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Changing Digit Grouping (Comma Style) in MS Excel - Million to Lakh

Well this is a very common problem for our sub-continent i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka. Cause our digit grouping system doesn't match with the international system. To be more specific - they use million, billion etc. But we use - lakh (also lac), crore etc. 
Users of the mentioned regions often face problem with the comma separator position in MS Excel. Cause the default system is international. It doesn't suit our digit grouping system. 
International System - Separates every three digits 1,000.0010,000.00100,000.001,000,000.001,000,000,000.00
Subcontinental System - Separates every two digits after the 1st three digits
1,000.0010,000.00 1,00,000.001,00,00,000.001,00,00,00,000.00 
If you're familiar with the Indian Subcontinent system and if you're bound to use this system then it will be a big trouble if you don't know the solution. Well nothing to worry about as you are going through this article. Cause from the very next moment you'…

Quantify your Site by Quantcast

Hello bloggers! Hope you're doing fine in blogging. Today I'm gonna write a review on Quantcast. Actually quantcast is a great site for audience measurement tool. You can collect huge information through Google Analytics. But I think Google Analytics is too heavy and sometimes it's really difficult to use. In that case, quantcast is more comfortable and convenient for the webmasters. 

Quantcast is also capable of showing the real time situation of your site worldwide! Yes! Just like Google Analytics, quantcast can fetch your real time visitors through world map. Thus you can see who is in your site right now. 

Do you use Web Rank Toolbar? I've found quantcast from Web Rank Toolbar. Earlier whenever I opened Web Rank Toolbar in Iron Browser, I saw my site is not ranked by quantcast. Because quantcast only measures your site when you set up its code in your site. 

Then I implemented quantcast code in my site and get it quantified! See the current status below: 

Or you can di…

How to Print PowerPoint Slides?

PowerPoint slides are usually very colorful. A presentation may include colorful backgrounds, charts, images etc. The slide maker always tries to make the slides attractive so that the audience concentrate to the presentation. Those slides though look amazing on a projector screen, may not be printer friendly at all! If you print a color slide normally, you can't read this well. 

Not many people need to print from Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of you may know the power point printing tips. But most guys copy the slides one by one and paste them to Microsoft Word! :) 

Today I'm gonna discuss about how to print PowerPoint slides as handouts. 

PowerPoint 2003
Open your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Now press Ctrl+P to open the Print Window. Look at the image below:

Go to the Print What option and choose Handouts. In the color option, choose either Blank and White or Grayscale. Now go to the Handouts option > Slides per page > Choose 3, 4, 6 or 9 as your wish. 

Angry Birds Space for Windows (Installed)!!

Hello Guys! This is my post # 350 and it's going to be special! Today I'm gonna share Angry Birds Space (Ver 1.2.2). And this is the largest game I've ever shared - 32.3 MB only. All of you're familiar with Angry Birds Series. This is the most played game in Android Phones. And this is also the most popular game in social networks like Google+ and Facebook. 

Angry Birds Space is really an awesome game. Sounds, Music, Background, Character everything is extraordinary. I can swear - once you start playing, you will be addicted to it for sure! 

Download Angry Birds Space from the link below. It's uploaded in zip format. In order to play the game, you have to unzip it first. 

Download Angry Birds Space

To play the game, you have to unzip it first. This is a portable version of the game. Even you don't need to install. 

How to Play?
All of you should be capable of playing this lovely game. There is no complexity at all. But as a routine work, I'd like to discuss somet…

Download Nero Micro for Free (11.2 MB)!!

Today I'm gonna share a light version of Nero - Nero Micro 8. And it's 100 % free for you! This version includes Nero Express 8 and Nero Burning ROM 8. With this version of Nero, you can perform almost any disk related tasks - Copying Disk, Burning Image Disk, Creating Audio & Video CD/ DVD etc. 

Download the zipped folder from the link below. It's 100% free, safe and reliable. 

Download Nero Micro 8 for free

After downloading the file, unzip it first. Then double click on the Nero Micro 8.exe to start installing the software. It will take only few seconds to install. 

System Requirement

This is a very tiny version of Nero. So it doesn't need any special hardware configuration. It works fine with any running version of Windows including Windows 8. 

Nero Micro 8 Includes -

Nero Express 8 - To work with Data, Music, Videos, Image, Project. 

Nero Burning ROM 8 - For extensive burning tasks. 


Most of the users only need Nero Express. Burning ROM is not necessary for all. W…

Download Puzzle Flash Game - Save Them

Hey Flash Game Lovers! Today you're getting an amazing puzzle game - Save Them! It's a flash game and the download size is only 382 KB. In this game, you have to move 3 missionaries and 3 cannibals from one side to another through a boat. In any side, if the number of cannibals is more than the number of missionaries, then cannibals will eat the missionaries! 

Download Save Them

Download the game from the above link. It's a zipped file. Download size is only 382 KB! After downloading the game, you have to unzip it first. Then double click on the SaveThem to start the game. 

How to Play?
After starting the game, you will get the instruction. You have to make sure that in no side, the number of cannibals is not more than the number of missionaries. This is your only challenge. You have to take them from left side to the right side of the lake through a boat. 

Press on a character to jump to the boat. Thus you can take any two of them at a time. Then hit on the GO button to move t…

Bow and Arrow Game Free Download!!

Well this is the smallest game I've ever shared! It's a superb target practice game - Bow and Arrow. Download size is just 32 KB! This game has 7/8 levels. And it's only 141 KB after extracting. Can you imagine? :) 

Download the game from Link 1 or Link 2. It's a 100% free, safe and reliable download link. You will get the game in zipped condition. After downloading the zipped folder, please unzip it first. Then start playing. 

How to Play?
Press F2 to Start the gamePress F3 to Pause the gamePress F4 to close the gamePress Spacebar to Reactivate the menu during the playPress Alt+F4 to exit the game window

Controls Click right mouse button to load the arrowClick, hold and release the left mouse button to shoot the arrow

Useful Tips
Adjust Screen Size: You can adjust the screen size from the Options menu. While you're practicing target, keep the screen size minimum (600 x 400). And sometimes you may need to keep the window full (800 x 600). Remember, you can't change th…

Flash Game Nuclear Bike Free Download!!!

Hello Gamers! Today I've come with another small flash game - Nuclear Bike. But I swear you will get the flavour of a heavyweight game in Nuclear Bike! It's just 6.45 MB in size. But serves like a hundred megabyte motorbike game. It's an awesome game with beautiful background and amazing music. 

System Requirement

Nuclear Bike is a flash game. So you can play this with any version of Windows. There is no special requirement. You don't need to think about Graphics Card, Direct X Version, RAM, Processor type etc. 

Download Nuclear Bike

It's a 100% free download link. No ads, no spyware, no malware, no virus. It's clean, safe and fast download link. 

Download the game from the above link. It's a zipped folder. Download size is 6.45 MB only. After downloading the file, you have to extract/unzip it to start the game. After extracting the file, it will be 7.9 MB. 

How to Play?

It's a simple game. Though it's very challenging, controls are very easy. And you must…

Trues and Falses in Optimizing AdSense

Couple of days ago Google AdSense offered its first online course for the Publishers. And I've been too. The course will be opened on 20th May, 2014. Register now for the course and take a Pre-Course Assessment to justify your AdSense knowledge! 

Course Outline Pre-Course Assessment
Unit 1 - CPM and CPC: Winning Valuable Ads
Unit 2 - Clicks and CTR: Designing and Placing Your Ads���������������������������������������������������������…

Working with Photoshop Stroke

Photoshop Stroke belongs to layer style. You can add stroke outside of an image, text or shape. When you apply stroke over something, it looks like a border or outline. You can also choose different colors for stroke. And you can also adjust the size, position and opacity while applying stroke. 

Last month I wrote about how to work with Fill & Opacity in Photoshop. I think you should also have a look to this tutorial. It will be helpful for you. 

Photoshop Stroke
Look at the two images below side by side. The left one has no outline. But the right one has a border outside of it. 

No stroke has been applied on the left image. And the right image has a stroke outside of it. You can also use stroke with texts and shapes. Stroke can highlight something. Sometimes after applying stroke over something, you can minimize the fill. In that time, you will get stroke highlighted and the inside dimmed! Learn more . . .

How to Apply Stroke?
If you wanna apply stroke over an image then open it. Or cr…

Delete All Emails from Yahoo Inbox!!

By the grace of Facebook, your inbox is getting fat everyday. If your Yahoo Inbox are filled with thousand of unnecessary messages, then it could be difficult for you to find the important mails. Gmail users can easily delete all emails from inbox because it has option to select all messages at the same time. 

Like Gmail, Yahoo has also the Select All option. But the Select All option of Yahoo can't select the whole inbox. It is capable of selecting the loaded messages only. It could be 50, 100, 200 or how much messages you've loaded at a time. If you wanna delete a large volume of messages from Yahoo inbox, then you have to be little bit tricky! 
Today, I'm gonna discuss how to quickly delete all messages from Yahoo Mail inbox. 

Before you start - 
Make sure you're using the latest version of your browser and latest interface of Yahoo Mail. Firefox or Internet Explorer is optimized for Yahoo Mail. Chrome users could get a message to change the browser. And definitely you …