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Changing Digit Grouping (Comma Style) in MS Excel - Million to Lakh

Well this is a very common problem for our sub-continent i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka. Cause our digit grouping system doesn't match with the international system. To be more specific - they use million, billion etc. But we use - lakh (also lac), crore etc. 
Users of the mentioned regions often face problem with the comma separator position in MS Excel. Cause the default system is international. It doesn't suit our digit grouping system. 
International System - Separates every three digits 1,000.0010,000.00100,000.001,000,000.001,000,000,000.00
Subcontinental System - Separates every two digits after the 1st three digits
1,000.0010,000.00 1,00,000.001,00,00,000.001,00,00,00,000.00 
If you're familiar with the Indian Subcontinent system and if you're bound to use this system then it will be a big trouble if you don't know the solution. Well nothing to worry about as you are going through this article. Cause from the very next moment you'…

How to Download a Part of YouTube Video?

Most people download the whole YouTube video even when he needs a small portion of that video. And certainly this wastes huge amount of data as well as valuable time. But you can easily cut an YouTube video and download only the part you need out of a large video! 

Background Story
Couple of weeks ago I was searching for an old Bengali song on YouTube. But it was not available in the largest video sharing site of the world! Fortunately, I got the full movie instead of the song. And that movie is 2.5 hours long. What should I do now? Download the full movie for a 5-minute song? Even the 3gp format of this movie is over 400 MB. When the song is only 12 MB. 
Though I know hundreds of different ways to download videos from YouTube, but I never think of downloading a small part. Then I googled to find out a way. And you will be happy to know that I got something there! Today I'm gonna share how to download a part of YouTube video instead of full video. 

Clip Converter: Free Online Media Re…

How to Sign out of Gmail Remotely?

Your email account is as important as your cell phone. Even sometimes it's more important than a cell phone. Because it may contain lots of personal as well as official information. Once hacked, it could be really tough to get back. So, you should keep your email ID safe and secured. Today I'm gonna discuss about how to sign out of Gmail from a remote location. 

Background Story

When I was in college, during my graduation, I used to sign in to my Gmail account from Computer Lab. And I used to select the Remember me option for quick login. One day, when I was working in my Gmail inbox, the electric supply interrupted. And I didn't have enough time to wait. So, I had to leave my account signed in to that browser. 

I was not sure whether the next user would get my account signed in or not. I was lucky that I didn't save my password. Otherwise anyone could see the saved password and access my account. 

However, there was nothing to worry about! Because Gmail has a great way to…

Bliss - World's Most Viewed Photo!

Windows users are certianly familiar with the default wallpaper of Windows XP - Bliss. In fact, most of the people are familiar with the Bliss wallpaper even not being a computer user! Over the last decade it's been the most viewed as well as famous photo of the world. You should know Microsoft has stopped providing technical support for Windows XP from April 08, 2014. And now it's time to say Goodbye to this popular operating system. 

Microsoft purchased this photo from Charles O'Rear who is a former National Geographic photographer. Microsoft team visited his house before saying goodbye to Windows XP. You can watch the interview in YouTube

The Story Behind Bliss Wallpaper
Bliss is the default desktop wallpaper of Microsoft Windows XP. It is an image of a rolling green hill and a blue sky with clouds. Only few people can recognize this picture as natural. Most of us think that it's graphically manipulated. But the photographer said - it was not! Have a look - 

This phot…

Feeding Frenzy 2 Free Download !!!

Feeding Frenzy 2 is a survival game. You have to play with a fish where the larger one eats the smaller ones. You have to eat those fishes which are smaller than you. Basically there will be three stages. After finishing the first stage, you will be larger and capable of eating more fishes. Thus after clearing the three stages, you will be able to go to the next level. There are total 60 levels! 

Just couple of hours ago, I've shared another game - Egg Hunt. And I'm quite happy to share two games in a row at the same day! :) 
Download Feeding Frenzy 2
Download the game from the above link. Download size is 17.6 MB. I've uploaded the game in zip format. So after downloading, you've to unzip it first. And it's a portable version. It's already installed. You don't need to install it at all. :)


Go to the game folder and double click on FeedingFrenzyTwo.exe to run the game. Now hit on the Start Game button. Choose Resume if you've any saved game earli…

Download Flash Game Egg Hunt for Free!!

Hey Gamers! Are you busy with highly graphics consuming big games? Let's play a tiny flash game - Egg Hunt. Though somewhat childish, but Egg Hunt is really a challenging game. All you need to do is just collect eggs and avoid crap. You have to collect eggs through a basket to earn point. But if you take crap by mistake, points will be deducted! 

Have a look at the game screen. This is really attractive. Specially kids like this game a lot. 

Many flash games are harmful for your mouse.  But in this game, you don't need to click a button. You just need to move your button to collect eggs! So don't need to think about your mouse lifetime. ;)

Download Egg Hunt

Link 2

Download the game from the above link. It's just 550 KB. Now unzip it. Remember, this is the German version. I didn't find the English version of this game. But I can translate the words for you! 
German -  English
Punkte     -  Points Zeit           -  Time

Double click on EggHunt.exe to run the game. …

Cook Timer: Free Countdown Clock

Today I'm gonna share a nice countdown tool with you. Often you may need to set alarms while working with something. This is a light-weight and handy timer. It's known as Cook Timer. I think this will be really helpful for you.

Have a look at the interface below:

I think you've already got an idea from the above image. Look, I've set 5 minutes. And it's counting down. After finishing the 5 minutes, it will ring for two times - Tick tick. 

By default, you get 4 preset options. Choose any of the 4 radio buttons which you need. But if presets don't work for you, then choose Custom option. 

Choose custom to set alarm manually. Then set your time as HH:MM:SS.

Stop (Pause)
If you need to pause the timer for any reason, hit on the Stop button. When you need to resume, press Start. 

If you wanna stop the timer and start a new alarm, then hit on the Reset button. Then set it again. 

Automatic Restart
Suppose you need to hear alarm in every 5 minutes. Set the al…

Monetize your Site by 360 Adds (Payment Guaranteed)!!!

Just few hours ago, I've got my 3rd payment from 360 Adds by +Anzaq ali. This time I've been paid $ 384 via Western Union. There is a $ 25 transfer fee. There are many other sites which offer advertisement opportunity. But never be trapped. Only few companies are worth of trust. And I trust 360 adds

Today I'm gonna discuss about 360 Advertisement. If you have a site with at least few thousand pageviews and visitors every day, you will get a reasonable payment. I've more than 3500 unique visitors and near around 8000 pageviews every day. Everyday I get $14 on average. 

A Rough Estimation of Earning (Per Day)
500 Unique Visitors   - 1000 Pageviews - 1 Dollar1000 Unique Visitors - 2000 Pageviews - 2 Dollar2000 Unique Visitors - 4000 Pageviews - 4 Dollar3000 Unique Visitors - 6000 Pageviews - 6 Dollar4000 Unique Visitors - 9000 Pageviews - 10 Dollar
NB: This is a rough estimation only. You may talk to your Account Manager about this. 

Remember: The number of unique visitor is…

IcoFX Portable Free Download !!

IcoFx is a professional icon and cursor editing tool - an all in one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. This is a small but smart tool. Numerous features has been added to this software. But all these features are not my concern. I'm just gonna show how to convert image into icon using this tool. 

Before I start, could you please remember or at least have a look at the following posts? 

Show Custom Picture on Pen Drive!!!

About two years ago, I published this post. It's a very cool trick. Most of the users were able to apply this to their flash drives. But some of them couldn't. Because they failed to create a proper icon of their desired images. Then I wrote another post.

Convert Image into Icon Online!

It's an online tool. It's quite handy. But sometimes you may need to work offline where no connection is available. And it doesn't have much customization capacity. That's why I'm writing about IcoFX Portable. 

System Requirements
It's com…

Optimize the Performance Settings of Photoshop

Adjusting the performance settings could double your Photoshop experience. Though Photoshop automatically sets the performance depending on your hardware configuration. But sometimes you may need to adjust the default settings to improve the performance. If your hardware configuration is strong, you should customize the performance settings. 

Couple of days ago, I got a new CPU you know. And the following parts will affect the Photoshop performance:  Intel Core i3 Processor (3.3 GHz, 3 MB Cache)4GB DDR3 RAM (1600 Bus)1 TB HDDAnd I always use Photoshop CS5 (Portable) for edidting or creating image. The hardware of my old PC was not strong enough. And it didn't allow me to customize the settings so much. But the new one lets me customize the performance settings. 

Optimize the Performance Settings| Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6
Don't be confused! All the images used in this post, options I'm talking about are based on Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. Since I don't have old versions o…