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Measure Your Site's Speed with Google Page Speed

Page speed is an important factor to increase the traffic of a site. Survey shows that most of the people ignore the sites that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Though the loading time depends mostly on the net speed. But excessive use of flash, JavaScript, Images can down the speed of any page even on a fast network.  In this post I'm gonna tell you how can you measure your site's speed. There are several methods. As a standard way, I'm talking about Google Developers . Let's test the speed now. Visit this page- Page Speed .  Now type your site's URL in the box (ie. ) and hit the analyze button.  Within few seconds you will get the result as below:  The page  Marks PC Solution  got an overall PageSpeed Score of  95  (out of 100). With this report, you will get some tips about how to optimize your site's loading time. Here are some tips to speed up your side:  Avoid unnecessary Java Scri

Dot Net Framework 3.5 Not Installing on Windows 8? Fix it Now!

You may face a common problem while using Windows 8. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 is not installed with Windows 8. And several programs may ask you install this. And you can't install this from your PC. It will ask you to connect to the net and use Windows Update.  By default Windows 8 comes with .Net Framework 4.5 and it doesn't include 3.5. When you try to install .Net 3.5 that you previously downloaded from web the you will see the following message.  And you will get the same message while installing some some programs that is developed using .Net 3.5 platform. And you will not able to run those programs on your PC! This is a very bad job by Microsoft. A great trouble for Windows 8 users.  But today you will get the solution. You've install this using command line. I mean you have to use Command Prompt. And surprisingly you Windows 8 DVD includes the .Net Framework 3.5!  Method 1 (Offline Installation using cmd): Enter your Windows

10 Exceptional Features of Windows 8- Upgrade to Enjoy!

I've already written more than 3 posts about Windows 8. But all of these were related to preview versions. And I'm writing this post just after installing the Final Version in my PC.  Built in Security for your overall PC protection!  Built in Reader to view your PDF and XPS files!  Live tiles that let you know the latest weather forecast, news updates, sports updates and so many. Touch friendly and drag and drop  interface that eases the use of mouse. Don't be afraid. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts for Windows.  Efficient use of hardware. Task Manager with new useful features. (Shift+Ctrl+Esc) New apps for view image and video, using camera. New apps for Mail, Messaging and connect with people. You can also integrate your Facebook account with Windows Mail.  Great way of multitasking. Quickly switch between the apps. Press Alt+Tab or just move your mouse at the top left corner of the screen to switch the app.  New Start Screen! That ir

Guidelines before and after Getting AdSense!

This topic might be very useful for those who wanna place AdSense Ad in their websites or blogs. In this post I'm giving you some guidelines that maybe useful for you to get Adsense and to maintain it after getting this.  If you carefully follow these guidelines, it will be easier for you to earn some cash from Adsense. Otherwise you may suffer just like me! Regular visitor of this site should know that I've already rejected 4 times from AdSense Program! And waiting to be rejected for the 5th time!  Let's start our AdSense concern. AdSense  provide a specific set of rules for publishers. You can find it here- AdSense Program Policy . But very few of them read this carefully and consequently they suffer and lose their account.  So I will try my best to make the rules clear to you. Let's start.  Before Getting AdSense -  Be Steady . . . Your site must be easy to navigate. And it should be user friendly.  It shouldn't contain any type

Show your Recent Blog Posts as Headline !!

Recent posts widget can increase your page views to a great extent. When someone is on your blog and reading a topic he may find another topic useful from recent post list. So adding a recent posts widget is also important for attracting readers to stay long in your site.  But there maybe many other widgets in your blog. And adding too much widget is boring and it also looks odd.  Today I'm gonna share a code with you. This code will show your recent posts as headline! And certainly it will be space effective. It will take space just as a single line. All you need to do, is just add an HTML/ JavaScript gadget at the top of your site.  First, sign in to your blogger account and go to design. Then hit on layout button from the left pane. Click on Add a Gadget (Select gadget from top). Choose HTML/ JavaScript. Now copy and paste the following code into the content box. Now save the gadget and view your blog. <script style="text/j

Find your IP Address and Get Detailed Information about any IP Address!

Many days ago I wrote about how to find your IP address . And in this post I'm gonna write something more for you. If you read this post carefully, you will be able to know How to find IP address How to collect detail information about an IP including its location, ISP etc Whether it is blacklisted or not How to Trace Email Not only the above, but also you can do many things with the sites I'm sharing with you right now. There are many sites available in the web for doing these tasks. But I am recommending you only the following sites: IP-LOOKUP But my personal choice is the first one. I mean What Is My IP Address. Let's start our operation.  Click here to start. And let the page load in your browser. Now you will notice your IP at the screen as below. Here you can see the detailed information about your own IP. If you wanna know something about any other IP then type its address in the Addi

How to Change the Drive Letters

Few days ago my PC got some problems. And I need to reinstall my Windows 8. After installing a fresh Windows, I got surprised! Drive D was missing from my drive list!  What happened actually? D drive was automatically named as E. And all the drives' names were replaced by the next letter. Such as E with F, F with G and G with H. Though I don't the actual reason maybe it is caused by the new Windows, but I can show you how to get rid of this change.  If you face the same problem, or just want to change the name of your drives, you can follow my instruction.  Right click on My Computer icon from desktop and select Manage . Now hit on the Disk Management from the left panel. Here you will get the list of your drives. Then right click on any drive that you wanna change, and hit on Change Drive Letter and Paths . Now Click on the Change and Select another letter for this drive from drop down list.  Finally hit on the OK button for twice. Open your Explorer to