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How to Install Windows from USB Disk?

Today I'm gonna share a very useful tip with you. In this post, you will learn - how to create a bootable USB disk (pen drive) for Windows/ Linux. And this is the easiest way to install Windows from USB disk. Earlier, I wrote about creating bootable Windows disk .  If your PC doesn't have a DVD drive, or if your DVD drive is not functioning properly, you can use your pen drive to install Windows. And notebooks don't have DVD drive usually. To install Windows there, you must require a bootable pen drive.  This post applies to: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 I haven't tested this technique for Windows XP. Maybe this will also work there. But I'm not 100% sure about XP.  In order to install Windows from USB Flash Drive, you need the following tools: A USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive (8 GB Recommended) Windows ISO Image Rufus - to create bootable USB disk Step 1 - Get Windows ISO Image Hopefully, all of you got a

Download Portable ISO Creator - 256 KB Only!

Most of you are familiar with ISO file. It's a digital image of an optical disk. An ISO file can be burnt through Nero , Infra Recorder or other image burning tools. You can back up your Windows disk as an ISO image and later you can burn it to a CD or DVD.  Suppose you have a notebook or tiny laptop which have no DVD drive. Or you desktop PC may not include a DVD drive. Or your DVD drive may not by functioning now. But you or your friend have a Windows disk. You can back up this disk image as ISO. And later you can install Windows from this ISO disk trhough burning it to a USB or DVD disk.  There are different tools for creating ISO files. Earlier I discussed about Infra Recorder  which is capable of creating .iso file and burning it to a disk. But today I would like to share a Portable ISO Creator which is just capable of creating .iso file only.  Features With this ISO Creator, you can create iso image of any Windows Disk, files or folders.

How to Get Facebook Numeric ID?

Whether you're using Facebook or Google Plus, you have an unique numeric identity number. If you're a Google Plus user, you must notice a number in your profile URL unless you haven't got a username from Google. But Facebook automatically gives you a username after opening account. And thus your numeric ID is hidden from Facebook Profile URL. But you may often need to use the numeric ID of your Facebook account.  If you are an apps developer, or using social plugins for your site, you may need to use your numeric ID.  Today I'm gonna share an easy way to find out the numeric ID of your Facebook account.  In this way, you can find any person's profile ID number and Facebook page ID number. Follow the instruction below: Go to this URL - And type your username as - For example - Now you will get the following details -  "

Windows 9 Preview is on the Way!!

Many Windows OS users haven't tried Windows 8 yet. Even some of them are using Windows XP and thinking to swich to the Windows 7. And Microsoft is still passing a hard time to encourage users to use Windows 8. In this situation, Windows 9 (Threshold) Preview is gonna be released at the end of Septemeber, maybe 30th September. And to be honest, I'm just waiting for it.  Because you know, I try all the preview versions of new Windows. Because I've to inform my visitors about new way of using the Windows. And as soon as I'm getting Windows 9 Preview, I will start exploring it.  So, What's New?  Nobody can give you any straight answer. Because the changes will only be visible after the release. But information gets leaked easily. I've searched information from different sites. So far, I've got the following changes to be experienced in the next version of Windows -  Windows Charm could be vanished. Many users get puzzled while turni

SPlayer - The Smartest One!

SPlayer is a really fast and smart media player for any format. Starting from 3GP to MKV, SPlayer is my first choice. It can play any video or audio file. It's start up time is super fast. And the control is very easy. You can operate this better than any other media player.  My visitors often ask me for a good media player. They ask which one is best, or which is capable of running with minimum configuration. And my answer is always same - SPlayer!  Important Features/ Advantages 100% Free + Open Source (No Ads) Low Resource Consumption - Fast Start up, Low CPU Consumption Easy Interface - Ease of use, easy controls Auto Matching Subtitle Portable Version Available Let's this this out -  Download SPlayer 3.7 from this link . It's less than 8 MB. You can also try the Portable Version . Now install SPlayer on your system. It takes less than 20 MB hard disk space. And it's compatible with any running version of Windows. After c

IDM 6.21 Portable!!

Today I'm gonna share IDM 6.21 (Portable). You don't need any serial key or crack to run it. It's only 6.24 MB. Even you don't need to install it. All you need is just to download and unzip the folder. And your IDM is ready to serve you!  Couple of weeks ago, I shared IDM 7.2 Portable . But it has some features disabled. But this IDM 6.21 has all features enabled. And it's pre activated!  As I always said, IDM is a very easy to use download manager. It's the most trusted downloader all over the world. Follow the instruction below: Download IDM 6.21 . (It's completely free of spam, virus or ads) It's a zipped folder - unzip it first. Now open the folder and double click on IDMan.exe to run IDM.  Now start downloading! Note: If you copy any download link, IDM will automatically take the URL from clipboard. This version also contains a tutorial. If you need any tips, directly go to the Help menu and choose tutorial to view t

Creating Custom Brush in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator can be compared to a programming tool in that sense, it provides a lots of ways to customize your graphics works. It provides so many designing options which you hardly get in other graphics tools. In this lesson, you will learn how to create amazing brushes within few minutes!  Today I'm gonna talk about how to create custom brushes - Scatter Brush, Art Brush & Pattern Brush. After creating these brushes, you can use them as borders for different shapes such as triangle or oval etc.  Note: This tutorial applies to all versions of Adobe Photoshop. However I've prepared this tutorial using Illustrator CS6.  Okay let's start -  Run Adobe Illustrator from your PC. Now look at the tools panel and find the Paintbrush Tool (See the image on the left). I will create two little objects with this tool which later will be used to create awesome brushes.  Go to the File Menu > New > Create a new document of any size.

How to Change Office 2013 Theme?

Just 2 days ago, I shared Office 2013 Activator . And from now, you will get tips on Microsoft Office 2013. I'm gonna start with a little trick - customizing the office theme. Microsoft Office has 3 themes - Dark Gray, Light Gray and White. And you can choose one which you prefer. By default, you will get the light gray or white theme. But I don't like them at all. Because both of them looks somewhat like blue. My choice is dark gray. And I really like it. Because this will protect your eyes from light. But in light gray, you may feel too much light.  You can also change the theme if you want. It takes less than a minute. Simply look at the image below: Hope you've understood the procedure from the above image. Again I'm gonna clarify it. Remember that, you can change the theme from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. But I'm using Word Now. Follow the steps below: Run Word 2013 Click on the File button from the upper left corner Now ch