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Traffic Rider - Go as fast as you can!!!

Gamers always love bike racing. Specially for the mobile users, bike racing is more convenient than car racing. Today I'm gonna share a bike racing game which is less familiar to you. But I can guarantee that it will be much thrilling than Highway Rider !! About Traffic Rider Name: Traffic Rider 100% Free Version Game Type: Racing File Type: APK File Size: 90 MB (Approx) Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Developer: Soner Kara (SK Games) System Requirements Compatible with almost all running version of Android At least 01 GB RAM is recommended to ensure smooth running of the app Features First person camera view 20 motorbikes (earn coins to purchase) Real motorbike sound Different tracks with day and night variations Career modes with 40+ missions Accelerator and brake pedals Download > Install > Play . . . Download the APK file from this link . It may start installing automatically or do i

Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Fonts in Word 2010

Professionals love to type quickly. And most of them like to use keyboard shortcuts to get their job done. And so am I. When you need to use multiple fonts frequently it might be boring and time consuming. If you wanna avoid using mouse to choose a font, then you can create keyboard shortcuts for your preferred fonts . . .  Applies to -  Office 2007 Office 2010 Office 2013 Office 2016 This tutorial has been prepared using Word 2016. If you're using previous versions of Word, you may experience a bit change in the options.  Creating Fonts Shortcuts . . . Run MS Word from your PC. Hit on the File button and choose Options from the bottom. Select Customize Ribbon from the left pane. Click on the Customize button located at the bottom of the window. Choose Fonts from the Categories . Select your preferred font from the list at the right. Press keyboard shortcut (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+T for Times New Roman font) in the press new shortcut ke