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Changing Digit Grouping (Comma Style) in MS Excel - Million to Lakh

Well this is a very common problem for our sub-continent i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka. Cause our digit grouping system doesn't match with the international system. To be more specific - they use million, billion etc. But we use - lakh (also lac), crore etc. 
Users of the mentioned regions often face problem with the comma separator position in MS Excel. Cause the default system is international. It doesn't suit our digit grouping system. 
International System - Separates every three digits 1,000.0010,000.00100,000.001,000,000.001,000,000,000.00
Subcontinental System - Separates every two digits after the 1st three digits
1,000.0010,000.00 1,00,000.001,00,00,000.001,00,00,00,000.00 
If you're familiar with the Indian Subcontinent system and if you're bound to use this system then it will be a big trouble if you don't know the solution. Well nothing to worry about as you are going through this article. Cause from the very next moment you'…

Facebook Gonna Introduce Unlike Button??

For last few days, it's been a big question in the world of web. Is Facebook really thinking about a dislike button? Will Mark Zuckerberg allow it? Not only the facebookers, but the whole world of web is waiting for the answers! Let's explore . . . 

You know, everything shared on Facebook can either be liked, shared or commented. But there is no option to express sad feelings. Not all stories could be liked. Let me recall you the following stories - 
The Heart-Breaking Death of 4-year Old Boy Jihad in Unsealed Deep Tube Well in Dhaka, BangladeshTaliban Attack in Peshawar School, Pakistan (145 Killed)The Killing of 8 Children in AustraliaThe Capsize of Oil Tanker in the Shella River in Sundarbans (350000 Liters Furnace Oil, Covering 350 Sq. KM Area)  The Tragic Death of Australian Batsman Phillip HughesRana Plaza Tragedy in Savar, Bangladesh (Approx. 1129 Killed, 2515 Injured)The Missing of Flight 370 with 239 People
Wouldn't you hesitate to hit the like button when somebody s…

Facebook Introduced Post Search Feature!

Couple of days ago, I was typing something on Facebook search box. And a notification appeared as - Now you can search posts! I was really surprised. Immediately I tried the feature and it was very useful. With this option, you can find any posts that you've seen before on Facebook. 

Recently, Facebook has improved it's search option. Earlier, we could search for People, Pages or Groups only. But now the users can also search for - 

PostsPhotosVideosLinks etc.
Note: Photos or videos can be found by the words used with them while sharing. 

How to Search for Posts/ Videos/ Photos?
Suppose you need to find something on Facebook which you've seen before. It could be either a post, photo or video. Remember the words which were used with it.  Now type the words in Facebook search box. Don't press Enter. Click on the search icon of the search box.Now you will get the following view - 

Look at the above image. There are options like posts, people, photos, pages, places etc. Try them …

Write Blog Posts by Windows Live Writer

Though I’m engaged in blogging for two years, I never tried to write posts using any third party tool. Only a few days ago, I've come to know that Windows Live Writer allows to prepare draft post. And after completing the draft, you can publish it on your site!

Why Windows Live Writer?

It’s a good question to start with. Both Blogger and WordPress (or any other blogging platform) have a nice typing interface. You can easily write and publish a post using the default options. So, you may ask – is there any necessity to use Live Writer? My answer is – YES! Just consider the following points: Live Writer provides an interface that almost looks like MS Word. It allows you to create table without using HTML (Exclusive Feature)!! You can work offline even without connecting to the Internet. You can count words, check spelling and so on . . . Live Writer is fully integrated with WordPress. But it also supports all major blogging platforms like Blogger, TypePad, SharePoint etc. After installing …

Download MOZ SEO Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Many of you maybe already familiar with the Web Developers' SEO Cheat Sheet created by Danny Dover. It's really a nice sheet which contains some crucial SEO tips for the webmasters. In this post, I'm gonna share The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet 2.2 with you. It's been last updated in February, 2014. 

Before applying these tricks, you should know: This shit is very short and preciseThese tips are ideal for intermediate to advance usersYou should back up your site's code before applying these tricksIt contains only on-page optimization tips

Download Instruction
I've uploaded the file to Google Drive. It's completely free download without any adware or malware.  Download MOZ SEO Cheat Sheet 2.2 (Only 110 KB)Unzip the folder and store the PDF file in a safe place.Enjoy the SEO tricks . . . 

Topics Covered Important HTML Elements i.e. Title Tag, Meta Description, Hyperlinks etc.HTTP Status CodesCanonicalizationURL best practicesRobot Control SyntaxSitemap Syntax…