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Live Traffic on Google Maps now Available in Bangladesh

Google Maps is a great application for the commuters. Google frequently brings changes to make this app more useful for the users. Recently Google started live traffic features in Bangladesh which is already available in many countries.  Now we can enjoy the traffic status of the desired areas. This service has been started two weeks ago on November 10, 2017.  Before you can continue, make sure -  You're using the latest version of Google Maps Your Phone's Location Service (GPS)  - is turned on  Traffic Option is Turned on in your Google Maps App Tap on the icon as shown in the above image. Now follow the next image.  You can keep the Map Type as default. Choose the traffic option on Map Details.  After turning on this service, you will be able to see the live traffic status in your area. This will show the traffic status of your route as well as the traffic status of the whole city.  Understanding

Backup your App using Android Assistant . . .

More than 80% Smartphones are now operated through Android OS. And all the necessary applications are found on Google Play. But you can also backup your applications if necessary. And later you can share them with someone or restore on your phone when necessary. Android Application File Format The file format of Android applications is known as APK (Android Package Kit). Where in Windows OS we use executable (.exe) files. You can easily backup your installed applications and store them as APK file.  About  the App Name: Assistant for Android/ Android Assistant Category: Productivity App Rating: 4.4 Age Rating: 3 Size: Around 1 MB Offered by: AA Mobile How to Backup Android Apps? There might be different ways to do this task. But I would like to recommend you Android Assistant for this purpose. However it includes many other effective tools which are really helpful to operate your phone smoothly.  Download Android Assistant Download t

Microsoft Edge can Read Out your Contents!

Well this feature is available in Adobe Reader since long. But I didn't notice it in a browser until Microsoft has added this feature to its Edge browser. If you're using the latest version of Windows 10 then your Edge browser can talk actually! Yes, it's tested and true! Let's see how . . . Before you can start your edge browser to read aloud, make sure you're using the latest version of Windows 10.  Microsoft Edge can read aloud your web contents, E-book and any other PDF files. If you wanna listen to the contents of a web page, then -  Run Microsoft Edge from your PC. Now visit a web page i.e. After loading the page, click right mouse button somewhere and choose Read aloud . Now your browser will start reading the page word by word and line by line till the end! It can read out PDF files and E-books too!  Not only web page, this newest browser can read your e-book and PDF files too.  Lo

Monetize your Bengali Site with AdSense!

Dear Bangladeshis! If you have an Account with Google AdSense then probably you got a message last month - AdSense now understands Bengali that means you can publish AdSense Ads on your Bengali blog or website and start earning. It's really a great news for webmasters who publishes contents in Bengali . . . It's been more than a decade since AdSense started their Journey. Google AdSense is a worldwide advertising platform that supports both the publishers and the advertisers. Depending on the market trend AdSense is stretching its range. Inclusion of new languages, Ad formats and Sizes is a part of routine development of AdSense.  Now the publishers 0f 41 languages can monetize their contents using Google AdSense.  Who are the Actual Gainer? I think the publishers of my country (Bangladesh) are the actual gainers. There are more than 150 million people whose primary language is Bengali. And there are more than thousand publishers who generates Bengali

Play Fidget Spinner on Google Search !!!

Maybe invented years ago but the product has caught our attention very recently - this year. It's claimed that fidget spinners are helpful to calm people down who are suffering from anxiety and neurological disorders. These devices are also used for the treatment of Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) even though it's not scientifically recognized.  About the Device Fidget spinner is a very simple device. It's basically a toy made for little kids. Though invented more than two decades ago, it's been popular in this year - April 2017. The funny thing is that the extreme popularity of this device has led some educational institutions to ban it during the classes.  A good quality fidget spinner may spin up to few minutes! When spinning it may take different forms and that attracts the kids.  Physical Structure You may find various types of fidget spinners available in market. They are available in different shapes, color