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View Documents Side by Side . . .

If you work with different types of documents often you may need to compare those files side by side. Microsoft Office (for Word & Excel) has an option to view/ compare documents side by side.  Applies to:  Word 2003 Office 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016. Compare Documents Side by Side | Word 2003 In Word 2003, you have to go to the Window Menu > Compare side by side . . . Remember , two documents should be running to view side by side. View Documents Side by Side | Office 2007 to 2016 This option is usually available for Word & Excel. But in case of PowerPoint, you can view two presentations side by side by Arrange All option from view menu.  But in Word & Excel you will directly get this option - View Side by Side.  To enjoy this opportunity, at first you've to open both files that need to be compared. Then follow the steps below: Go to the View Tab. Move to the Window Section. Choose View Side by

How to Create ISO File?

ISO files are easy to share and safe to use. For different reasons you may need to convert a file into .iso file. Suppose you need to send an executable file through email. But you are not allowed to attach an executable file. In that case you can easily convert that program into .iso format and share with anyone. There are many tools to deal with .iso files. But I'm gonna recommend you ImgBurn for iso conversion. It's a freeware application and complete your task quickly.  What you can do with ImgBurn? Burn image file to disc Create image file from disc Verify disc Write files & folders to disc Create image from files and folders (including .exe files) If you're gonna create iso image from files and folders, then you've to use this option -  "Create Image from Files/ Folders" . Follow the steps below: Download ImgBurn from here . There are several mirror links. You can download from any link.

Save your Mobile Data by Background Data Restriction

Today's smartphones are designed to provide the best user experience. As soon as you turn on your mobile data all the updates will be coming automatically. And some programs will be running in the background. But for these services you may experience unnecessary data consumption. Today I'm gonna advice you to restrict background data to reduce the data consumption. This option may vary from device to device. But the basic settings will be almost same I guess. This option is normally available in Network settings. If you turn on this settings then no application will consume your mobile data in the background. And your mobile data will be active automatically when you run an application that requires Internet.. I think it's very handy to use. How to Restrict Background Data? Follow the steps below with the help of above image - Go to the Settings > Data Usage. Hit on the 3 dotted option button as indicated by red circle. Choose Restric

Use your Android Phone as Internet Modem

Using your mobile device as an Internet modem is not a new thing. But there are some problems such as a phone must be capable of using Internet and it should have a software to make it compatible with the operating system. If you're using an Android phone then you don't have that hassle.  Today's phones are designed for better sharing. One of them is USB tethering. With this option you can share your mobile data with your PC I mean in a laptop, desktop or notebook computer.  How to Connect to the Internet using Mobile? To do so, you just need a data cable to connect your mobile to the computer. Normally, when you connect your phone to the computer, several options appear on phone screen. Such as -  USB Storage USB Tethering Media Device Camera Charge Only USB Virtual Drive Our focus will be on USB Tethering. After connecting your phone, you should touch the tethering option. And within few seconds your device will be te

Asphalt 8 Airborne for PC from Windows Store!!

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a popular racing game for Android Phones. But this is also available in Windows Store. And you can play this game in Windows PC! And I can assure you that Asphalt is much better on a Computer Screen! About the Game This is a free game from Gameloft. During the play you may see ads. In-app purchases are also available.  And to be honest, this is one of the best game I've ever played. I've played some games of NFS. But the graphics of Asphalt is excellent. And surprisingly no third party graphics card is necessary for playing this game!  System Requirements As mentioned already, this game can be downloaded from Windows Store, so you can easily guess that you can't play it on earlier versions of Windows Store.  So far I know, if you're running Windows 8 or 10, you can run this game too. Download & Install You can download this game from Windows store. And you should have a Mic

Clean your System Unit (CPU)

Dust is a crucial factor in your CPU service life. Accumulation of excessive dust may reduce its performance and even damage it fast. And you know it's little tough to purchase a new system.  That's why cleaning the system unit is an important task for an user.  Couple of weeks ago I clean up my system unit. And I also captured the pictures of my system. Today I'm gonna share my experience with you.  Why Dust is Harmful? We know dust is very harmful for human. But what's wrong with computer? Isn't it a machine. Yes it is.  But you should know your CPU Main Board, RAM, Processor and other devices produce heat. And to be worked properly this heat should be released. But if there is too much dust in your system unit, then mother board and other devices can't release the heat properly.  If you leave your CPU uncleaned for a long period then it will be damaged soon or you may experience a reduced performance.  How Many Time

Using Google Translate with Android apps

Well this feature has been introduced by Google couple of months ago. And I apologize for being late to talk about it. Today I'm gonna talk about some exciting features of Translate. From now you can translate from anywhere. It might be a chat application or web browser or any other apps of your android device!  All of you know that Google Translate is now capable of translating more than hundred languages. You can translate from one language to another by visiting Google Translate website or Translate App. There is nothing new.  But what is gonna surprise you that - with Google Translate app installed on your phone, you can translate text from any other app. You just need to select the text and hit on the copy button. Immediately translate icon will appear on the screen and you have to touch it. Then it will show you the translated text. This is called -  TAP TO TRANSLATE With this app you can -  Chat with any foreign friend who talk in different langu

IGI 4 - The Mark Cheat Codes

Project IGI series games are always full of actions & thrilling. And without some cheating it's really difficult to survive there. But there are not much cheat codes available in IGI games. In this post, I'm gonna share Project IGI 4 - the Mark cheat codes with you. While playing IGI 4, press this key < ` > (it's just below your Esc key) to open the console. And then you've to type the following cheats to get respective results -  Invisible 1 - It will turn on invisible mode Invisible 0 - Invisible mode off Health 100 - Health will be set to 100 % God 1/0 - God mode On/ Off Mucha 1/0 - No clipping On/ Off MuchaSpeed # - Set movement speed to # DrawFPS 1/0 - Show FPS On/ Off FOV # - Set FOV to # During the game play, when you need to use any of the above cheats, simply press this ` . Then a new screen will appear. And on that screen you have to type the cheats and press Enter. If you use invisible cheat, th

Using Online Templates in MS Word . . .

With the improvement of technology, things are getting easier. You know, as a word processor, MS Word provides all the necessary elements & facilities for preparing any sort of document. Additionally, it has thousands of online templates to enhance the user experience. Let's explore . . . Applies To -  Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2013 Microsoft Office 2016 Template Categories Actually there are varieties types of online templates in Archive. The prime categories are divided as -  Business Personal Industry Print Design Sets Education Event etc.   But specifically, we may get the following types of templates -  Letters & Applications Wedding/ Birthday Party Invitations Party Menu Certificates Sales Invoice/ Sales Order/ Thanks Letter Meeting Minutes Survey Formats Report Cover Business Cards Resume Business Newsletter And there are a lot