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Gmail Labs: Enhance your Gmail Experience!

Most of the people prefer Gmail as their email service. But not more than 10% of them are familiar with Gmail Labs. Maybe you're thinking what are labs? Gmail Labs are some experimental features which you can add in your Gmail. About Gmail Labs Gmail has some experimental features which are not enabled by default. But you can use any of these features to test. Most of the labs are running for a long time without any major problem. But as these features are experimental, you should remember -  These features may change They may break Even they may disappear at any time If any enabled Gmail Labs feature is out of service and you face any problem to load your inbox, then you can use the following URL to load the inbox without any lab feature - labs=0 Look at the red part of the link. Labs=0 means all the labs are disabled. If you wanna back to your normal settings, simply remove labs=0 from this link. Then

Superfighter - Free Flash Action Game!!

Hello Guys! Today I've come with a fighting game. Maybe you think of WWE or something like that. But I'm gonna share a simple flash game with you - Superfighter. It's a very tiny game which was released more than a decade ago. Hope you will enjoy playing the game. About the Game Name: Superfighter Publisher: Eville File Type: Flash Number of Level: 5 Download Size: 492 KB Extracted Size: 760 KB System Requirements As a little flash game, it doesn't need any special requirement. Works with any running version of Windows OS including Windows 98. Download & Play . . .  Download Superfighter from  this link . Extract the file and double click on Superfighter.exe to run the game. Hit on the Go on button. Hit on the New Game button to start the game. Use Arrow Keys to fight.  Instruction To kick, press left arrow. To jump and kick, press up arrow. To punch, press down arrow. To back kick, press

Download Any Video Converter Ultimate with Serial !!

Any Video Converter Ultimate (AVC Ultimate) is a reliable software for working with your media files. With this tool, you can convert video files, capture video from screen or webpage with audio, download videos from YouTube, burn video files to disk . . .  About the Software Name: Any Video Converter Ultimate  Version: 5.8.0 Publisher: Anvsoft Inc. Type: Media Converter File Type: Executable Download Size: 36.4 MB System Requirements: No special system requirement. Works with any running version of Windows OS. Features & Advantages Fast and reliable Works with more than 200 video formats Preserves the original quality Different output profiles for different devices Converts CD/ DVD into popular formats & vice versa Record video from website or computer screen with sound! Download Audio/ Video from online Play all kinds of Audio/ Video files Video Editing (Split, merge, crop, rotate, special effect,

No More New Windows in the Future !!

Believe it or not, you're gonna face this unbelievable fact. With the reference of Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft employee, BBC has published a report on May 08, 2015 with the heading -  Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions . Most of the Windows lovers around the world were shocked after hearing such a news. Popular Versions of Windows  Started from November 20, 1985, Microsoft has released more than 20 versions of Windows. But how many could you name if you're asked to make a list? I guess not more than 6 or 7.  The most popular operating systems released by Microsoft are -  Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows XP Windows 7 Many users haven't even touch Windows Vista due to its security bugs and heavy system requirements. After XP, Windows 7 was the most successful one. Windows 8 and 8.1 are still struggling in the market.  Personally, I like Windows 8 most. But there are some major changes in Windows 8 interface which make the

oDesk & Elance Merged as Upwork!

Have you tried to sign in to your oDesk account recently? If you don't then try now. I think you can't visit oDesk website anymore! It will be redirected to a new site - Upwork . Just few days ago, the largest online marketplace oDesk has merged with Elance . I got an email message from oDesk on May 06, 2015 with the following subject -  oDesk is now Upwork At first I was really surprized! Why did they change their name? oDesk has already been a popular platform for the freelancers across the world. And they didn't mention anything about their merger with Elance.  Later I got the details from the newspapers.  Last year, oDesk merged with Elance. And the name has been changed recently. But if you visit Upwork , you may not find much change in their site. Most of the options are very similar to oDesk. Your username, password, email, profile information and any other information will be remain same. New CEO Upwork got a new Chief Executive Officer.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Get Higher Ranking!

Few days ago, when I signed in to my Google AdSense account, I got a notification - Your site's mobile-friendliness is now considered as a Google Search ranking signal. Before that I received an email from AdSense Team with the subject - Upcoming mobile-friendliness change in Google Search, is your AdSense site ready? Yes, Google have started applying this rule since April 21, 2015. And I've already tested my site. Marks PC Solution have successfully passed the Mobile-Friendly test! See the result below: I've also analyzed Marks PC Solution on Google PageSpeed Insights . That result is also satisfactory for mobile devices. Have a look - You can also test your site. Simply follow the link below: Take the Mobile-Friendly Test After visiting the above link, enter your site's URL to the box. Now hit on the Analyze button to start the test. Within few seconds, you will get the result. If it says okay then you can relax. But if the tes