Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guidelines for Using PC Properly

Dark spot at the right hand by using mouse

Look at the image above. Most of the regular users of desktop have this hand mark. Specially at the right hand and it is caused by your mouse. Even I have a mark too. Do you have this? 

Couple of years ago people were not too much interested to use computer. In that time the use of computer was actually confined to the software developers, web developers, gamers etc. But when the social sites specially Facebook gained popularity across the world the trend gets changed. Now the general people spend much more time on PC than developers!!

Today I'm gonna talk about some ways (Tips n Tricks) to use your PC properly. The discussion will be divided into two parts. The first part is about your health. And the second part is about your PC health. Okay let's start.

Remember: If you're a blogger or something like web developer or programmer then this tips is not for you. This applies to normal people.

How to sit properly in front of a computer

Part 1: For your Health
  • Never use your PC for more than 3/4 hours a day. 
  • Make sure you've sufficient lighting and air facility in the place where you use PC.
  • Keep the place free of dust.
  • The chair and table you're using should be comfortable enough. Use only computer table. (Look at the image for proper positioning)
  • Never look at the screen continuously for a long time. Take break at least after every 5 minutes to avoid eye strain. Look at the wall or window of the room.
  • Sitting in front of PC for a long time is not a good idea. You can go for a little walk after every 30/40 minutes. Then you can back.
  • Never use PC in a dark room. Keep the light on while using PC. If you use PC in a dark room it will create a huge pressure on your eyes. The result will be the loss of vision! 
  • Keep the brightness of your monitor to a minimum level. High brightness may create eye strain.
  • Try to limit the use of social sites. Because surveys show these are not good for mental health. 

Part 2: For PC Health

  • Turn your PC on and turn it off properly. 
  • Never use too many programs at a time that your PC can't afford.
  • Use a reliable antivirus or security software that can protect your operating system from virus.
  • Close the unnecessary programs after using.
  • Never install too much programs on your PC. If you have unnecessary programs installed on your PC, just remove them.
  • Perform maintenance activities on a regular basis (Defragment, Disk Check, Clean Up etc.)
  • Open your casing at least two times a year. Clean it up properly and carefully. Check the internal and external connections. Unplug and plug them again if necessary.
  • Keep the place free. A small place is not good for a PC. Make sure the place is cool enough. Heat is always bad for a PC.
  • Never keep your PC turned on for a long time if the room is not air conditioned. Otherwise it will be over heated and thus it will affect the lifetime.
  • The cable used in the PC should be high quality. The main switch should also be perfect. Otherwise it may create short circuit. 

I will try to update this post later. Keep in touch . . .

Maintenance Tasks: Extend Your PC Life

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Create Backlinks- Get Visitors by Posting in Popular Blogs and Forums

SEO Backlinks Forum Posting Blog Posting

Certainly this is a Double Benefit Scheme for your blog or website. If you write in popular blog and forums with a link back to your site you will get two thing at a time. Number one is Backlink. And number two is visitors! So why do you skip this effective method of SEO? 

To be honest, still this site can't get enough visitors from Search Engines. At best I get 15 to 20% visitors from search engines. You may ask- where do the other visitors come from? Well this is a good question. The top sources of visitors of Marks PC Solution are as follows:
  • Different Social Sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites: Digg, StumbleUpon etc.
  • Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.
  • Friends and Acquaintance: People who are requested by myself to visit my site.
  • Engaged Users: It's my pleasure to get some engaged visitors in my site.
  • Recommendations: Sometimes a few number of visitors refer my site to their friends.
  • Backlinks: The last but not the least one. A huge number of visitors come from the links that I made to different forums, blogs or other websites. 

Today I'm gonna talk about forum posting and blog posting. I've already said that this is a double benefit scheme. You are getting Backlinks as well as visitors by posting on other sites. But there are some rules you should no. If you skip the rules it will be really tough to get visitors from Backlinks! 

Guidelines for Forum & Blog Posting: 

  • Select the popular forums and blogs in your country and foreign countries.
  • Make sure they have enough visitors and most of the visitors are active.
  • Create a profile for you. There should be an option to put your blog or website's link. You should give the link there.
  • Write the uncommon topics which are very exclusive. Make sure the topic is interesting and can attract people most.
  • Carefully place your link in the post so that visitors never get angry. And never try to force them to visit your site unnecessarily. Otherwise they might think you're spamming or deceiving them.
  • Never get nervous or aggressive by the negative comments of the readers. Some of them should be really stupid and they will try to misjudge you. In this case, you can pursue them. If they don't change then reply them with a satisfactory point. 
  • Try to answer the question (if any) in a proper way so that the person is grateful to you.
  • Try to focus on new and interesting topics. Before you write, you should search in that site whether this topic is discussed before or not. If it is discussed earlier but not strong enough then you can take a chance to write the topic again.
  • You can also ask the reader to visit your site politely. But before that you should write the post in that site in detail then you can suggest them to visit your site.
  • If the admin of that site is not pleased with you then he may warn you. In that case never misbehave with him. Keep in mind that it's your loss if you got banned from that site. 
  • Create an image of yourself on the forums you are writing. So that people treat you with care. Thus you will get some loyal persons.
  • If someone detects any mistake of you, thank him and say sorry. 
  • While others show hostile behavior with you, never take it personally. Try to avoid their misbehavior if they are wrong. But also think- are they really wrong or right? If they are right then you should apologize. 

Create Online Accounts:

This is very useful and easy way to create Backlinks  Though only creating online accounts can hardly give you traffic they can be useful to create link of your site. For example you can put your site's link on your Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook account. Or in any other sites where there is a chance to create a profile there should be an option to give your website's link. There you can put your home page URL. At least it will create a link of your site. 

Precautions in Creating Online Accounts:

  • Try to avoid using your main email ID. Use a secondary ID that is not very important for you.
  • Avoid using your important account passwords. Never use your email, facebook, twitter or wordpress password. Choose an easy to remember password for non important accounts like that- abc 123, 12345678, abcdef etc.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Change the Size of Virtual Memory/ Paging File

PNG Image of RAM, Virtual Memory, Main Memory

In my previous post I talked about virtual memory. Today I'm gonna discuss about how to change the size of virtual memory. Before starting the main discussion I would like to say something about virtual memory again. But I recommend you to read my previous post about virtual memory. 

A part of your hard disk space is used to support or accelerate the operations of your PC. This part is know as Paging File or Virtual Memory. When the amount RAM is low, it is virtual memory that supports RAM to carry out its activities. The term Virtual Memory and Paging File are used interchangeably. 

By default Windows sets a virtual memory on your PC. Sometimes it may not be accurate. Or it may not be in the way that you would like to set. In that case you can change the size of virtual memory. 

For example: 
  • You may need to increase or decrease the size or virtual memory
  • You may like to change the drive for virtual memory etc. 

Before starting the operation, check the amount of RAM installed on your PC. Right click on My Computer > Properties > Check the RAM

Or type dxdiag in the Run option. Read more

You can change the size of virtual memory as:
  • Increasing the Size (Keep it equal to the size of your RAM)
  • Or Decreasing the Size
  • Or setting No Paging File (Not Recommended) 

Whatever you wanna do, follow the steps below: 
  1. Press Start + Pause/Break to open System. Or right click on My Computer and hit on Properties.
  2. Now, Windows XP user should find the System Tab. And Windows Vista/ 7/ 8 user should go to the Advanced System Settings.
  3. Here a new window appears named System Properties. Go to the Advanced Tab of this window.
  4. Hit on the Settings located under the Performance section.
  5. Go to the Advanced Tab and click on the Change button.
  6. Now select the drive where you wanna set the virtual memory or paging file. (Use Drive C)
  7. Select the Custom Size. And look at the below of this Window. Minimum Allowed, Recommended and Currently Allocated. I suggest you to use the numeric value shows in the Recommended. 
  8. Look at the image below. Recommended is 2039 MB. I used 2039 MB both in Initial and Maximum size. You should also set an amount that shows in the recommended. 
  9. Type the recommended value both in Initial and Maximum size. Then hit on the Set button. Then hit OK > OK > OK.
  10. Restart your PC if required. 

Increase or Decrease the Size of Virtual Memory and Paging File

Short Instruction: 
Start + Break > Advance/ Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Settings under Performance > Advanced > Change > Custom Size > Type your required amount of virtual memory both in Initial and Maximum Size > Set > OK > OK > OK > Restart. 

After setting the virtual memory, you will see a file named pagefile.sys in the drive where you set the virtual memory. If you set the size of virtual memory 2 GB, then the size of pagefile.sys will be 2 GB. That means your hard disk space will be compensated. So, never set this unnecessarily high. 

Caution: You can choose no paging file from the step 8. But deleting or disabling the paging file is not recommended! 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What is Virtual Memory and Why it is Necessary?

Today's computers are so powerful that users are not concerned or informed about virtual memory. Actually they don't need to! Because most of the modern computers comes with sufficient main memory or RAM. It may be 2 GB or more. And a PC with higher than 2 GB RAM hardly requires to use virtual memory. 

A minor part of your hard disk is used as Virtual memory. Generally Windows OS automatically uses some space of your installation drive (In most cases Drive C).  You can change the amount of virtual memory by yourself. 

If you're running a program that requires a huge amount Random Access Memory, and if your computer lacks sufficient memory, Windows uses virtual memory to run that program. 

In fact, virtual memory is used to boost the capacity of RAM and to accelerate the operations of your computer. It combines the RAM with temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM is low, virtual memory transfers data from RAM to a space named Paging File. Transferring data to paging file frees up the RAM to perform its task.  

The more RAM you've on your PC, the faster you can operate it. So, if your PC is slowing down due to the lack of RAM, then you should increase the amount of virtual memory by compensating a part of your installation drive. This part or virtual memory will be used  by Windows as RAM. 

But increasing the virtual memory is not the ultimate solution. Because it is not as fast as RAM. And your PC can't read data from hard disk as quickly as it can read from RAM. So adding RAM is a better solution. 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Backup your Blogger Blog before It's Too Late!

Restore Blogger Blog

Anytime you might loose your blogger account. After hacking your blogger account along with your blog the hacker can do anything. He can either delete, export or use your blog in his own name! Maybe you have spent thousand hours to establish the site. And you lose everything. Isn't it very terrible? So why don't you back up your site before it's too late? 

Blogger has an option to back up the whole blog with comments! So, if you have the backup copy of your site, anytime you can open a new blog and restore your previous blog with comments. 

Even you can restore your backup copy of blogger blog in WordPress Site. WordPress is capable of restoring blogger sites from the .xml file.

Couple of months ago, I discussed about how to restore & backup blogger template. You can read that post to know about how to back up the template of your site. 

Backup your Blog: 
  1. Sign in to your blogger account.
  2. Go to Settings from Design or Dashboard.
  3. Hit on the Other options from Settings tab.
  4. Look at the Blog Tools: Import Blog - Export Blog - Delete Blog.
  5. Hit on the Export Blog.
  6. Now click Download Blog.
  7. Save the .xml file in your hard disk.

If you wanna restore your blog from a previously saved copy then follow the above steps again. Just in the Blog Tools- Choose Import Blog. Then choose and upload the .xml file that you've already in your hard disk. 

Take the help of image below. 

How to Download or Backup Blogger Blog

First you've to click on the Export Blog button. And then you will get another window. It contains the Download Blog button. Hit on the Download blog and immediately you will get a save option. Now just save it. 

How to Download Blogger Blog

Remember, there is no fixed download size like. It varies depending on your total number of posts and comments. In my site there is currently more than 250 posts with 1100 comments. My blog size is currently 4 MB.

Note: This .xml file will back up your site fully, I mean blog posts, comments and related images. Pictures will be saved as links with the xml file. Without restoring it, you can't view those images. But your site's template will not be saved with this .xml file. You have to back it up in another way. 

Backup/ Restore Blogger Template: 

If you're using a premium blogger template or if you've modified your template in your own way, then you should also back up the template. I also discussed about how to back up blogger template earlier. You can read that post or just have a look at the below steps:
  1. Go to the Template option from the Settings.
  2. Hit on Backup/ Restore button from the top right corner.
  3. Hit on Download Full Template button to download the template.
  4. Or Choose File to select and upload your desired template. 

Screenshots of the tasks are not given in this post. If you wanna see the related images then go to the above links. 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Use 7-Zip to Open .Rar file or .Zip file

Isn't it very strange to write about such an easy topic in this site? Maybe. But I'm gonna share a personal experience with you. After that you answer whether this post is unnecessary or not. 

Few days ago I joined as an Internee at Uttara Bank Ltd. My first assignment in the bank was to print a file that officials failed to open. The Branch Manager knew about my computer skills. He asked me to troubleshoot the problem. 

The task was very easy. It was simply a file with .rar extention. A mail was sent from Head Office. There were two files. So it was compressed by WinRar. As officials were not familiar with this file type they were confused. Then I just visited to the Filehippo and download the 7-Zip. After installing this I opened the file and printed this. :) 

By the way, all of you (except new users) might be familiar with zip or rar files. There are many free as well as premium applications to compress the files or unpack the zipped files. But today I'm gonna discuss about 7-Zip

Let's have a look at what 7-Zip is actually- 
  • 7-Zip is an open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.
  • It is mostly used to zip and unzip the files and folders.
  • Supported Packing and Unpacking Formats: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM
  • Supported Unpacking Formats: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z.
  • Finally the installation size is really smart. Less than 3 MB! 

First you've to download 7-Zip from the above link. The download size is approximately 1 MB. Then install this on your PC. Installation process is very simple. There is no confusing option. 

Portable version is also available. You can download it from here. [Note: If you use portable version you can't get the app shortcuts when right click on files or folders]

After installing it on your PC, 7-Zip icon may appear on your Desktop or Program list. And when you right click on any file or folder you will see the options of 7-Zip. 

To Open/ Extract a .Rar File or Folder: 
  1. Make a right click on that file/folder. 
  2. Choose 7-Zip > Open Archive.
  3. Now you can see the files stored on that folder.
  4. Hit on Extract button to unzip those files. 

To Compress/ Zip Files or Folders: 
  1. Make sure the necessary files or folders are kept in the same folder.
  2. Now select the files and Click right.
  3. Choose 7-Zip > Add to Archives.
  4. Choose the Archive Format > Compression Level and other options as your need.
  5. Hit OK.

Instructions for Portable Version: 

The portable version is same as installed version except one thing. You will not get the shortcuts in mouse right click. All you need to do is just open the application from your PC where you've stored it. The application should be named as: 7-ZipPortable.exe

When you need to run this program, simply click twice on it. Immediately after clicking on it, 7-Zip will run. Now, if you wanna archive something first go to the proper Location > Select the Files or Folder > Hit on Add > Choose the Destination Folder, File Format > Compression Level etc > Hit OK

And if you wanna extract something then simply select the files and hit on Extract. If you do not choose any specific location for the extracted file then they will be extracted to the current folder. 

Also have a look at the image below. Important buttons for using 7-Zip are marked there! 

How to zip and unzip using 7-Zip

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Full Tutorial on Blogger Comment Optimization

Comment PNG Icon

In my very last post, I talked about word verification in blogger blog. Reducing spam comment was also discussed there. Today you're getting a full tutorial on optimizing comment option in blogger. What you should do and shouldn't do in Comments setting will be discussed today. Enjoy . . . 

The aim of this tutorial is:
  • To make your blog's commenting process easier
  • To keep your blog free of spam
  • To make your visitors engaged with your site

Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account. Go to the Settings option from design or dashboard. Click on Post and Comments. Go to the Comments area. Now do the following:
  • Comment Location: By default the location is embedded. You shouldn't change this to Full page, Pop up or Hide. Visitors like embedded comment box. This will appear just below your post. 
  • Who can Comment?: There are four options: Anyone, Registered User, User with Google Accounts, Only members of this blog. Choose the second option. I mean Registered User. Default setting is Anyone. But it allows anonymous users to comment on your site. To be honest, anonymous comment has no value. Anyone can comment by hiding his/ her ID. Even you can comment on your site anonymously. And it is not possible to track who is the person actually. 
  • Comment Moderation: You can choose either Never or Sometimes. But choosing moderation always may not be good. In that case someone may comment again and again and thought something is wrong with your site as his/her comment doesn't appear. I suggest you to choose Never. If you find any spam comment then you can manually delete them. Besides blogger has an automatic spam filter. So, don't worry.
  • Show Word Verification: Default setting is Yes. But I recommend you to use No. If you're interested to know more about Word Verification then read this.  
  • Show Backlinks: This is not very important. You can choose either Hide or Show. If you choose Show then a link will be shown under the comment box- Create a Link to this Post. Then if someone click on this link he or she will get a link of the current post. 
  • Comment Form Message: This is up to you. Not very important. If you wanna give any message for the commentator you can write it here. It will be shown just below the comment box. For example you can write any advice or rules regarding comment. You can say HTML link is allowed. Or you can say spam comment is strictly prohibited etc. 

Also have a look at the image below. Just try to make your comment option as the box shows:

Blogger Blog Comment Option Image

Few Suggestions for you: 
  • Most of the cases commentator would like to create backlinks on your site. Allow them. Keep it mind that they comment on your site costing their valuable time
  • When the comment is too much irrelevant or only for the purpose of creating links then never remove it immediately. The first thing you can do is to request the commentator to make the comment relevant. If he/she doesn't change then you can remove his/ her comment.
  • Always check your spam box. You will find it under the Comment just below the Pages option in the left pane. If any normal comment is detected as spam then choose not spam for this comment. 
  • Sometimes you might notice few spam comments are not detected by spam checker. In that case you can mark these comments as spam

One final thing you should know- Showing strictness with the commentators is a very bad thing. If you misbehave with the commentators you will lose engaged users. Always value the visitors and their comments. Because they are actually your customers. 

Suppose a visitor comes your site only for creating links. Never show hostile behavior with him. There are many sites for creating links. But he picks your site. It's your credit. So why do you show hostility. What is the guarantee that he will not be a loyal user of your site in the future? 

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

How to Disable Word Verification (Captcha) in Blogger Comment


By default blogger blogs are designed to show word verification when visitors comment in a post. Though this is a very useful tool to avoid spam, but real users often get bored by this option. Besides blogger has an automatic spam checking tool. So you can remove the word verification option from the comment in order to let your visitors express their opinion easily. 

While commenting on blogger blogs or other websites you may face a word challenge. And this is a very common thing. Specially when you open any online account. Sometimes words used in the verification option are too hard to guess. And users are very annoyed with this. 

Captcha in Blogger Comments

Look at the image above. When you comment on blogger blogs or someone comments on your blog he/she will face a challenge like this. Normally this option doesn't show any hard challenge. But sometimes they are also difficult to guess. Users have to try this again and again. If they are annoyed they will loose interest to express their opinion. 

Since blogger has its own spam detection technique, you can remove it from your blog. Instead of showing captcha you can allow only registered users to comment on your site. That means you can disallow the anonymous visitors to write comments.

To Disable Word Verification:
  1. Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account.
  2. Go to the Settings from the left pane.
  3. Now hit on Post and Comments option
  4. Move to the Comments option. 
  5. Find Show Word Verification. Select No.
  6. Hit on Save Settings
From now users will not face any verification while commenting on your site. 

But there is a problem too. If you remove or disable captcha from comment option then you may notice too many spam comments. Even after blogger checks the spam. Here you can use another technique. 

To Avoid Anonymous Comments:
  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Then move to the Post and Comments option.
  3. Look at the Comments section.
  4. Who can comment? Select- Registered User.
  5. Now hit on Save Settings

This is very easy. Even you don't need to write the full post. Just look at the image below. You just need to set your comment options as the image shows below:  

how to disable anonymous comments in blogger blog

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Monday, March 04, 2013

How to Enable Search Description for Blogger and Blog Posts

Search Description Image

Search description is shown just below the post in the web search result. It gives a brief idea about the topic you're looking for. Certainly a better search description helps you get more traffic from the search result. And it also helps you to get a better ranking! 

Search Result Description

Look at the image above. Someone is searching for- typing speed secret. Now look at the first two results showing here. 
  • In the first post the description is somewhat related. 
  • In the second post the search description is only the first few sentences of the post.
That means search description is not included with the second post. And certainly it fails to attract visitors to enter your blog! 

In the search description you can either use an important part of your post or you can create few lines for it which is actually not written in the post body. Whatever you do, make sure your search description is related to the post and quite attractive. 

Today I'm gonna talk about how to enable search description for blogger blog and how to set description for each blog. There two parts: 
  • Enable Blog Description (Only for your home page).   
  • Search Description for Posts (Individual Blog Posts). 

First of all you need to sign in to your blogger account. Now follow the two steps below: 

Step 1: Enable Search Description: 
Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags > Descriptions > Edit > Select Yes > Type a proper description for your blog > Save Changes

Enabling Search result description for blogger blog

Now search description is active for your site. When you write a new post you will see a Search Description option in the Post Settings. And when you search your blog in Google or Bing you will see a description of your blog. 

For example: Search Marks PC or Marks PC Solution on Google. It should appear at the top or within first 5 results. Then you will see its description- Marks PC Solution is an ideal place for IT persons with Computer tips, Secret tips, Internet tips, Troubleshooting, Blogging, SEO & Gaming Solutions!

Step 2: Search Description for Posts: 

Well this is actually not an one time task. You have to do this with each and every posts of your site. Before doing this work make sure you enabled search description from the step one. 
Create a New Post from where you usually do > Look at the Post Settings option at the right > Hit on the Search Description > Type a search description for your post or simply copy-paste few important lines from your post > Done.
How to set search result for every post in blogger blog

Now complete your posts and publish this. Search it on Google by post title. If it appears in the result then you will be able to see a description of the post beneath the post title. 

For example- search Google- How to Enable Search Description for Blogger and Blog Posts

You will get this post at the top with this description- Search description is shown just below the post in the web search result. It gives a brief idea about the topic you're looking for. Certainly a . . . 

The better your description the better your rank and the more visitor you will get. So you should enable this feature. And you should write an attractive description of your site and post which is related to your site contents.  

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

How to Create Custom Post URL in Blogger

http:// or URL logo

When you publish a post in blogger, normally you don't need to create or set an URL. WordPress has the same feature. Post URL is automatically created from post title. But sometimes it maybe too large. And sometimes it may not be possible to show the full title in the URL. As a result it doesn't carry actual meaning. In that case you can customize your post URL. 

Look at the Link below:

This link is related to the post- How to Check Cell Phones Quality Using IMEI - *#06#

The title of the post carry the full meaning. You might notice that- here the URL doesn't carry the proper meaning. It only shows- how to check cell phones quality using. A user may not understand what does the post include just by URL. 

But you can customize the URL in such a way so that it expresses a meaning and have precision. And certainly it will be easier for your visitors to understand what the post is all about when they just see the post URL. 

You might notice the structure of an URL. There are 3 parts in the blogger URL. Such as- 
  • Home Page URL :
  • Date : 2012/04/
  • Post URL : how-to-check-cell-phones-quality-using.html 

Hope now you realize how your post URL is created. 

If you wanna create custom URL for your post you have to use the last part. You can't omit the home URL and date. Because omitting these two parts will affect the uniqueness of your URL. 

By this time you should have a proper knowledge about blogger and post URL. Now let's see how to create Custom URL : 
  1. Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account. 
  2. Create New Post from anywhere that you do usually. 
  3. Look at the right- Post Settings > Permalink
  4. There are two options- Automatic and Custom. Look at the image below for help.
  5. Type your desired words in the custom box separated by a hyphen (-) or dot (.). Remember- space, ?, !, / these are not allowed here. And try to avoid underscore ( _ ). Because it will not separate your words. 
  6. When you finish hit on the Done button. That's it. 

how to optimize permalink in blogger

Thus you can optimize your blog post's permalink for more visitors. You can also look at this post's URL for example. 

If I didn't set a custom URL then it will somewhat like that-

Though it carries a full meaning, but look at the URL size- Too large. So creating custom URL will also let your reduce the size of the post URL. 

Hope you enjoy this post! 

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