Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to View Saved Password in Firefox?

Nice PNG Logo of Firefox

Today I'm gonna write about another secret trick! Earlier I wrote about- how to view saved password in Google Chrome. Today's topic is almost similar. But this time, I will write about Firefox. 

There are many tips in this site about Firefox. You may have a look at few of them: 

Earlier I told you that password saving option is very handy for the people who frequently need to check their online accounts. And if your saved password goes to the wrong hands the amount of loss can't be measured. 

So you should know how to save password, view saved password and remove saved password. Okay let's start. 
  1. Open your Firefox browser. 
  2. Go to the Options from Tools menu. If your menu is hidden then hit on the Firefox button and choose the Options. 
  3. Select the Security Tab.
  4. Now hit on the Saved Passwords . . . button. (You maybe asked to enter the master password if any)
  5. Here you can see the list of accounts with saved passwords. Choose an account of which you wanna see the password. Then hit on the show password button to see this. 
  6. If you wanna remove the saved password of any account select it and click on Remove
  7. If you wanna remove all the saved passwords, then hit on Remove All
  8. Finally close and exit the window. That's it. 

How to show saved password of firefox

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Typing Speed Secret!!!

Type Faster

New PC users (sometimes intermediate users too) ask a question very often. It maybe any of the type below:
  • Why I can't type like a pro?
  • Could I ever type more than 50 words per minute? 
Suggestion is also a very typical one. Practice, practice and practice.   

Practice Makes a Man Perfect!

Sum up all the suggestions about way to typing fast you get throughout the net and from the other people you know. What you'll get is practice. Definitely without sufficient practice you can't type faster. There is no shortcut method. There is no alternative. Secret is in the method of practicing! 

But today I'm gonna share a secret with you. If you follow this method, surely you can boost your typing speed. 

Simply try to memorize the movements of your finger while typing a word! 

You may notice that you can quickly type some words which are very common for you. And you can't type some words fast. Why this problem occurs? Why you can't quickly type all the words? 

Because you don't know the finger movements for other words. Start memorizing the finger movements of the word you type. And get the result within few hours! 

Here are some additional tips for you . . . 
  • Get a clear Idea about the location of each key in the keyboard. Any confusion will reduce your typing speed. 
  • Type difficult words again and again until you can memorize the finger movements of those words. 
  • Never break the typing rules. Such as using 2 or 3 fingers of a hand, looking to the keyboard, wrong position of the fingers. 
  • Chat with your friends in G Talk, Facebook or Messenger with a target to type faster. 
  • Type at least one hour daily. 
Example: Suppose you hear a word - Blogger. Immediately after hearing this word you have to think which fingers you should use to type the letters B, l, o, g, g, e, r. Doesn't matter whether you're on a computer or playing cricket. You have to think of it internally. 

My Own Case: As my blog name is Marks PC Solution, I need to type it very frequently. I can't type Marketing Research as faster as Marks PC Solution. Because I don't need to type Marketing Research frequently and never tried to memorize the finger movements for this word.  But if you wanna be faster you've to memorize the movements. 

And don't try to do this before knowing all the rules of typing. When you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of typing you should practice this method. 

You can also take help of Typing Master. It's the most popular software to increase typing speed. Download it from here

NB: You must be fully aware of all the rules and regulation of typing. Otherwise you can't get most out of this trick. 

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to View Saved Password of Google Chrome?

Saved Password

This is an exclusive post. Only few net users know about it. So far I can guess only 20% people might know this trick! I was little bit confused whether I should write about this or not. Because if this trick is used by a criminal-type people certainly it will be harmful for the good guys. 

Finally I've decided to write about it. Because it will also help you protect your password from other people. 

When you sign in to any online account giving your pass and username your browser offers to save the password. So that you don't need to do this again and again. Certainly this is very handy and comfortable. But if your password goes to the wrong hands will this comfort exist anymore?? 

Or you may forget your account password. But your browser saved this earlier. How can you view this? Today I will discuss how to manage your saved passwords or how to view them. 
  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Look at the top right corner. Just below the close button you will get Customize and Control button. Hit on the button. 
  3. Choose Settings from the drop down menu. 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and hit on Show advanced settings . . . 
  5. Now find Passwords and Forms option. 
  6. Hit on Manage Saved Passwords.
  7. Immediately you'll get a new window showing your online accounts with saved passwords.
  8. Select any account and click the show button to view saved password. 
  9. If you wanna remove any saved password then hit on the cross button. 
  10. Finally hit OK and exit. It's easy. 

How to view saved password of Google Chrome

If you wanna stop your browser to offer to save password then unmark the option Offer to save password from Passwords and Forms option found at the step 5. Take help from the image below. 

How to Manage Saved Password in Google Chrome

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Delete an OS by MSCONFIG?

How to delete an operating system

It was at the end of 2011 when Windows 8 was released for the first time as developer preview version. I installed it on my PC with Windows 7 side by side. Most of the people didn't like it. But I was very impressed just after using it for few hours. 

Then I decided to remove Windows 7 to continue with Windows 8. Windows 7 was installed on Drive C and Windows 8 was on D. To delete Windows 7 I booted from Windows 8. And tried to format C Drive. 

But drive C was not formatted! Because Windows files were very much protected. They can't be formatted until you re-install your windows. What should you do now? How will you remove the OS that you don't wanna use? 

Let's find how to solve this problem. 
  1. Open System Configuration. (Hint: Start + R > msconfig > enter
  2. Select the Boot Tab.
  3. Choose the Operating System you wanna remove. 
  4. Now hit the Delete button. 
  5. Open My Computer. Format the drive where removed Operating System was installed. That's it. 

Don't try to remove the OS on which your PC is currently running! I mean if you wanna remove Windows 7 then start PC by Windows 8. Because you can't cut the tree on which you're climbing! :)

How to delete an OS by msconfig

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Create Backlinks for Blog or Website?

How to Create Backlinks

Not getting ideas about what to write. Because last few days I wrote about all the topics I got within last 7 days! No problem. Today we can discuss about creating backlinks - an essential part of SEO. 

What is back link actually? It's just your site's link on other sites. Your links maybe on other sites' comment, post, link list etc. When other sites have your link on them search engines consider your site as important one. 

The sites with higher backlinks get the priority while showing in the search result. But search engines' policy change very often. Couple of months ago Google decides to rank the sites best on their contents. That means they said they will consider the quality of the contents of a site. 

Whatever the case is you should try to build up links on higher PR sites. And at the same time your content must be good, unique and interesting too. 

Now I will talk about few easy ways for creating backlinks. Yeah it's simple. But time consuming. 
  • Commenting: You can comment on other sites like blog, website, forum etc with your site's link. Make sure your comment is relevant, useful and attractive. 
  • Creating Accounts: Many websites let their users create an account with their own URL. So when you create web accounts make sure to include your URL there if you've that opportunity. 
  • Posting: There are many websites, blogs and forums where you can write. While writing on other sites try to relate your topic with your site's contents. And try to create link. If your post is popular you will get a good number of visitors as bonus! 
  • Submission: Submit your site in different free submission site. If your site's link is found in those sites it will be considered as backlinks. 

These are the main ways to create links or backlinks. There are many other ways. But they are nothing but the variations of the above methods. 

Hope you know how to create anchor text. But who don't know follow the system below:
  1. Your Text: Marks PC Solution
  2. Your Link: http://munnamark.blogspot.com
  3. You should write: <a href=http://munnamark.blogspot.com>Marks PC Solution</a>
Above system is for the blog or websites. This is called HTML anchor text. But if you'd like to create anchor text for the forum then follow this system:
  1. Your Text: Marks PC Solution
  2. Your Link: http://munnamark.blogspot.com
  3. You should write: [url=http://munnamark.blogspot.com]Marks PC Solution[/url] 

This is known as BB code anchor text. 

If you can successfully create anchor text you will only see Marks PC Solution. When someone click on it he will be directed to the URL of Marks PC Solution. 

Finally, you should know that, backlink is not only important for search engines but also important to drive traffic in your site! 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

MS Excel Training: Basics, Salary Sheet, Result Sheet, Electric Bill

MS Excel Training Sheet

Hello Guys! 

Today I've come with something special for you! This is about Microsoft Excel Training. You will get an Excel File with some popular excel sheets. 

Previously I discussed about MS Word: 
But for the first time in this blog, I'm writing about MS Excel. The file contains the following materials:
  • Some Basics about MS Excel
  • Salary Sheet
  • Electric Bill 
  • Result Sheet
  • And some discussions
Hope you will be find it useful. All the sheets are included in a single file. It just 28 KB. After downloading the file you should be able to move different sheet from the bottom. For your convenience each sheet has been named properly.  But it supports only:
  • Office 2007 
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
If you're using 2003 or earlier version then first open this file in 2007 or 10. Then you can save the file for using in 2003. 

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Resize Image by Free Image Converter

large to small circle

Sometimes you may need to re size high quality images. Maybe you captured some photos by high quality digital camera. Most of the cases a photo maybe over 3 MB in size! 

If a single image is more than 3 MB in size and you have to send 30 images to someone by email then it maybe more than 90 MB. If your net connection is very poor or bandwidth is very limited then can you send these images to that person? 

What do you do in that case? Looking for a good network or not send at all? 

Well this problem has a very good solution. A 3 MB size photo maybe ideal for printing purpose. But only for viewing purpose it is not necessary to be more than 100 KB! And after re-sizing the image your 90 MB image folder will be less than 3 MB!!!

Let's discuss how to re-size the high quality image. 

Follow the instructions below: 
  1. Download the Free Image Converter from this link. Free means free. It has no premium version yet. 100% free of cost. 
  2. Now install this on your PC. It supports all running versions of Windows i.e. XP, Vista, 7 and 8. 
  3. After installing you should find an icon of the image converter on your desktop. Double click on it to open. 
  4. Click on the Add Images button to select few images. Or choose Add Folder option to choose a large image folder. 
  5. Now have a look at the right panel- simple options. Select size and quality. Or keep it in default settings- size 800 * 60 and quality 70. 
  6. Then hit on the Simple Convert. 
  7. Now a new window will ask you to choose a location to store the converted images. Choose a specific folder or create a new one. Done! Just wait for the operation to be finished! 
Note: I've personally tested this software. I've converted my 1 GB photo folder. There were more than 400 photos. After converting the size it was just 20 MB! And it took less than 5 minutes! Quality was also satisfactory. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eject and Close CD/ DVD Tray by Mouse!

Eject and Close CD tray

Dear Friends! Today I will share a small soft with you. Soft means 22 KB. And its zipped size is just 8 KB! This software is made for handling your CD/ DVD tray. 

Turn Off Monitor by Mouse Click

You can open your CD/ DVD tray by pressing the button or by ejecting option from My Computer. But you can't close it by mouse click from My Computer. With this software you can open or close your CD/ DVD drive just by mouse click! 

You can place this software anywhere you like. Maybe you like to keep it on your Desktop. This application supports all running version of Windows:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 and 8
Now do the following to use this cute soft:
  1. Download the zipped folder from the link below.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Keep it on your Desktop
  4. Double click to eject CD/ DVD tray, and click twice again to close it.

Tips: If you're using Windows 7 or 8 then right click on it and select pin to task bar. Now you will see a quick link of this software on your task bar. And you will be able to close and open your CD/ DVD tray just by single click! 

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Create Shortcuts for Symbols in Microsoft Word?


Though graphical user interface has almost smashed away the command line, still keyboard shortcut is very popular among professionals. Still it is the best way to get out the best from any software. Because graphical user interface may let you easily use the software but keyboard shortcuts can give you the productivity. 

Earlier I've provided keyboard shortcuts for different programs. You can also read these:
Today you will learn how to create shortcuts for symbols or special characters in MS Word.  For example: Alt + 1 for ×, Ctrl + Num 0 =  ,  Ctrl + Num 1 = ÷ etc. Okay let's begin: 
  1. At first open MS Word.
  2. Then go to Symbol (Word XP and 2003 users will find it under Insert Menu. And Word 2007 and 2010 should go to the Insert Tab then at the right side there will be Symbol option. Then choose More Symbols from down arrow).
  3. Now you will see the Symbol Window with many symbols arranged under different fonts. 
  4. Select the Symbol or Character you want to make a shortcut for.
  5. Click the Shortcut Key.
  6. In the Press New Shortcut Key box press the key combination you wanna use for the selected symbol. For example: Ctrl + desired letter. Desired letter maybe 1 or num 1, or A, B, C etc. But make sure that this combination doesn't conflict with any existing shortcuts. (Never assign any shortcuts from Ctrl + A to Ctrl + Z. Use Alt key while combining with A to Z)
  7. Finally hit on the Assign button. Or if you wanna remove the previous one then hit on the remove button. That's it. 
Note: Some characters may already have shortcut key combination. You will see the combination when you are in the symbol window. It will be right to the Shortcut Key button. 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Translate Text or Webpage by Google Translate

Google Translate Logo
Google is something that net user can't ignore. Without Google net world is incomplete. Though Facebook is growing fast and already have more than 1000 million registered users. Still many people don't have FB ID. But there might not be a single person who uses net but doesn't use Google. 

Most of the people know that Google has many products and services. Search Engine, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and so many. Today I will discuss about a small but great service. This is Google Translate

By this time many of you know that Google Translate is an online language translator. Currently it supports 66 languages. With this tool you can:
  • Translate a given text
  • Translate a document by uploading it
  • Translate a webpage by its URL
Even you can suggest the correct translation if something is wrong. 

  • Translating few words or sentences: Go to Google Translate. Type or copy the text in the left box. Choose your language. Or if you don't know the language then choose detect language. Now select the language that you want to translate to. Click on the translate button. 
  • Translating Document: If you would like to translate a whole document saved in your hard disk then visit Google Translate first. Click on Translate a document. Then choose your document and upload it. Now click on Translate button. Don't forget to choose the target language! 
  • Translating Web Page: If you wanna translate a web page then copy and paste the URL in the left box. Select your desired language and click on the Translate button. Whole website will be translated in that language! 

If you see any wrong translation then please correct this. There you will find an option to contribute better translation.  

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Office 2010 Activator (KMS) !!

Office 2010 Acitvator

Day by day cracking has been a tough job. But yet very possible. Earlier a software may require only serial key to activate. But today there are many other options. Sometimes you might be asked to connect to the internet to activate or sometimes you're asked to make a phone call! 

Microsoft Office 2010 has the same problem. It is not simply activated by the CD key. Sometimes CD key may not be asked during the installation process. If you're required to enter serial then try any of the following:







After installing a trial version of Office 2010 you're allowed to use it for 30 days only. After that it will ruin your peace. It will give you continuous love messages each time you start office. Today I'm gonna share an activator by which you can activate Office 2010 and stop unwanted love messages by MS Office 2010! 

  1. First, download the file from Link 1 or Link 2  (It's just 1 MB) 
  2. This is named as Mini KMS.mp3 and you've to rename it as Mini KMS.zip. 
  3. Now Open Mini KMS.zip and there you will get the .iso file. Open the ISO file with Windows Explorer or by any ISO software. Now do the following - 
  4. Now hit on the activator. (Disconnect net and close all running office programs) 
  5. Choose Activate Office 2010.
  6. Here you will see a command prompt window. You may ask to type 1 through 3. Type 1 or 2 to start the process and wait for 1 or 2 minutes. 
  7. Then press any key to exit. 

Warning: If security software/ browser/ any other tool shows warning, don't believe it. Simply avoid the warning and use it . . . 

Activate Office 2010 by KMS

Office 2010 Activation Message

This KMService will activate Office 2010 for 180 days or 6 months. After finishing this time period run the same process. 

This KMS works for more than 90% of the users. However in few cases it fails to activate your Office 2010. I don't know the actual cause behind the failure. If you're one of the unlucky persons then you can use another method. Though boring, you can rearm your office for every one month. 

  • Go to the step 4
  • Hit on the Rearm Office 2010 button
  • Your office will be rearmed for 30 days
  • Now try to activate the office again 

Sometimes this activator works properly after rearming!

If you face any problem, don't hesitate to knock me . . .

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How to Disable Automatic Update of Firefox?

Firefox is one of the top browsers. Though its market share is falling down. But still more or less 40% net users (NB: It varies time to time) use Mozilla Firefox as their default browser. Ask why? Due to its thousands of popular add-ons, compatibility with most of the websites etc. etc..  

As used by large number of users, there are also a large number of complaints. A common complaint is made by the users who use limited bandwidth is- Automatic Update. Because Firefox is a popular browser, this is the choice of hackers to attack. So, Mozilla provides updates very frequently. 

And most of the updates may not be required by the normal people. They may try to turn off the update. But where is the option? Today, I'm gonna show how to turn off the auto update of Firefox. Follow the steps below:
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox. 
  2. Choose Options from the Tools menu. 
  3. Then go to the Advanced Tab. 
  4. Now hit on the Update option as you can see in the image below.
  5. Then you can choose any option under the Firefox Updates option as you like.
  6. I recommend to choose: Never check for updates. That's it. 

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Postimage.org: Free Image Hosting Service!!

Sometimes you may need to share images with someone. You can simply mail him. Or you can share images in Facebook, Google Plus or in any platform. But this may not satisfy you. Maybe you wanna share with specific people. 

In that case you can use free image hosting service. There are many websites that provide this service. I recommend you Postimage.org. And this is very handy and popular too. You can also register for free if you need to use the uploaded images in the future. 

Its use is very simple. Follow the simple steps below:
  1. Visit postimage.org
  2. Have a look at the upload option. Image, Url and Many images. If you just want to upload from PC then choose image option. Or if you need to upload from an URL then choose URL
  3. Hit on Choose Files and select the image you need to upload
  4. Now choose content type. 
  5. Hit the upload button. 
  6. After uploading you will get some links. These are the links that you can share with your friends, blogs, forums or websites. 
  7. For normal purpose use the URL that appears in the Link box. 
  8.  Here is an example: http://postimage.org/image/6rwmoq7x9/ 

If you wanna keep it further then register for a new account first. Then you will see a button named My Images. Your uploaded images will be stored there. 

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Browse with SRWare Iron: Fast, Simple & Reliable

Even one year ago people were very interested to use Firefox. They were leaving Internet Explorer and moving to Mozilla Firefox. People are still moving from one browser to another. But this time they are moving from Firefox  or IE to Google Chrome. 

Google Chrome is an open source browser. And more than half of total net users are using it now. Its interface is very simple and good looking. Where Firefox looks very boring. Still people would like to use Firefox due to its exclusive add ons. But chrome is also trying to rich their amount of extensions. 

Today my discussion is not about Google Chrome. I will discuss about SRWare Iron that is made by the source code of chromium. You may ask why should I use Iron instead of chrome? Well there are several reasons to avoid chrome. Let me list them: 
  • Chrome contact Google too much. It tries to monitor your online activities and sends information to Google. Certainly this is a threat to your privacy. And Iron don't do anything like chrome. 
  • Chrome creates an unique user ID (!!!) when you install it on your PC. This ID helps Google to identify you. 
  • When you type something in the address bar, chrome sends information to Google what you type in the address bar! Google tries to customize your search according to your need. But people don't like it. 
  • Chrome installs an automatic updater when starts that runs in the background. 
  • Chrome doesn't have built-in ad-blocker. But Iron has it. 
  • And you can use Google Chrome avoiding its limitations and difficulties just by using Iron.

All the problems discussed above is not present in SRWare Iron. It lets you browse with safety, security and reliability.  

If you're interested to know detailed information about Chrome Vs. Iron, then visit here

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Friday, January 04, 2013

How to Change Measurement Unit of Office 2003, 07 and 10

Couple of months ago, I wrote about how to show text boundaries in MS Office. If you need to know about text boundaries then read the following post:
Today I'm gonna talk about changing the measurement unit of Microsoft Office. You know what is measurement unit. This is the unit by which you can set up your page size, margins etc. etc.. But sometimes it may be changed due the change in the language option. Or other program may lead the change. Whatever the reason you might be in trouble due to the change in the measurement scale. 

Or sometimes the default settings might not be in your favor. For example, you would like to work in inches. But default setting is centimeters. And you may not know that 1 inch equals to 2.54 centimeters. And this is very irritating too. 

Ok let's see how to customize the measurement scale. I'm gonna discuss about all the running versions of Microsoft Office.  

For Office 2003 Users:
Open MS Word > Tools Menu > Options > General > Measurement Units > There are 5 options: Inches, Centimeters, Millimeters, Points, Picas > Choose any of them that suits you > Hit OK. 

For Office 2007 Users:
Open MS Word > Hit on the Office Button from top-left corner > Click Word Options Button >  Choose Advanced from left pane > Now scroll down to the Display section > Show measurement in units of: choose any of the units from the drop down box > Hit OK.  

For Office 2010 User: 
Open MS Word > File > Options > Advanced > Scroll down to the Display Section > Choose your desired unit from the drop down box right to the Show measurement in units of > Hit OK

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

How to Optimize and Improve the Loading Time of Websites

Couple of weeks ago I discussed about Pagespeed. It was about how much faster your site is according to Google Pagespeed. Today I will discuss about Web Page Optimization that is very similar to pagespeed topic. 

Bloggers are too much busy with SEO. And many of them are not interested in WSO. But they don't know Web Site Optimization is also a part of SEO. A site that takes huge time to load will be deprived of returning visitors. But Google focus on Returning visitors while considering page rank!

Today's discussion about the loading time of any website including blog or forum. In Google Page Speed there you can get only a score out of 100 with few suggestions. But in WebSiteOptimization.com you will get a detailed information about what to do to improve the loading time. 

Follow the steps below to analyze your site:
  1. Visit WebSite Analyzer
  2. Enter your site's URL ├Čn the box named- Enter URL to diagnose and hit on the submit button. (ie. http://munnamark.blogspot.com)
  3. Retype the captcha character in the box provided and hit on continue button.
  4. Now you get the report of your site in detail named as Web Page Speed Report.

In this report you will get necessary information about your whole website. Each element of your site will be discussed separately. Thus you can understand which parts of your site need to be optimized. 

Though everything is clearly defined in the report I'm gonna discuss about the most important things to focus:
  • Number of Objects: Make sure your total number of objects is less than 20. Object may be any graphic designs, buttons etc. The more the objects in your page the more time it will take to load. Because it may increase HTTP requests.  
  • Image Size and amount: You may like to use more images. But excessive use of images will increase the loading time as it may increase HTTP requests. 
  • Number of CSS Files: Don't use too much external CSS files. Because they are placed at the head of your HTML and need to be load faster than any other contents. So keep as few CSS files as possible. 
  • Position of number Java Scripts: Place JavaScript at the end of the body if possible. So that they can't slow down the loading of the contents. And don't use too much external JavaScript in the page. Keep Java Script size within 20 KB. 
  • Size of the Page: Keep the total size of the page within 100 KB if possible.  

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