't work comfortably. And I guess most of the users have already adjusted with Windows 8 Start Screen. So it was not necessary to change this feature in Windows 10. Windows 8 lovers will hardly appreciate the new look!

Windows 10 Start Menu with Live Tiles

Anyway, if you are comfortable with Start Screen and wanna get it back, there is no problem at all. You can easily switch between Start Menu and Start Screen. Simply follow the steps below:

Enable Start Screen in Windows 10

  1. Right Click on your taskbar and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Start Menu tab.
  3. At the top, you will find this option marked - Use the Start Menu instead of the Start Screen.
  4. Simply click on the checkbox and unmark this option.
  5. Hit on Apply > OK and get your smart Start Screen back!

Windows 8 Start Screen

Installing .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

.Net Framework 3.5 is missing by default as it was in Windows 8 and 8.1. And it causes problems while running those software which require this feature. Don't worry. You can install .Net Framework 3.5 following the same instruction as it was in Windows 8. Simply follow this method

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Free Download doPDF 7 (Only 4 MB) !!!

doPDF 7 Free Download

If you work with PDF documents then you must be familiar with the most reliable PDF creator - doPDF. Currently doPDF is offering version 8 and its size is 40 MB! Where doPDF 7 was only 4 MB and version 6 was only 1.2 MB! And I know it will be very difficult for you to find doPDF 6 or 7. 

Because doPDF doesn't store the previous version of this tool. And every third party software download site has already upgraded to the latest version of doPDF. That's why I'd like to share doPDF 7.2 with you.

Features & Advantages
  • Fast, Simple & Reliable (Consume minimum resources)
  • Same installer supports both 32 and 64 bit OS
  • Works with any printable documents (400+ documents supported)
  • Supports 33 languages
  • Customizable (Page Size, Output Quality, Save Location, Embed Fonts etc.)

How to Download & Install?
  1. Download doPDF 7.2 (It's 100% safe and ad free). It's a zip folder and 3.7 MB in size.
  2. Unzip the folder and double click on dopdf-7.exe to start installing.
  3. Complete the installation normally - Choose your language > Next > Agree > Choose Destination > You can set as default or not > Install. 
  4. After completing the installation, you may get a shortcut on your desktop or start menu. And the doPDF printer plugin (virtual printer) will be found in the print option of every program. 

How Does doPDF Work?

Actually doPDF works as a virtual printer. With this tool, you can simply print your document virtually. After printing a file, it will be converted into a PDF document and saved in your hard disk. 

Look at the doPDF printer in MS Word Print option - 

doPDF Printer on MS Word Printing Option

Like MS Word, you will get the doPDF printer in the print option of other programs. 

How to Use doPDF?

Most of you know, how to work with doPDF. But I would like to write something for the beginners - 
  1. Make sure doPDF is installed on your system.
  2. Now open any printable document (ie. MS Word, Notepad or even a Webpage).
  3. Press Ctrl+P to open Print option.
  4. Select your Printer - doPDF.
  5. Go to printer properties or preferences to customize your settings if necessary.
  6. Now hit on the Print button > Choose File Name, Destination, Quality etc. > Hit OK to print your document. 
  7. Now you can view your document through any PDF viewer. 

Hopefully, everything is clear about doPDF. Still if you have any confusion, please share with us . . . 

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