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Guidelines for Using PC Properly

Look at the image above. Most of the regular users of desktop have this hand mark. Specially at the right hand and it is caused by your mouse. Even I have a mark too. Do you have this?  Couple of years ago people were not too much interested to use computer. In that time the use of computer was actually confined to the software developers, web developers, gamers etc.  But when the social sites specially Facebook gained popularity across the world the trend gets changed. Now the general people spend much more time on PC than developers!! Today I'm gonna talk about some ways (Tips n Tricks) to use your PC properly. The discussion will be divided into two parts. The first part is about your health. And the second part is about your PC health. Okay let's start. Remember: If you're a blogger or something like web developer or programmer then this tips is not for you. This applies to normal people. Part 1: For your Health Never use your PC f

Create Backlinks- Get Visitors by Posting in Popular Blogs and Forums

Certainly this is a Double Benefit Scheme for your blog or website. If you write in popular blog and forums with a link back to your site you will get two thing at a time. Number one is Backlink . And number two is visitors! So why do you skip this effective method of SEO?  To be honest, still this site can't get enough visitors from Search Engines. At best I get 15 to 20% visitors from search engines. You may ask- where do the other visitors come from? Well this is a good question. The top sources of visitors of Marks PC Solution are as follows: Different Social Sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc. Social Bookmarking Sites: Digg, StumbleUpon etc. Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Friends and Acquaintance : People who are requested by myself to visit my site. Engaged Users:  It's my pleasure to get some engaged visitors in my site. Recommendations: Sometimes a few number of visitors refer my site to their friends. Backlinks:  

How to Change the Size of Virtual Memory/ Paging File

In my previous post I talked about virtual memory . Today I'm gonna discuss about how to change the size of virtual memory. Before starting the main discussion I would like to say something about virtual memory again. But I recommend you to read my previous post about virtual memory.  A part of your hard disk space is used to support or accelerate the operations of your PC. This part is know as Paging File or Virtual Memory. When the amount RAM is low, it is virtual memory that supports RAM to carry out its activities. The term Virtual Memory and Paging File are used interchangeably.  By default Windows sets a virtual memory on your PC. Sometimes it may not be accurate. Or it may not be in the way that you would like to set. In that case you can change the size of virtual memory.  For example:  You may need to increase or decrease the size or virtual memory You may like to change the drive for virtual memory etc.  Before starting the operati

What is Virtual Memory and Why it is Necessary?

Today's computers are so powerful that users are not concerned or informed about virtual memory. Actually they don't need to! Because most of the modern computers comes with sufficient main memory or RAM. It may be 2 GB or more. And a PC with higher than 2 GB RAM hardly requires to use virtual memory.  Virtual Memory:   A minor part of your hard disk is used as  Virtual memory . Generally Windows OS automatically uses some space of your installation drive (In most cases Drive C ).  You can change the amount of virtual memory by yourself.  If you're running a program that requires a huge amount Random Access Memory, and if your computer lacks sufficient memory, Windows uses virtual memory to run that program.  In fact, virtual memory is used to boost the capacity of RAM and to accelerate the operations of your computer. It combines the RAM with temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM is low, virtual memory transfers data from RAM to a space named

Backup your Blogger Blog before It's Too Late!

Anytime you might loose your blogger account. After hacking your blogger account along with your blog the hacker can do anything. He can either delete, export or use your blog in his own name! Maybe you have spent thousand hours to establish the site. And you lose everything. Isn't it very terrible? So why don't you back up your site before it's too late?  Blogger has an option to back up the whole blog with comments! So, if you have the backup copy of your site, anytime you can open a new blog and restore your previous blog with comments.  Even you can restore your backup copy of blogger blog in WordPress Site. WordPress is capable of restoring blogger sites from the .xml file. Couple of months ago, I discussed about how to restore & backup blogger template . You can read that post to know about how to back up the template of your site.  Backup your Blog:   Sign in to your blogger account. Go to Settings from Design or Dashb

Use 7-Zip to Open .Rar file or .Zip file

Isn't it very strange to write about such an easy topic in this site? Maybe. But I'm gonna share a personal experience with you. After that you answer whether this post is unnecessary or not.  Few days ago I joined as an Internee at Uttara Bank Ltd. My first assignment in the bank was to print a file that officials failed to open. The Branch Manager knew about my computer skills. He asked me to troubleshoot the problem.  The task was very easy. It was simply a file with .rar extention. A mail was sent from Head Office. There were two files. So it was compressed by WinRar. As officials were not familiar with this file type they were confused. Then I just visited to the Filehippo and download the 7-Zip. After installing this I opened the file and printed this. :)  By the way, all of you (except new users) might be familiar with zip or rar files. There are many free as well as premium applications to compress the files or unpack the zipped files. But tod

Full Tutorial on Blogger Comment Optimization

In my very last post, I talked about word verification in blogger blog. Reducing spam comment was also discussed there. Today you're getting a full tutorial on optimizing comment option in blogger . What you should do and shouldn't do in Comments setting will be discussed today. Enjoy . . .  The aim of this tutorial is: To make your blog's commenting process easier To keep your blog free of spam To make your visitors engaged with your site Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account. Go to the Settings option from design or dashboard. Click on Post and Comments. Go to the Comments area. Now do the following: Comment Location: By default the location is embedded . You shouldn't change this to Full page, Pop up or Hide. Visitors like embedded comment box. This will appear just below your post.  Who can Comment? : There are four options: Anyone, Registered User , User with Google Accounts, Only members of this blog. Choo

How to Disable Word Verification (Captcha) in Blogger Comment

By default blogger blogs are designed to show word verification when visitors comment in a post. Though this is a very useful tool to avoid spam, but real users often get bored by this option. Besides blogger has an automatic spam checking tool. So you can remove the word verification option from the comment in order to let your visitors express their opinion easily.  While commenting on blogger blogs or other websites you may face a word challenge. And this is a very common thing. Specially when you open any online account. Sometimes words used in the verification option are too hard to guess. And users are very annoyed with this.  Look at the image above. When you comment on blogger blogs or someone comments on your blog he/she will face a challenge like this. Normally this option doesn't show any hard challenge. But sometimes they are also difficult to guess. Users have to try this again and again. If they are annoyed they will loose interest to express

How to Enable Search Description for Blogger and Blog Posts

Search description is shown just below the post in the web search result. It gives a brief idea about the topic you're looking for. Certainly a better search description helps you get more traffic from the search result. And it also helps you to get a better ranking!  Look at the image above. Someone is searching for- typing speed secret . Now look at the first two results showing here.  In the first post the description is somewhat related.  In the second post the search description is only the first few sentences of the post. That means search description is not included with the second post. And certainly it fails to attract visitors to enter your blog!  In the search description you can either use an important part of your post or you can create few lines for it which is actually not written in the post body. Whatever you do, make sure your search description is related to the post and quite attractive.  Today I'm gonna talk about ho

How to Create Custom Post URL in Blogger

When you publish a post in blogger, normally you don't need to create or set an URL. WordPress has the same feature. Post URL is automatically created from post title. But sometimes it maybe too large. And sometimes it may not be possible to show the full title in the URL. As a result it doesn't carry actual meaning. In that case you can customize your post URL.  Look at the Link below: This link is related to the post-  How to Check Cell Phones Quality Using IMEI - *#06# The title of the post carry the full meaning. You might notice that- here the URL doesn't carry the proper meaning. It only shows- how to check cell phones quality using. A user may not understand what does the post include just by URL.  But you can customize the URL in such a way so that it expresses a meaning and have precision. And certainly it will be easier for your visitors to underst